Leaked Windows Phone 8.1 video shows iOS' parallax feature, enhanced Live Tiles, and more ahead of April release

Details regarding Microsoft's upcoming release of Windows Phone 8.1 have been leaking at a quick rate. A new video shows off the new OS' ability to use background images on its Start screen.

Microsoft surely isn't happy that details of its latest version of its smartphone OS, Windows Phone 8, will receive an OS update to the latest and greatest Windows Phone 8.1. Windows Phone 8.1 bring some very welcomed features Windows Phone users have been asking for years while they watched their iPhone and Android using friends have cool and standard apps and features that make using iOS and Android a more pleasant experience for some, due to features like Siri and Google Now, along with a centralized Notification Center where users can easily have access to notifications pushed from all different apps in a one-stop-shop area. It will also be in the same exact area; Windows Phone 8.1 users will pull down the top of the display just like Android and iOS and will have access to notifications and some settings.

Windows Phone 8.1 will also usher in a new feature highlighted in a new leaked video that shows of Windows Phone 8.1's Start Screen and its new background feature.

When Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 to users, they will have a new option in customizing the look of their smartphones to an extent. The leaked video shows that users will be able to choose an image on the phone and use that as the background of the Start Screen in Windows Phone 8.1, it will also adopt iOS 7's Parallax feature, which creates depth when moving the smartphone.

Microsoft will also allow users to change the Start and Theme of their smartphones under the Settings application. The images show users can use the "dark" or "light option" as well as "accent color". Windows Phone 8.1 will make it easier to theme by using images stored on the smartphone. Users will be able to further customize the Start Screen by changing the number of available Live Tiles located on your Home Screen.

Microsoft is expected to officially unveil Windows Phone 8.1 at its Build conference in April.

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