Proposed Emojis For Unicode 11.0 Include Drunk Face, Llama, And Sad Poop

5 August 2017, 10:10 am EDT By Carl Velasco Tech Times
The rise of emoji: The death of language or a voice for the illiterate?
Unicode has now announced 67 new proposed emoji for Unicode 11, due in June 2018. The list includes many items, including a kangaroo, a flat shoe, and a frowning pile of poo.  ( Emojipedia )

This day and age come with no shortage for means of expression. Whether it's the occasional meme, GIF, or Snaps, modern communication has evolved into a medium in which each situation, however nuanced, will have a visual counterpart, which is especially true of emojis.

Growing from a supposedly ridiculous fad into a full-fledged language, emojis have helped people express certain emotions or situation in shorter, more impactful ways. Apple, for instance, translated some of its films on iTunes into emoji, while there's an emoji translation of "Moby Dick" somewhere out there and a Dutch building with emoji gargoyles. Quite literally, one can use an emoji or a combination of many to describe complex phrases.

What's more, the influx just keeps getting larger. Unicode has now released the list of proposed emojis — 67 in total — for the 2018 set, which includes a softball, kangaroo, salt shaker, and a frowning pile of poo. Unicode president Mark Davis announced it via Twitter.

67 New Emoji

The new batch also includes more items related to science and math, along with a silly drunk face emoji. "Face with smiling eyes and party horn and party hat" and "frowning face with question marks as eyes" are the two most requested ones in the list.

Other proposed images are pretty self-explanatory, including "grinning face with letters 'OK' as eyes," while some are more complex and specific, like the sad poop emoji and a "serious face with eye mask and cape," which possibly gives a villainous feeling. A more benign "smiling face with cape" is also available for those more inclined to be heroic.

Other emoji in the proposed include a woman's flat shoe, a hiking boot, and for animals, a raccoon, a parrot, a lobster, a mosquito, a llama, and even a microbe, perhaps for chemists who'd like to explain themselves better?

There's also a brick wall, a squeeze bottle, a teddy bear, and well, a receipt. One can imagine that if these all come to pass, many who are clever at composing emoji-fied phrases will have a field day creating complex and funny attempts.

When Will The New Set Of Emojis Be Released?

But keep in mind that these are all just a draft list of emojis, and they remain a proposed set. The final encoding of Unicode 11.0 won't launch until June next year, so there's plenty of time for things to change or more items to be added between now and next year. The final candidates will be announced in Q4 2017, with the final decision scheduled for Q1 2018.

See any proposed emojis you like? Sound off in the comments section below!

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