As users start to familiarize themselves with the convenience of virtual assistants, manufacturers aim to make the technology accessible to consumers on the same platform.

Apple relies on Siri, Samsung recently introduced Bixby, Microsoft has Cortana, and Google flaunts Google Assistant. It looks like the leading search engine company wants to introduce the capabilities of its digital assistant technology even among Android smartphones with entry-level specifications. Interested users can search for the Google Assistant Go app, which is now available in the Play Store.

Getting It Everywhere

Google seems to have a solid plan to be a step ahead of its competition. Typically, consumers with mid to top-range mobile gadgets are the only ones who can enjoy the full features and benefits of having a virtual assistant. However, Google Assistant Go is reportedly able to work on smartphones with hardware in the lower-end of the spectrum albeit with a few caveats.

Key Difference From The Regular Edition

According to the developer, what makes Google Assistant Go different from its standard version is the absence of hands-free control.

Unlike on Android Smartphones where virtual assistants are built-in, Google Assistant Go users have to manually launch the app by tapping the icon or by long-pressing the home button. While it might seem counterintuitive, it appears to be an acceptable compromise for users who wish to have a digital assistant on their smartphones.

In regular situations, users can easily launch the app remotely with the voice command "OK Google." Unfortunately, this cannot be carried over due to the hardware limitations of Android Go devices.

Other Limitations

Besides the absence of hands-free controls, Google Assistant Go has other missing functions. Users should note that it was designed to maximize functionality with limited resources. Android Go device owners can consider the app as a "lite" version of the original.

Absent from the Go edition are controls for Smart Home devices, Actions on Google, reminders, and Device Actions. As of the moment, English is the only supported language.

Meanwhile, the rest of the virtual assistant's capabilities like playing music, making calls, sending text messages, providing current weather updates, and searching for trivia answers works perfectly.

Android Go Edition

Google Assistant Go is intended to be compatible with smartphones or devices that are, by default, on Android Go Edition. However, it does not necessarily mean that the virtual assistant app will only run on supported devices.

Nevertheless, some users might encounter an incompatibility warning upon download if their gadgets are not supported or have insufficient hardware configuration to run the application.

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