The Google Home connected speaker is getting smarter and new tricks include Google Keep lists, as well as upcoming support for multiple users.

Smart speakers are rapidly gaining ground and getting increasingly smarter, with more skills and options to make them more useful. The Amazon Echo line of speakers powered by Alexa are among the most popular options, but Google Home is catching up and becoming more exciting as well.

Google Home Shopping Lists

Come April 10, users who have been storing shopping lists in the Google Keep app will see some changes. For instance, those who have been relying on Google Assistant to add items to shopping lists will now notice that the lists will be relocated from Google Keep to the Google Home and Express apps.

Google is trying to make Express more useful by adding an ordering and delivery feature, so it's adding Keep shopping lists to facilitate integration and make the whole shopping experience easier across Google apps.

Until now, when asking Google Assistant to add milk to your list, for instance, it would've added the item as a Google Keep shopping list that you could access when shopping for groceries. With the update, however, the default shopping list is now moved to Google Home and Express when adding items with Google Assistant.

Google Home has been gradually becoming more useful for shopping over the past few months, allowing users to shop and order items through Express by uttering voice commands. More than 50 retail partners are already on board and more will join the fray, likely aiming to rival Amazon.

This is not the only change in tow to improve the whole Google Home experience. The smart speaker will soon support multiple users as well, making it easier and more convenient to share the device with family or friends.

Google Home Multi-User Support

News surfaced back in March that Google was working on multi-user support for the Google Home smart speaker and it now looks like the feature will hit the scene soon enough.

The Google Home Android app now notes that multi-user support will become available soon, albeit it doesn't specify just when the feature will go live in various countries where Google Home is available.

The accompanying Google Home app just displays a card notifying Google Home owners that multiple users are now supported, but the feature has not actually gone live yet. Nevertheless, Google did confirm that it will soon add multi-user support to Google Home so it should become available shortly.

Previous rumors indicated that once it gets multi-user support, Google Home will also be able to distinguish between users's voices to automatically figure out who's speaking. Google made no mention of this option just yet, however, so it remains to be seen whether it will indeed be in the mix. Amazon is rumored to be working on similar technology for the Echo.

Multi-user support is expected to start rolling out to Google Home devices in the next few days. Google will surely make an announcement once the feature becomes officially available and we'll let you know as soon as we learn more.

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