The Xbox One X Killed The Original Xbox One: Project Scorpio Edition Preorders Outpace All Other Xbox Models

The launch of the Xbox One X has led to the death of the original Xbox One, as Microsoft shifts its focus to what it describes as "the world's most powerful console."

The end of the original Xbox One is followed by what appears to be a successful launch of the Xbox One X, though the question is whether Microsoft can sustain the strong start into the holiday season to chase the PlayStation 4.

Original Xbox One No Longer For Sale

Microsoft is no longer selling the original Xbox One, which was launched in November 2013. The company's U.S. store has pulled out the console's page, while the U.K. store lists the console as out of stock.

Xbox One production actually stopped several months ago, but it had been available for purchase through the online store of Microsoft until now.

The original Xbox One launched with a price tag that was $100 more than the PlayStation 4, and that price gap plus mixed messaging on the features of the console allowed Sony to take a lead in the current-generation console wars. After four years, the PlayStation 4 remains the leader.

Gamers who are looking to buy into Microsoft's Xbox One platform now only have three options: purchase a refurbished Xbox One, buy the slimmed down Xbox One S, or wait for the Xbox One X.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Preorders Set Record

Microsoft believes that the Xbox One X will present a stronger challenge to the PlayStation 4, amid predictions that it "won't sell so well."

The Xbox One X, however, is off to a great start, with the console's Project Scorpio Edition posting record-setting sell-out times for its preorders across the world.

"You, our biggest fans, have pre-ordered more Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition consoles in the first five days than any Xbox ever," said Xbox VP of Marketing Mike Nichols in an Xbox Wire blog post.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition preorders started earlier this week when Microsoft announced the limited day-one version of the console at Gamescom 2017. The special edition will come with a black and graphite textured case and labels of "Project Scorpio," the codename of the Xbox One X during development, placed on the console and the controller.

Preorder stocks, however, rapidly sold out, and Microsoft couldn't be any happier.

Microsoft will be announcing the details of the next wave of Xbox One X preorders next month. However, future preorders will no longer be for the Project Scorpio Edition, but rather for the standard version of the Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X, along with the Project Scorpio Edition, will launch on Nov. 7.

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