Apple's World Emoji Day Celebration Has New Emojis Heading To iOS, macOS, And watchOS Devices

iOS users would be pleased to know that a new set of emojis are coming to their devices.

As a way to celebrate World Emoji Day on Monday, July 17, Apple just unveiled some of the newest characters coming to iOS, macOS, and watchOS later this year.

Apple Unveils New Set Of Emojis

Apple says the new batch of emojis will make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity. In addition to new smiley faces and animals, Apple threw in characters depicting certain cultures and practices, such as that of a woman wearing a hijab and even a woman breastfeeding.

"With thousands of emoji available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, there are many ways to add personality to every message," says Apple, adding that using emojis makes any message more fun.

A mythical elf creature also joins the newest roster, in addition to emojis for a zombie and a T-Rex. The newest batch of emojis diversifies modern language even further. Using such characters in place of words has been the trend since messaging platforms supported them, and while certainly anyone can question the viability of emoji as a meaningful communication channel, no one can deny its impact in a world of connected devices and instant messaging.

World Emoji Day

Besides announcing a new set of emojis, Apple also has other plans in store to celebrate World Emoji Day. For example, the App Store will start highlighting apps that help users create or do fun things with the use of emoji.

What's more, iTunes Movies will feature film titles translated to emoji, which should make for a bizarre, if intriguing lineup. Moana, for instance, features a girl, an island, a wave, a sailboat, and a volcano. Moonlight, on the other hand, features three differently aged emoji, a crescent moon, and a wave, which alludes to an iconic scene in the film.

It's certainly a fun way to use emojis, but it also highlights how the sheer number of characters available can be used to depict context, which in turn proves how emoji language has evolved. Tell us if you can guess what film the following emoji represents: an alien, a speech bubble, and a confused man and woman.

Thoughts about the new set of emoji coming later this year? Do you think emoji can stand on its own as a new type of language altogether? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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