Microsoft Hides A Little Master Chief Riding A Scorpion Inside The Xbox One X, Because It Can

Hidden inside the upcoming Xbox One X is a little Master Chief riding a scorpion, an easter egg that Xbox fans all over the world will appreciate.

This is not the first time that Microsoft placed an image of Master Chief inside an Xbox One console, but the engraving discovered in the Xbox One X comes with a bit more meaning behind it.

Master Chief In The Xbox One X

Spanish YouTube channel Unocero uploaded a video that showed the internals of the Xbox One X, which will be released on Nov. 7.

At the 11-minute mark of the video, it was revealed that a little cartoon version of Master Chief, the hero of the acclaimed Halo series, is etched on the console's circuit board. The engraving isn't just Master Chief though, as he is riding on a scorpion that is even bigger than him.

The image holds multiple meanings in relation to the Xbox One console. Master Chief is the main character of one of the few Xbox exclusives, so he is well known among gamers. The scorpion, meanwhile, can be explained in two ways: first, the code name of the Xbox One X while in development is Project Scorpio, and second, the tanks that Master Chief sometimes uses are known in the Halo universe as Scorpions.

"We saw this as a fun way to build the heritage of one of our biggest franchises into the newest member of the Xbox One family," said a spokesperson for Microsoft in a statement. It is, however, unclear whether the engraving is only in the special Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X, or if it will be in all versions of the console.

Will We See Master Chief Again Soon?

The Xbox One X will not be the first Xbox console with a hidden Master Chief, as an image of the iconic character can also be found in the optical disc drive of the Xbox One S, though without the scorpion.

Fans of the franchise, however, are hoping that they will soon see Master Chief in a new video game, instead of an easter egg. The next title in the franchise will not be on the Xbox One or PC though, but will rather be one of the first available content for Windows Mixed Reality platform.

While there have been various rumors on Halo 6, no official announcement has been made to the Halo 5 successor. Gamers desperate to see Master Chief again should not think about cracking open their Xbox One X consoles as they arrive though, as that will void the warranty.

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