Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Guide: How To Get The Master Sword


To no one's surprise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players can also get their hands on the legendary Master Sword.

A Zelda game without the iconic weapon just wouldn't feel right since it appeared in the previous games, after all. In Breath of the Wild, it's a little different, though, but before we hash out all the details, let's jump right into how to get the Master Sword first.

Requirements: What You Need To Get The Master Sword

First things first, you have to collect at least 10 full Heart Containers before even thinking of pulling out the Master Sword. That means you need a total of 13 hearts — the three hearts you start your adventure with and 10 additional hearts from defeating Divine Beasts and/or handing over four Spirit Orbs that are found in Shrines all over Hyrule.

No monkey business is allowed either, so don't even think of using temporary hearts to work around this requirement.

Location: Where To Get The Master Sword

The Master Sword is located in the Lost Woods, which isn't exactly the easiest area to navigate through.

Now the fastest way to get there is to head to Woodland Tower first. You can't glide straight to the Lost Woods from the top of the tower, though. Instead, aim for the path filled with trees on the right. Just follow it until it begins to become dark and cloudy, and voila, you've arrived at your destination.

Of course, that's not the end of your troubles since you have to go through the depths of the Lost Woods to find the Master Sword.

Past the entrance, you should see a lit torch to your right. Observe the wind and move toward the direction the embers are going. Repeat this until you end up somewhere without one anymore. Look to your right again, and you should find two lit torches and one unlit torch on the ground when it's your first time there.

Pick up the torch, light it up and, just like what we've been doing earlier, follow the direction the embers are going. From time to time, stop and check whether or not you're still on the right path. If you take a wrong turn, you'll be teleported back to the area with two lit torches, but if you don't get lost, you'll eventually get to Korok Forest, which is where the Master Sword and the Great Deku Tree are located.

What To Do Next: How To Get The Master Sword

Now that you're in Korok Forest with 13 Heart Containers, all that's left to do is pull the Master Sword out from the ground.

Once you start doing so, you'll immediately notice your life draining. Don't worry about that because you won't die here. Just to be clear, that's where the 13 Heart Containers come in, as pulling out the weapon costs 12 hearts and three quarters.

That's it. You now have the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild.

No Hearts, No Problem: How To Trade Stamina Vessels For Heart Containers

What if you don't have enough Heart Containers and you've already used all or most of your Spirit Orbs for Stamina Vessels? That's no problem, but you are going to need a couple of rupees.

Go to Hateno Village somewhere in the east, and during daytime, you should see a child playing outside the village's entrance. Talk to the child and follow them when they ask you to.

The child will lead you to a statue that can swap your Heart Containers for Stamina Vessels. Each time you give up a stat point, it'll pay you 100 rupees, and whenever you reallocate a stat point, you'll pay 120 rupees. That boils down to 20 rupees per respec.

At first, the statue will take one Heart Container from you, but don't worry about that. It'll return it when you talk to it again.

However, if rupees are an issue, then be sure to check out our guide on how to earn lots of money fast.

More Details: What Is The Master Sword?

Why even bother getting the Master Sword? Well, for starters, it's unbreakable, but it does run out of energy. It'll stay in your inventory as it recharges, which will take 10 minutes in real time, and notify you when it's ready to be used again. However, when using against bosses, it'll never lose steam.

What's more, in full health, you can hold the R button and shoot a beam attack, which can be powered up with set bonuses of the Hero set, Hero of Time set, Hero of the Wind set, Hero of Twilight set, and the Hero of the Wild set. Incidentally, these are the all-too-familiar green tunic garbs that Link has been wearing in past titles until Breath of the Wild's blue Champion's tunic bucked the trend. Also, the more Heart Containers you have, the higher the damage it'll deal and the farther distance it'll reach.

By default, it deals 30 damage, but against dungeon bosses, infected Guardians, and anything else affected by Ganon's corruption, it'll double the damage to 60.

Before wrapping things up, be sure to check out our other Breath of the Wild guides, including how to expand your inventory, how to get Dark Link, and how to get Epona, the Hylian Shield, and Wolf Link.

Breath of the Wild launched alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3, and it's available for $59.99 at the eShop.

Now that everything's cleared up, feel free to drop by our comments section below to let us know if you already have the Master Sword or if you found this guide useful to find it.

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