The next-generation Microsoft Surface Book 5 could hit the scene this spring and it could pack the latest AMD Ryzen, based on the latest hints.

Some were expecting the Surface Pro 5 to debut at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 but since it was a no-show, rumors are now betting on a spring release.

As anticipation is gradually building up, a slew of rumors and reports tried to paint a picture of what to expect and the latest ones hint at an interesting twist. No official confirmation is available for now so it's all just speculation at this point, but here are the latest Surface Pro 5 rumors and expectations.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 With AMD Ryzen On Board

While earlier rumors indicated that the Surface Pro 5 would ship with Intel Kaby Lake under the hood, it now seems that the device might pack an AMD chip instead.

This presumption stems from a recent trailer for Alien: Covenant that seemingly shows a new Microsoft Surface device. AMD is sponsoring that movie and the trailer's description touts "Intelligence powered by AMD, Ryzen and Radeon."

Consequently, speculation is rife that the trailer is teasing the upcoming Surface Pro 5 with AMD Ryzen under the hood.

Surface Pro 5 Rumored Specs And Release Date

The previous Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hit the scene back in October 2015, leading some to expect the Surface Pro 5 in October 2016. Microsoft limited its October 2016 event to the Surface Studio and the Surface Book i7, however, with no mention of the Surface Pro 5, so a 2017 unveiling seemed more likely.

When the Surface Pro 5 was a no-show at the MWC, speculation indicated that it skipped the show to wait for the next major Windows 10 update. Microsoft will unleash the Windows 10 Creators Update this spring, which makes it highly likely that the Surface Pro 5 will debut soon with the latest software on board.

The upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is further expected to boast a 4K display, a magnetic stylus with wireless charging, and USB Type-C. Rumors also hinted at a Q1 release, which means that the Surface Pro 5 could make its debut as soon as this month.

The Surface Pro line is designed to pack desktop-grade power in a portable device and each iteration has been better than the previous one. That said, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be an impressive powerhouse all around and if it does indeed launch with AMD Ryzen under the hood, it could pack a mean punch. On the other hand, Intel's Kaby Lake is still a possibility and would also deliver plenty of oomph for a high-end Surface Pro 5.

With nothing official so far, we only have tidbits of information to get a glimpse of what could be in the cards, but it's tough to tell anything for sure. As always in such cases, take all leaks, rumors, and reports with a grain of salt until the formal unveiling. If Microsoft is gunning for a spring release for the Surface Pro 5, we'll know more soon enough.

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