Google Shopping Glitch Wouldn't Let People Search For The Word Gun, It Even Stopped Users From Searching For Gundams Or Wine

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A glitch in Google Shopping removed all searches that featured the word gun.. This becomes problematic for products that feature the word gun in the title but have nothing to do with the weapon.  ( )

Google Shopping had a problem with its search results, a temporary glitch didn't let users search for anything containing the word gun. Users couldn't fund results for things such a wine, gundams, and Guns and Roses.

Google Shopping banned weapon listings in 2012.

Filtering Problems

Google's main page still featured results for the word gun on Feb. 27 but not in the Google Shopping section. Users on Twitter noticed that the search giants results were banning any results that even contained the word gun such as burgundy wine. It became a game with many users posting lists of items that Google had banned thanks to its filter problems.

Google issued a statement regarding the glitch on the shopping website. It says that it was experiencing an error with the search results.

"We are experiencing an error in our Shopping results and we are working to address this issue," said Google in a statement. "We have not changed our policy on the promotion of guns, gun parts or gun components."

Google said that it banned weapons related listings on Google Shopping in 2012. Its official policy is that it doesn't allow the promotion of products that cause harm or injury.

Google was able to restore its search results by late Tuesday (Feb. 27). But users had already taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure at being unable to search for items containing the term gun.

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