Jamboard Is Google's 4K Whiteboard For Collaboration, And It's Now Available For $4,999


Google is now making its behemoth 4K whiteboard available for purchase. For the uninitiated, the 4K-capable whiteboard called Jamboard is a 55-inch digital touch display that supports both pen and touch inputs.

Google's Jamboard isn't shy of processing power, too. Under the hood is an Nvidia Jetson TX1 chip, which can run companion iOS and Android apps. Tipped as chiefly a collaboration tool, the Jamboard comes in three colorways with a fancy stand, perfect for presentations and related activities. Those who are in the United States can order one right now, for the steep price of $4,999.

Jamboard, Google's 4K Touchscreen

A 4K digital collaborative whiteboard isn't exactly what one would expect Google will venture in, but it makes sense if one considers how far its G Suite products reach. For its part, Google did test the Jamboard with several companies, including its clients such as Dow Jones, Whirlpool, and Pinterest, so the whiteboard is actually more than an expensive plaything. It's a legitimate tool, like a combination of the best Google products right inside an office.

It's safe to assume Jamboard is a way for Google to further penetrate the business and creative sectors, both of which give opportunities for the display to become an integral part of everyday workflow. More than that, however, Jamboard also racks up revenue from services: support and management for the behemoth screen will cost $600 a year, and certain features require a G Suite plan. Needless to say, Google knows what it's doing.

Google Jamboard Specs

Again, everyone interested in purchasing Google Jamboard may do so right now directly through Google's website. It comes with the 4K display, two styli, an eraser, and a wall mount.

Jamboard's specifications don't disappoint. The Jamboard's display has a 120 Hz touch scan rate, a 60 Hz video refresh rate, and supports up to 16 touchpoints at any given moment on a single device. The display can also recognize shapes and handwriting, with touch and fine tip passive styli as the main input methods.

As for the ports, Jamboard includes one USB Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, and an HDMI 2.0 port.

The display is both Wi-Fi and NFC enabled, of course, and also has a built-in wide angle camera and a microphone.

Whether enterprises can identify with Google's 4K collaboration tool remains to be seen, seeing as how the Jamboard could be a tough sell with support and management costs included. But Google has a lead here in terms of pricing, undercutting Microsoft's Surface Hub, which starts at a much-steeper price of $8,999.

For companies unwilling to dish $9,000 for a collaborative tool, it's easy to imagine they'd turn to Google's much cheaper 4K solution instead. Which platform is better is a discussion for another day, but Google stands to attract more enterprises solely for its lower price tag. Time, however, will tell.

Thoughts about the Google Jamboard? Do you think it could be a useful collaboration tool as Google makes it out to be? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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