New Windows Insider Build Includes Edge Improvements, Notifications, A Fix To DPI Issues, And More

8 July 2017, 11:58 pm EDT By Eric Brackett Tech Times
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Microsoft is preparing a new build of Windows Insider that will have several new features. Chief among them is the fix for high DPI displays and improvements to the Edge browser.  ( Microsoft )

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Insider which offers some promising features and much-needed bug fixes for the OS. 

Windows Insider is Microsoft's preview program for Windows. It allows tech enthusiasts to preview upcoming builds of Windows and offer feedback while helping Microsoft test the build in a semi-open environment. Internal testing is beneficial, but there are some bugs that simply won't be discovered until a larger audience is able to use the software.


Microsoft's official browser, Microsoft Edge, is not the most popular browser in the world, but it does appear to be an improvement over the much-maligned Internet Explorer. Part of that is not only due to the fact that Edge simply functions better than IE, but it also has to do with Microsoft adding a lot of interesting features to it.

With this new build, Edge will be able to read aloud any web page or PDF and highlight lines. Not the most useful of features, but for those with vision problems, it could certainly be helpful. Microsoft is also making some improvements to Edge's UI such as a new animation for favorites and the matching of the Edge theme. 

Windows Shell DPI Fix

One of the most frustrating issues for users with high dot-per-inch displays, such as Surface devices, is that after they dock, undock, or remotely access a device, some of the apps appear to be a blurry mess and users would be forced to log out of Windows just to fix this problem. Unfortunately, this bug hasn't been completely squashed, but Microsoft has made the fix a bit more painless. Now, users will simply need to relaunch the apps in order to make them display correctly. 

Notification Improvements

Microsoft has also made a few minor improvements to the Windows Notification tools. For starters, notifications will now be displayed across the bottom of the notification panel instead of being right-justified. 

They have also cleaned up the UI a bit by replacing the "X" icon with a downward-facing arrow to clarify that the notifications aren't' being closed, but, instead, are being put in the notification tray for future review. 

Other Improvements

Microsoft has also made a number of smaller improvements such as bug fixes and changes to the emoji panel and touch-screen keyboard support. The full list of changes can be found on Microsoft's blog 

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