Google Self-Driving Car Gets Into Worst Accident Yet: Is The Autonomous Car At Fault This Time?

Google confirms that one of its automated vehicles was involved in an accident in Mountain View, California. No one was injured but the vehicle sustained serious damage after being hit by a van.

Google September 24, 2016

Google Wifi To Be Unveiled On Oct. 4: $129 Routers That Can Form Large Wireless Networks To Cover All Parts Of Your Home

At its upcoming Oct. 4 event, Google is said to be unveiling the Google Wifi. The wireless router, which will have a starting price of $129, can ensure that all parts of the home will have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Google September 24, 2016

Google Daydream VR Platform Now Open To Developers As It Steps Out Of Beta

Google Daydream VR includes both VR interface and VR hardware (headset and VR controller) that are used with a compatible Android phone. The SDK kit and other developer tools are now available to programmers.

Google September 23, 2016

Google Pixel Advertising Goes Big - Literally: Are You Ready For The Oct. 4 Unveiling?

Google is going big with its Pixel advertising -- literally big. In addition to teaser clips, a dedicated website and other ads before the big unveiling on Oct. 4, Google is taking over an immense electronic billboard at Times Square, New York.

Google September 22, 2016

Are You Planning To Root The Google Pixel Smartphones? Sorry, You Might Have To Wait A While

For users who are looking to root the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones of Google, you might have to wait a while. Discovered code reveals that the current rooting methods will not work with the devices.

Google September 22, 2016

Google Pixel And Pixel XL Won't Be Waterproof, But Will Have An IP53 Water-Resistant Rating: Rumor

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL won't be waterproof, according to a rumor. However, as a consolation of sorts, it could have an IP53 dust- and water-resistant rating.

Google September 21, 2016

Google Gigabit Internet Can Finally Roll Out In Nashville Following Final Approval Of Metro Council

Google registered another victory in Nashville, where the Metro Council gave a voice vote for the passing of a new law that would allow for the quick deployment of Google Fiber on its utility poles. AT&T and Comcast are displeased with the law, and might attack it in court.

Google September 21, 2016

Google Starts Getting Rid Of Any References To Google Now: Brand-New Assistant On The Way?

Google dropped any mention of Google Now in its recent beta release of its mobile search app, speculated to make way for Google Assistant. Now cards and Now on Tap now refer to as Feed and Screen Search, respectively.

Google September 21, 2016

Google To Unveil New Smartphone On Oct. 4: Pixel, Pixel XL About To Be Revealed?

Google will announce its next smartphone on Oct. 4 at an upcoming hardware event in San Francisco, and it could be the Pixel or Pixel XL or both.

Google September 20, 2016

Google Acquires API.AI To Push Development Of Bots That Are Easy To Talk To

Google acquires API.AI to leverage its own AI initiatives. The acquired company makes popular products that feature conversational interfaces for an array of smart devices, vehicles, home devices and applications, among others.

Google September 20, 2016

Google Photos Gets Faster Way To Share Content And 'Creative Concepts' Feature For Mini-Movies

Google introduced new features for its proprietary photos application, enabling users to easily share photos across friends, even those who don't have the app installed. A new concept-based feature, creating movies around a certain theme will also roll out today.

Google September 20, 2016

With Google Trips, You're Going Places: Meet Your New Personal Travel Guide [Video]

Google Trips is a hot new app for Android and iOS, aiming to serve as your personal travel guide so you can worry less about organizing your trip and more about having fun. Here's what this free app has in mind.

Google September 19, 2016

Google Play Books Makes It Easier To ‘Discover’ New Titles With New Feature

Google has announced the launch of a new 'Discover' feature for Google Play Books. Discover makes it easier to see personalized recommendations and find the most buzzed-about book the user should read next.

Google September 19, 2016

Google's Messaging Platform Allo Rumored To Launch This Week

Recent rumors reveal that Google's new mobile messaging app Allo could launch in Sept. 20. The app is part of the company's expanding messaging applications, which include Hangouts and Duo. Allo features its own unique features such as chat conversation that use end-to-end encryption.

Google September 19, 2016

Google Testing Download Queue Feature For Play Store Apps And Games

The Google Play Store's new queue feature lets users list apps over mobile data, which will download once connected to a Wi-Fi network. This is Google's latest attempt to help consumers avoid huge mobile data fees.

Google September 17, 2016

Google Street View Blurs Cow's Face For Bovine Privacy: Hilarity Ensues, But It Shows Face Recognition Technology Needs Work

Google Street View blurs an ordinary cow's face as it was grazing, and as expected, the bovine puns started coming in. Hilarity aside, it shows that the company's face recognition technology needs some tweaks.

Google September 17, 2016

Google Pixel XL Rumors: Specs, Features, Release Date And Everything We Know So Far

Google is preparing to announce its latest flagship smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL, with pure Android OS on board this October. We compiled the full list of rumors pertaining to the Pixel XL, so you know what to expect.

Google September 17, 2016

And So It Begins: Google DeepMind AI Learns How To Talk Like Humans

Google DeepMind A.I. is now equipped with a speech-generation technology powered by neural networks that function like the human brain. It allows the reproduction of human voice, complete with accents, emotion and artificial breathing.

Google September 10, 2016

Google Chrome Will Soon Call Out Unsecure Websites To Help Protect Your Passwords, Credit Card Details

Google will soon begin to mark HTTP websites with a 'not secure' label on Chrome. The move is a part of Google's long-term plan to mark all HTTP connections as unsafe ones.

Google September 10, 2016

Google Maps Gets Uber Alternatives: Ride-Hailing Options Now Include Lyft, Gett Too

Google Maps is no longer limited to Uber when it comes to ride-haling options. Lyft and Gett are now joining the scene, effectively making the app an all-in-one place for various booking services.

Google September 9, 2016

Alphabet Teams Up With Chipotle For Project Wing Test: Drones Will Deliver Burritos To Virginia Tech

Alphabet's Project Wing is teaming up with Chipotle Mexican Grill for the delivery of burritos to Virginia Tech staff and students. The testing, which is set to begin this month, will see the drones fly on an automated route.

Google September 10, 2016

Google To Acquire Apigee For $625 Million: Why Does The Company Want The API Specialist?

Google will buy API specialist Apigee for roughly $625 million to improve its efforts in providing services to its corporate customers, essentially taking a step forward in its next business venture.

Google September 10, 2016

Google Collaborates With Box: Big Move To Rule The Cloud?

Google has partnered with online storage service provider Box Inc. to enable the latter's users to integrate Google Docs. The deal between the two presents Box with a valuable opportunity to widen its suite of apps.

Google September 9, 2016

Google Has A Plan To Dissuade Potential IS Recruits: 'Don't Be Evil' Is Still Very Much Alive

Google is hatching a creative plan to fight against terrorism. Named the Redirect Method, the program will look to dissuade potential recruits from joining IS through a unique form of targeted advertising.

Google September 8, 2016

Google Shop The Look Aims To Let You Buy Clothes Directly From Search Results

Google is rolling out a new mobile ad experience called Shop the Look, which will allow users to shop for outfits straight from search results. Here's how it works.

Google September 7, 2016

Google Shows Off Chrome 53 Battery Life, Speed Improvements Via Microsoft's Surface Book

Google Chrome 53 is a whole deal faster and more efficient in terms of battery life, and to make sure that's clear, the company launched a video that highlights the new version's improvements on Microsoft Surface Books.

Google September 7, 2016

Google, Huawei To Release 7-Inch Tablet Within The Year: Nexus 7 Successor On The Way?

Notorious leaker Evan Blass tweeted that Google is planning to release a 7-inch tablet with 4 GB of RAM before the year ends. The device will likely be the successor of the successful Nexus 7 tablet.

Google September 6, 2016

Google Analytics Now Provides Stream Of Automated Insights Thanks To AI-Powered Tool

Google Analytics is getting more tricks up its sleeve, and to be exact, it now has AI-powered automated insights to show important trends quickly.

Google September 5, 2016

Google Will Unveil Pixel Smartphones, Google Home, 4K Chromecast, Daydream VR Viewer On Oct. 4: Here's A Recap Of The Upcoming Devices

Google is said to be planning an Oct. 4 event to make some big hardware announcements. Among the devices that the company is set to unveil are the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones and the Google Home speaker.

Google September 3, 2016

Google Suspends Project Ara, But There's A Chance That The Modular Smartphone Will Live On

Google said in May that Project Ara was still in full swing, with the modular smartphone expected to be launched to the market next year. A report by Reuters, however, reveals that Project Ara has now been suspended.

Google September 2, 2016

Google Is Dropping The Nexus Brand For Smartphones: Marlin, Sailfish To Be Named Pixel, Pixel XL

Google is said to be launching the long-rumored Marlin and Sailfish smartphones without the Nexus branding. Instead, the Android-powered devices will be named the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Google September 2, 2016

Quickly Find Content From Your Installed Apps With Google In Apps: Here's How It Works

Google has just launched its In Apps search feature, allowing users to browse content from their apps more easily. With the enhancement, Android smartphone owners are catching up with Apple’s Spotlight.

Google August 31, 2016

Alphabet Is Moving Dozens Of Nest Labs Engineers To Google: Amazon Echo Competitor Google Home Bolstered

Alphabet is moving dozens of Nest Labs engineers into Google to work under senior VP of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer. The transfer bolsters the development of the Google Home speaker and shows the growing role of Android within the company.

Google August 30, 2016

Everyone Can Now Use Google Cast Via Every Chrome Browser, Cast To Hangouts And Cast For Education

Google Cast is now built into every Chrome browser out there, and that means everyone can now make the most out of the nifty functionality and even cast to Hangouts and the Cast for Education app.

Google August 30, 2016

Google Wallet Is Still Alive And It Just Got Better With Automatic Transfers: No Need To Cash Out

Google Wallet just got a neat new update on Android, facilitating the whole process by introducing automatic payments. No more cashing out!

Google August 27, 2016

Google Rolls Out Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe For Search: Let's See How Much Time You Can Waste

Google has rolled Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe into its desktop search engine and mobile Google Search app. The games, which are free and do not need users to download anything, show the continued evolution of Google Search.

Google August 26, 2016

Google To Crack Down On Sites With Pesky Popup Ads

Google is hoping to improve the mobile search interface by punishing sites that block the content of their page with pesky popup ads. Webpages with 'intrusive interstitials' will be ranked lower on the Google Search results page.

Google August 24, 2016

Google Launches Android 7.0 Nougat: Here Is What Users Can Expect From The New OS

Google has finally launched Android 7.0 Nougat. What new features and improvements can users expect from the latest version of the company's mobile operating system?

Google August 22, 2016

Chromebooks To Get Quicker Unlock As Google Tests PIN Logins

Google announced in a blog post that it is testing a new way to unlock its Chromebooks. The feature, which is currently available only to Devs, allows them to use four-digit PINs to unlock Google’s laptops.

Google August 22, 2016

Google Hangouts vs Duo vs Allo: What's The Best Messenger App For You?

Google is currently offering users Hangouts, Allo and Duo as communications apps. What are the features offered by each of them, and which app should you use?

Google August 21, 2016

Here's How To Unlock Your Chrome OS With A Pin Code

Google is testing an experimental feature that allows one to unlock the Chrome OS with a PIN instead of a traditional password. The feature is in the developer stage, but here's how you can put it into action.

Google August 20, 2016

Google To Kill Off Support For Chrome Web Apps On Windows, Mac And Linux

Google introduced Chrome web apps in order to address the lacks of apps that Chrome OS had. However, as the open web grew and matured, the need for these apps diminished, and now Google will soon be killing them off entirely.

Google August 20, 2016

Google Will No Longer Support Chrome Apps On Windows, Mac And Linux By Early 2018: Why?

Google will gradually phase out support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux, with access to the apps from these platforms ending by early 2018. Chrome apps, however, will remain supported by Chrome OS for the foreseeable future.

Google August 19, 2016

Google Opening San Francisco Startup Incubator To Bridge The Gap Between Silicon Valley And Startups Worldwide

Google announced that it wants to assist global startups into growing harmoniously, and that is why the company will deploy a new office building in San Francisco. The facility will bridge the gap between Silicon Valley names and young IT businesses.

Google August 19, 2016

Google Duo Already Most Downloaded App On Google Play, Beating Even Facebook Messenger And 'Pokémon GO'

Google recently rolled out its video calling app, Duo, and the software skyrocketed in the Play Store. Google Duo managed to outrank established apps such as 'Pokémon GO' and Facebook Messenger in download numbers.

Google August 19, 2016

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