Microsoft May 2 Event Is Big But Don't Expect Surface Pro 5 To Surface This Spring


Fans are pumped for Microsoft's forthcoming May event, and for good reason: the company is expected to out new Windows 10 and Surface offerings largely to cater to the education sphere.

But that's not the only thing fueling excitement. Rumors about the latest Surface Pro iteration, the Surface Pro 5, has proliferated the web quite generously, with fans rapt in speculation about the device's specs, improvements over the Surface Pro 4, and its release date.

But fans might be heading straight into a trajectory of disappointment, since it's not certain whether Microsoft will indeed unveil the Surface Pro 5 during the said hardware event, although there are some rumors about a possible Surface Book that's cheaper, which rumors say Microsoft will release within the next few weeks.

Surface Pro 5 Specs

Despite seemingly slim chances of an imminent Surface Pro 5 unveiling, let's take a look at the rumors to have a sense of what the forthcoming iteration will offer. First, it's worth noting that the current-generation Surface Pro 4 comes with Skylake chips from Intel, and its successor might gain a spec bump in this regard. The Surface Pro 5 will likely be equipped with the newest chips after Skylake, named Kaby Lake.

The tablet is also rumored to sport a 4K display, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage, which will render it as one of the top tablets of 2017, if indeed released this year.

Surface Pro 5 Keyboard Cover

On a different note, a keyboard is almost half the whole Surface Pro equation, but such an accessory isn't bundled out of the box with the device, you have to purchase it separately. Perhaps Microsoft may finally decide to stash a keyboard cover in there with the Surface Pro 5, if to more aggressively drive home the point that the device is akin to a 2-in-1, which is what Apple is doing with its iPad Pro range of devices. This move, while unlikely, isn't totally impossible.

Rechargeable Surface Pen

In terms of the included stylus, the one bundled with the Surface Pro 5 could even be better, thanks to Microsoft reportedly patenting a rechargeable Surface Pen and dock. This will make the Pen more in line with the stylus of the iPad Pro, which can be recharged via the Lightning port.

Surface Pro 5 Dual Display

Rumors also suggest that the Surface Pro 5 will come with the dual display: on one side the regular high-resolution screen, on the other an e-ink display, which would purportedly turn into a virtual keyboard if necessary.

Surface Pro 5 Release Date

At least according to rumors, Microsoft could release the Surface Pro 5 in the latter half of the year, perhaps October, since that month is always the month of Surface. Specific details are slim as of now, but more will likely come into the fore as Microsoft inches closer to the unveiling. As always, expect due coverage when we learn more.

Thoughts about the Surface Pro 5 rumors? What features do you expect on the new tablet? Feel free to speculate on the comments section below!

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