Capcom’s ‘Monster Hunter Stories’ Is Heading West This Fall To Nintendo 3DS


Ever dreamt of riding that fearsome Rathalos instead of slaying it? You can in Monster Hunter Stories.

Capcom has announced that the spinoff of the popular Monster Hunter franchise is coming to the United States this fall. Monster Hunter Stories is an action, adventure RPG released in Japan on Oct. 8, 2016. The game is part of the 3DS games announced during the Nintendo Direct presentation on April 12.

'Monster Hunter Stories'

Nintendo America made the announcement via its official blog. In Monster Hunter Stories, you take the role of a Rider who, instead of slaying monsters, befriends and fights alongside them.

Monster Hunter Stories is a spinoff of the popular Monster Hunter franchise, which gained commercial success in Japan and a cult following in the United States. Instead of hardcore action, Stories tones down the game, with more anime-like graphics and friendlier gameplay.

The gameplay revolves around stealing monster eggs and raising the monsters inside upon hatching. Then the player can name them, ride them (or even fly if it's a dragon), and have them aid you in battle. Unlike the contained zones in Monster Hunter, in Stories, the player can explore different environments and in doing so, he can encounter more enemies, fight them, and of course, get items and more monster eggs.

The main combat is turn-based, like many classic RPGs. It means the player and enemies take turns to attack. The attacks come in three types: Speed, Power, and Technique. Using the classic rock-paper-scissors formula, each type is strong against one and weak against the other. In this game, Speed > Power, Power > Technique, and Technique > Speed.

As a true RPG, the player can choose four types of weapons: Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer, or Hunting Horn. Of course, there will be skills to choose and use. Customization is also a big feature as the player can change the monster-pet appearance, as well as level up their skills and stats. And for fans with Amiibo figurines, you can use these to acquire special items and bonus monsters. Think of Monster Hunter Stories as Pokemon with bigger and badder monsters.

Nintendo Direct Games For 3DS

Monster Hunter Stories is part of the bunch of games announced for 3DS during the April 12 Nintendo Direct announcement. Nintendo Direct is an online presentation during which they announce information about games and other updates.

Monster Hunter Stories is pegged for a Fall 2017 release. Other games announced are:
• Bye-Bye Box Boy (Available now)
• Kirby Clash Deluxe (Available now)
• Ever Oasis (June 23)
• RPG Maker FES (June 27; game will include Disgaea crossover characters)
• Hey, Pikmin! (July 28)
• Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters (Fall 2017)
• Culdcept Revolt (Aug. 29)
• Miitopia (Later this year)
• Kirby's Blowout Blast (Summer 2017)

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