Can't Wait For Apple AirPods? Here Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones For Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus

Recent reports have pinned Apple's Siri-enabled AirPods likely skipping the Christmas release window, but for those clamoring to get wireless headphones as soon as possible, Apple's wireless pair isn't the lone viable option.

For iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus owners looking to secure creditable wireless headphones to compensate the smartphone's lack of a headphone jack, or for those who are simply shifting to a Bluetooth solution that does away with the cumbersome wires, here are some of the best wireless headphones out right now.

Sol Republic Shadow Wireless

Visually striking, water-resistant, and designed with a "biomorphic" approach that was inspired by NASA, the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless headphones are an excellent pair of headphones for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that offers great sound quality at a reasonable price.

The headphones can pair with two devices at once, with the user able to switch back and forth between devices. The collar's right side is flanked with a microphone and a three-button remote for extra controls. The model comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX support, a technology that improves sound quality over Bluetooth.

The Sol Republic Shadow Wireless goes for about $68.49 on Amazon.

JBL Reflect Mini

JBL's Reflect Mini Bluetooth headphones offers a cheap and lightweight wireless solution that doesn't skimp on sound quality, while offering a lot of features seen on more expensive sports headphones, such as water and sweat resistance.

The Reflect Mini sports a reflective design that makes the headphones' short wire visible at night. It comes with two types of eartips — standard silicone eartips and one that's outfitted with fins for a more secure fit. Close to the left earpiece is the microphone and a number of buttons, enabling the user via a combination of taps to track navigation, or raise and lower the volume.

The JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth Headphones goes for about $80 on Amazon.

Roam Ropes

The Roam Ropes are a pair of wireless headphones that not only packs an edgy and sophisticated design, but also boasts an impressive sound quality likely surpassing all the headphones mentioned on this list thanks to its dedicated proprietary EQ engine.

The Ropes' built-in amplification and digital signal processing ensures precise and excellent audio quality that can even be personalized via Rome's EQ app.

The Roam Ropes costs $199 and is available in black, white, and a special edition orange variant. Roam will donate $100 to charitable program Stand Up To Cancer for every special edition Ropes sold.

JayBird Freedom

The JayBird Freedom is a pair of in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones with a slim design built to withstand quick or long jogs under the rain or a sweaty workout. Its excellent audio quality, minimal aesthetics, and its comfort and secure fit make it a powerful companion for audio-dependent sports and workout nuts eyeing worthy workout companion gear.

Similar to Roam Ropes, the JayBird Freedom also offers an app for users to personalize sound parameters of their music via its proprietary equalizer app.

The JayBird Freedom costs $129 on Amazon.

JLab Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport

JLab's Epic2 Bluetooth Sport headphones is another pair of sweat and water-proof sports headphones that boasts up to 12 hours of battery life. These in-ear headphones are designed with sports in mind, being 100 percent splash-proof and boasting an IPX5 rating, meaning users can wash these headphones before going out for another run.

Its Crystal Clear Clarity, or C3 technology offers crisp and vibrant sound, while its Beacon Signal technology will ensure that songs won't skip, even in the most rigorous scenarios. It's packing Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX support for CD-quality sound. There's also an inline microphone with buttons for hands-free calls and music controls.

The Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport costs $99 on Amazon.

Phiaton BT 110

These sweat and water-resistant in-ear wireless headphones come packing with large audio drivers that ensure crisp and top-notch audio quality. The Phiaton BT 110 features Bluetooth 4.0 technology with aptX support and the ability to pair with two devices at once, similar to the Sol Republic Shadow. It even comes with a feature called ShareMe that enables two sets of BT 110 headphones to tune in to the same playlist, adding a uniquely social function to what is otherwise an already creditable pair of cans.

The Phiaton BT 110 goes for around $70 on Amazon, against its original price of $119.


The fairly low-priced Apie Bluetooth sports headphones could be easily mistaken for a futuristic prop born out of an unfinished Blade Runner spinoff, though don't be fooled — it's ergonomics are not just for show. Outfitted with medical grade silicone ear gels and stabilizers, Apie's design and build ensures a comfortable fit for the user.

The wireless headphones is sweat-proof and comes with Bluetooth connectivity that can pairs with a smartphone that's up to 10 meters away.

Apie goes for about $20 on Amazon.

Ghostek EarBlades

The Ghostek Earblades is a pair of water-resistant bluetooth headphones equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that delivers excellent audio quality from a paired smartphone up to 10 meters away, similar to Apie.

It's ergonomically outfitted with EarHook, designed to fit the user's ear securely while also providing optimum comfort. The headphones sports an aerodynamic design and form that aims to reduce performance drag for activities such as as running or cardio.

Ghostek EarBlades is available on Ghostek's own site for $49.95.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few headphones which weren't able to make the cut, though they still manage to skirt the fine line between excellent features and relatively fair price points to at least be merited a quick mention.

The Tribe TRB Bluetooth headphones, though visibly lacking in the design department, are an amazingly cheap and strong rival to Apple's EarPods, which many have opined as being lackluster.

The SoundPEATS Qy7 is another pair of budget Bluetooth headphones that's outfitted with a robust build and is capable of outputting decent audio quality given its very inexpensive price point. Its Bluetooth connection may be the main drawback, though, as its poor range is expected to be cut off at about 30 feet.

The Spigen R12E surprisingly boasts a robust connection system thanks to its Bluetooth 4.1 support. Sure, the gear won't hold a candle to pricier lineups, but its 360-degree ear plug rotation spells a significantly comfortable listening experience for users, a premium feature usually not found on lower-tier wireless headphones.

Have anything in mind that we missed? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below! But for those still undecided about what headphones to choose, Tech Times has a handy guide that details all the things you need to consider before buying a pair.

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