[updated] Official 'Star Wars' Drones Preorders: Engage In Laser Dogfights With The Speeder Bike, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Or TIE Fighter

Drone manufacturer Propel is now accepting preorders for its line of official Star Wars drones at price tags of $239.99 each.

After preorders, the items will be shipped just in time for holidays, which means that fans of the long-running movie franchise "could possibly" have their hands on these drones long before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on Dec. 14.

Official Star Wars Drones In Four Models

The official Star Wars drones by Propel comes in four distinct models that are designed after iconic vehicles in the franchise. Namely, fans can choose between the Millennium Falcon, the X-Wing, the TIE Fighter and the Speeder Bike, which also comes with a Scout Biker riding on it.

The drones are all quadcopters, with their rotors mounted underneath them, and are capable of reaching speeds of almost 40 miles per hour except for the Millennium Falcon, which can go as fast as 50 miles per hour.

The Attention To Detail In The Star Wars Drones

One thing that stands out when looking at the drones is the extreme attention to detail in how they were designed. It begins with the box, as once the lid is removed, the drone will be illuminated and random audio clips related to the model purchased will be played.

The screwdriver included in the package to be able to access the battery compartment of the drones is shaped like a light saber, and once the compartment is open, an audio message coming from a character in the Star Wars universe will tell the owner to put in batteries.

Users can also plug in their headphones into the drone controllers to listen to soundtracks from Star Wars while flying the drones. It is also possible to have the drones perform a barrel roll through a dedicated button on the controller.

Laser Dogfights With The Star Wars Drones

The major feature in the official Star Wars drones, however, is how it is possible to have them engage in laser dogfights. The aerial battles, which will involve actual lasers, can have drone pilots battle it out in teams or in a last drone standing match, with the lives of each drone displayed in the controller. Once a drone loses all its lives, it will be out of the game and will safely land.

Preorder The Official Star Wars Drones

The drones can be preordered through Propel's official website for the collection, with the price tag of $239.99 surprisingly coming in at the lower end of the expected $200 to $300 price range.

It was fun seeing videos of laser dogfights featuring Star Wars drones, but it will be even more fun to actually be part of the aerial battles.

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