LG's OLED TVs Are More Affordable Than Ever In 2018 With A $3,000 Starting Price

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In the market for an OLED TV? If so, then you should know that LG has announced a $3,000 starting price for its premium offerings, complete with the a9 processor and other features.  ( LG )

LG is putting up at least one of its 2018 OLED TVs for sale at the lowest price it has ever gone to.

On that note, customers will have to fork over only $3,000, and they can get their hands on one of the company's latest offerings in this department.

Sure, that might not be exactly what anyone would call affordable, but hey, they're still cheaper than the opening price of the previous models.

LG Makes OLED TVs More Accessible

Now to clear things up, 3,000 bucks is for the 55-inch OLED TV in the C8 Series. Just because it's the least expensive in the lineup doesn't mean it's lagging behind in terms of features. It's got LG's a9 processor under the hood, which reduces noise, among other things.

For comparison's sake, the priciest out of the bunch is the 77-inch "wallpaper" TV that's part of the W8 Series. This model is the company's flagship, and it will set users back by $15,000.

Meanwhile, there are OLED TVs that are even cheaper than the aforementioned 55-incher of the C8 Series around the corner, and it's the B8 Series.

The thing is, it's not on par with the rest because it won't be powered by the new a9 processor. Instead, it'll house the older a7 processor. Also, it's expected to deliver pretty much the same experience as the models of yesteryear. There's no word on the exact pricing just yet, though.

The Whole Shebang

It's worth mentioning that LG's 2018 OLED TVs boast ThinQ AI with Google Assistant on board and support practically every major HDR format out there, not to mention that Dolby Atmos audio is in the mix. In other words, it'll be hard to go wrong with a purchase here.

To get a better picture of what's in store, here's a breakdown of what the company has up its sleeve for the TV scene in 2018:

B8 Series

• OLED55B8PUA (55 inches): No pricing yet

• OLED65B8PUA (65 inches): No pricing yet

C8 Series

• OLED55C8PUA (55 inches): $3,000

• OLED65C8PUA (65 inches): $4,000

• OLED77C8PUA (77 inches): $10,000

E8 Series

• OLED55E8PUA (55 inches): $3,500

• OLED65E8PUA (65 inches): $4,500

W8 Series

• OLED65W8PUA (65 inches): No pricing yet

• OLED77W8PUA (77 inches): $15,000

The Bottom Line

LG is out to take the competition by storm with advanced OLED TVs at lower prices, but all things considered, it's not quite there yet to be called an affordable piece of consumer tech. At any rate, the company is making its OLED TVs easier to nab.

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