'NBA 2K16' First-Week Record Sales Numbers Released


It's fitting that one of the many trailers that NBA 2K16 released was simply called "Momentous" because that's exactly what the first-week sales numbers for the game are.

According to 2K, the series' newest title has sold-in (shipped) upwards of 4 million copies within the first week. The game also saw its digital sales double from last year. Simply put — the game is flying off shelves.

"NBA 2K fans around the world are buying this title faster and in greater numbers than ever before," Jason Argent, 2K's basketball operations SVP, said in a statement to GameSpot.

The way that 2K pounded the Internet with digital content certainly helped, as its many trailers, gameplay videos and classic team releases sparked heavy anticipation for the game. And that heavy anticipation resulted in record first-week sales with the title only being released Tuesday, September 29, with those who pre-ordered getting to play it four days early, on September 25.

From the buildup alone, NBA 2K16 was said to be the most complete basketball game that 2K ever delivered, and that feeling hasn't changed since its official release. In addition to its crisp, real graphics, the gameplay is aided with more intelligent defenses, so it's more authentic to the actual NBA.

That and the bolstered My Career mode – which allows gamers to build their characters and put them through the ranks up the ladder to NBA success, including trying to be one of the greatest of all time – seems to be a big early hit.

Seems like a slam dunk for 2K and gamers alike.

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