A retailer might have been looking at the wrong page of the calendar and has sent out a Nintendo Switch to a lucky gamer.

A gamer will do what a gamer needs to do. NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot, who received the Nintendo Switch two weeks ahead of its official release date, posted a picture online and later on created a video featuring the Nintendo Switch UI.

It is not clear from which retailer hiphoptherobot preordered the Switch from, but he is from St. Louis based on his NeoGAF profile.

Just Got Lucky (Or Not?)

The gamer said he just really got lucky and got hold of the Nintendo's hybrid gaming console because the store (that he opted not to name) decided to ship early for whatever reason. However, there's really not much he can do with the Switch for now.

"I have no games so all I can do is flip through the menus," hiphoptherobot wrote. "I have been afraid to take it online in fear of getting the store that shipped it early in trouble with Nintendo."

Some forum members suggested that he can sell the unit, sell images of the Switch to media outlets, or post a video of it on YouTube.

"Yeah, I'm honestly thinking of selling it. I am selling my house in a couple weeks and repairs that the buyer requested are draining my bank account quickly," he wrote in reply to the suggestions.

Other NeoGAF users hinted that he can make some good money if he sells the console on eBay. Hiphoptherobot dismissed the idea, fearing that Nintendo might come after him and the store that sold the Nintendo Switch to him.

He was hesitant to go online as Nintendo might ban the unit.

Nintendo Switch OS Leak

The gamer decided to flip through the menu of the Nintendo Switch.

Gamers have some idea of the UI of the upcoming Nintendo Switch after Nintendo Portugal committed a boo-boo and accidentally leaked the devkit menus in an ad. But of course, any new information will excite fans and gamers.

The 3-minute video shows the initial setup process. He went through it by choosing Language setting, region, and accepting the end-user license agreement. The system then asked him to choose his network and set the time and date. The next steps involved detaching the Joy-Con controllers and creating a user account.

When hiphoptherobot checked the settings of the Switch, it showed that the system comes with 25.9 GB of free space. Users can also tinker with the home screen themes, TV settings, sleep mode, among others.

You can see the video featuring the Nintendo Switch OS below.

The Nintendo Switch will hit the shelves on March 3 for $300. You can preorder the Switch from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, GameStop, and Toys R Us.

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