Say Goodbye To Those Weird Android Emoji Blobs: Google Will Introduce Redesigned Emojis In Android O


Android users will finally say goodbye to the weird emoji blobs of the operating system once Google rolls out Android O.

Users who will choose to participate in the Android O Beta program will already see the redesigned emojis that will be included in the next major version of Google's mobile operating system.

Android Emoji Overhaul

The so-called blob emojis of Android were first introduced in Android 4.4 KitKat, and they have barely changed since then. Thankfully, Google has made some tweaks to the weird emojis over the past year.

In April 2016, it was reported that the weird blob emojis would still be present in Android Nougat, then known only as Android N. Google made the blobs more rounded and looking straight, but they still looked weird compared to other emojis such as the ones used by Apple in its iOS devices.

Google added more emoji through Android 7.1 Nougat, but the focus was on improving diversity with more female characters and skin tones. The weird blobs, meanwhile, remained the same.

Users who do not like the blob emojis will soon finally be able to say goodbye to them. After the release of the Android O public beta at the annual I/O developer conference, it was discovered that Google had overhauled the emojis for Android.

According to a behind-the-scenes look of Google's emoji redesign by Fast Company, the entire process took 18 months. The redesign was initiated so that the Android emojis will look more similar to the ones used by other companies such as Apple and Microsoft.

What Do The New Android Emoji Look Like?

Beginning with Android O, the operating system's emojis will drop the blob shape and replace it with a standard circular one that is more often used.

There are other minor changes, including a few adjustments to color in various parts, but the biggest change remains the shape of the emojis. Every emoji has been redesigned by Google from the ground up, with the new icons to be part of the emoji 5.0 standard.

The redesign, according to Fast Company, came with some arguments among Google's emoji team. Some of the issues included what texture should the tinfoil have in a burrito emoji and how an emoji for the expression "mind blown" will look like.

The designs of the emoji in the Android O beta are likely final, but nothing can be claimed as such until Google rolls out the final version of the new operating system for the public to enjoy. It should be noted that the emojis that will show up in smartphones outside of Google's Pixel and Nexus lines may be different from the new ones that Google created, as third-party smartphone manufacturers could also have their own emoji library.

Google Rolls Out Android O Beta

Android O is not just all about the new emojis though. The new operating system will come with a variety of new features, including Notification Dots, additional battery-saving features, and much more.

Users who would like to try out the new features, along with the updated emojis, can do so if they own a compatible Pixel or Nexus device by signing up for the Android O Beta Program.

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