The First Ever Nintendo Switch Unboxing Video Leaks Ahead Of Release

It's no secret that many people are excited for Nintendo's forthcoming hybrid console, the Switch — but apparently too excited.

Nintendo Switch Leak

Hot on the heels of a leaked user interface video from an individual who apparently received a Switch unit early is a new video, this time the actual unboxing of that very same package. This essentially means that some Nintendo Switch units, possibly more, are now running amok in the wild, two weeks before it officially hits shelves.

One can only imagine what conversations Nintendo is now currently having with its retail partners. Those anticipating for the Switch may now see the console in its full packaging glory, which further agonizes the two weeks left of waiting before the device lands on their hands.

First Nintendo Switch Unboxing

FloKo particularly requested for the original recipient of the leaked Switch to film an unboxing video of the console, which was obviously granted. Nothing is inside the box we don't already know: there's the Switch unit itself, the dock, the Joy-Con controllers, the Joy-Con grip, the Joy-Con straps, an HDMI cable, and an A/C adaptor.

Another Quick Tour Of The Nintendo Switch UI

Right at the end, the video explores the system's UI once again, showing the snappy and beautiful aesthetic of several menus, already looking comparatively nicer than that of the Wii U's UI, and seemingly faster, too.

As previously mentioned, the system in question was reportedly shipped to the user, who preordered it, two weeks early, which is odd, considering that leaks of this nature often come from distribution chains and such, not from a retailer.

It's likely that Nintendo is scrambling to find the retailer who sent the Switch early, and when found, it's definitely hard to imagine how it'll answer Nintendo's questions. Anyhow, if this tells us anything, it's that the Switch is more than ready to roll out.

The Switch is Nintendo's follow-up to the Wii U, its previous flagship home console that failed to corner significant market share, having spent four years struggling to do so, which concluded in its discontinuation. The 3DS, the company's handheld, on the other hand, is still doing well, although some believe that the Switch may eventually replace it, which is an understandable, if unfortunate, trajectory Nintendo will probably end up taking.

The Switch will be released with a number of launch titles, chief of them being the long-delayed Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will concurrently be released on the Wii U — the system's last first-party title, as confirmed by Nintendo.

The Switch, for the first time in Nintendo's history, will offer paid online services, following the footsteps of its competitors, Sony and Microsoft, which individually upholds a paid online tactic for multiplayer, exclusive titles, and other features. Although there are still a few more details fans want to know about the service, it's been confirmed that the subscription will significantly be cheaper than competitors at under $30.

The Nintendo Switch officially ships March 3, retailing for $299. Will you get the console? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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