Microsoft has announced that one of the Fall Creators Update's major features won't be launching when the update goes live.

It has been reported that the company will delay the release of the Windows Timeline feature until after the launch of the Fall Creators Update.

Windows Timeline

Timeline is one of the new features coming to the Fall Creators Update, and it's one of the most useful. It will allow Windows 10 users to swap between multiple devices including iOS and Android devices. Such a feature would have made it much easier for people to switch between devices and manage different projects.

Beyond that, it also represents a shift in Microsoft's philosophy. For years, the software giant has tried to convince everyone to use their Windows OS. For the most part, they've succeeded as Windows continues to dominate the traditional PC market. Of course, the traditional PC market is on the decline due to the popularity of smartphones, and despite their best efforts, Microsoft has failed to make a dent in that market. The smartphone industry is firmly in the hands of iOS and Android devices, so Microsoft has learned to work with them.

By allowing Windows 10 users to switch seamlessly between their Windows PC and smartphones, Microsoft is not only making things easier for their customers but also protecting the future of their business. The rise of smartphones has disrupted the PC industry, and the last thing Microsoft needs is for users to decide that it would be easier for them to do their work on iOS or Android than Windows.

Unfourantely, Microsoft has announced that they will not be able to include this feature in the Fall Creators Update.

Responding to comments by the Verge's Tom Warren, Joe Belfiore confirmed that Timeline would not be including in this upcoming update.

"[W]ith cloud files the first firm feature, then timeline and cloud clipboard next. Tried to convey timing wasn't specific on these," Belfiore replied when asked why this feature was delayed.

Delays such as these are frustrating, but they're common enough when it comes to software such as this. Video games are probably the worst offenders, as they are often plagued by constant delays. Perhaps Microsoft got overzealous in what they could promise, but at least they provided some notice in advance.

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