YouTube Launches Mobile Live Streaming For Big Names: Other Users To Get The Feature Soon

Google-owned YouTube has launched live streaming for its mobile app, placing the service in competition against Facebook's Live Video and Twitter's Periscope. The feature will be integrated into YouTube's mobile app, making it easy to use.

Google June 24, 2016

YouTube Went Down For 15 Minutes, For The First Time In Years: Was It Hackers?

For the first time since November 2013, Google-owned YouTube experienced a major global outage that prevented video lovers from accessing the video-sharing website. What did Google say was the reason behind the 15-minute downtime?

Google June 23, 2016

Simple Yes Or No: Google Prompt Two-Factor Authentication Now Available On Android And iOS

Google’s two-step verification process will be made easier and efficient for users on a busy schedule. The new update will prompt users signing in on a different device with a 'Yes' or 'No' option instead.

Google June 22, 2016

Is Google Working On Another Chromebook Pixel Laptop?

Time to get that rumor mill churning again as reports are speculating that the now defunct Google Chromebook Pixel could again see the light of day. Google’s latest job listing may point to a Pixel 3 in the making.

Google June 22, 2016

Google AI Technology DeepMind Plays Soccer With An Ant: Sounds Dumb, But Here's Why It Is Not

Google's DeepMind AI can play soccer with a digital ant. The idea may sound dumb, but the technology may help the company make an impact on our society.

Google June 20, 2016

Google Forms Dedicated European Research Group For Machine Learning To Achieve Its AI Goals

Google is wasting no time to bring the future into our lives. The company recently announced the launch of a European research group facility in Zurich to focus on Machine Learning research, the tech behind most advanced applications today.

Google June 17, 2016

Did Google Really Steal The Idea For ‘Project Loon’ Balloons? Here Are The Facts Behind The Accusation

The company Space Data filed a lawsuit against Google alleging the company infringed on its patents and broke a non-disclosure agreement regarding Project Loon.

Google June 17, 2016

Google Now Working With Dallas Officials To Bring High-Speed Fiber Internet Service Into The City

Dallas is the newest potential city for Google's high-speed Fiber internet service. The company is now working alongside Mayor Mike Rawlings and other city officials to bring Fiber into the city.

Google June 15, 2016

Google Street View Blocked In India Over Security Concerns

India wants no part of Google Street View, at least for the time being. Under the umbrella of 'security risks,' the Home Ministry rejected the service, but the search engine company seems unwilling to give up.

Google June 11, 2016

Google Nearby Will Automatically Notify You Of Useful Apps And Websites Based On Your Location

Google has just released its newest feature, Nearby for Android, which notifies users of specific apps built for their current location. Nearby for Android eliminates the hassle of browsing through thousands of apps on the Play store.

Google June 11, 2016

Google Play To Top Apple's New App Store Changes: Matching Perks For Developers, With One Great Advantage

Google Play Store might soon get an edge over the Apple Store. Because of a slew of small, but important changes, Android apps are set to become a developer’s go-to place for earning more.

Google June 10, 2016

Google Self-Driving Cars Will Be Ready In Years, Not Decades, Says Alphabet's Eric Schmidt

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt told investors that the Google self-driving car could come out sooner than anticipated. The top executive hinted that in a few years, certain cities are more likely to see the vehicle on their streets.

Google June 9, 2016

Google To Reveal Official Android N Name 'In A Few Weeks'

Google is finally going to announce the official name for Android N 'in a few weeks.' The developers have begun to carefully look over the numerous creative submissions.

Google June 9, 2016

Android Marshmallow Adoption Barely Passes 10 Percent Mark, 8 Months In

Google’s data on Platform Versions show that Android Marshmallow reached the 10 percent milestone. The company also detailed the presence rates for its older Android OSs, putting Marshmallow’s adoption in perspective.

Google June 8, 2016

How To Find And Delete Everything You've Ever Asked Google On Android

'OK Google' activates voice searches on Android phones, but sometimes you want the internet to forget that you went for certain search strings. Read on to see how to erase all the voice recordings that are irrelevant or downright dangerous.

Google June 4, 2016

Google Takes Down Chrome Extension That Tracked Jewish People

Google has pulled down the Coincidence Detector extension for its Chrome browser, which enabled users with anti-Jew sentiments to identify and track Jewish people.

Google June 4, 2016

Google Does Not Want A Robot Apocalypse To Happen, So It's Building A Button To Turn Off AI

Google, one of the companies at the forefront of artificial intelligence development, was involved in a study that looks to build an off button for the technology. The switch would allow humans to take control over misbehaving robots.

Google June 4, 2016

Nest Founder And CEO Tony Fadell Is Stepping Down: Here's What Really Happened

Tony Fadell, co-founder and CEO of Nest Labs, stepped down on Friday. Here's what was really happening behind the scenes.

Google June 4, 2016

Google Magenta Composes Its First Song: What Can This AI Do?

Google's Magenta Project has released its first song in the form of a 90-second piano melody. The breakthrough matters because it is one of the first steps in teaching machines how to create art.

Google June 2, 2016

Google Fiber TV Boxes To Turn Into Chromecasts: Here's The Deal

Google is rolling out an update that adds Cast support to Fiber TV boxes everywhere 'over the coming weeks.' Time to chuck out those Chromecasts?

Google June 2, 2016

Google Knows The Words Each State Is Having Trouble Spelling: 'Massachusetts' And 'Definitely' On The List

Google Trends outs the words that each state is having the most trouble spelling. Interestingly enough, people in Massachusetts can't spell the name of their own state, and Alaska can't quite get 'Hawaii' right.

Google May 28, 2016

Current Flagship Smartphones Won't Be 'Daydream Ready,' Google Says

Google's VR chief Clay Bavor has disclosed that the current crop of Android-powered flagship smartphones will not be 'Daydream ready.' For those who want to take advantage of the mobile VR platform, it would be wise to hold off for a few months before getting a new handset.

Google May 29, 2016

Google Selling Robotics Division Boston Dynamics To Toyota

Google is close to a deal to sell robotics division Boston Dynamics to Toyota. Alphabet executives did not believe that Boston Dynamics will be able to create a consumer product within the next few years, prompting the sale.

Google May 29, 2016

Google Setting Up Facility In Detroit For Self-Driving Car Technology

Google is setting up a facility in the Greater Detroit area that will focus on developing self-driving car technology. The structure covers 53,000 square feet, with Google expecting to move into the structure before the year ends.

Google May 27, 2016

Google Magenta Project: AI Could Soon Paint Works Of Art

Google's Magenta Project may soon create art using artificial intelligence (AI). Google plans to launch a Magenta app, which will showcase the creations of the project.

Google May 23, 2016

Google Improves Mobile Search With 'Rich Cards,' Offers New Visual Experience

Google has introduced a new 'rich card' search format, which aims to make googling on mobile devices a more visual experience. The company is optimistic that the new format will benefit both site owners and target markets.

Google May 21, 2016

Google Project Ara Modular Smartphone Is Still Alive, And It's Coming Out Next Year

The Project Ara modular smartphone has suffered from delays, but Google claims it will be ready for a consumer launch next year. No price has yet been set for the device though.

Google May 21, 2016

Google Play Awards: Houzz Is Best Android App Of The Year

In the inaugural Google Play Awards, interior design app Houzz was named the overall best Android app of the year. Other winners include Clash Royale, Table Tennis Touch and NYT VR.

Google May 20, 2016

Android N New Features: Split-Screen Mode, Google Assistant, Instant Apps And More

Google has revealed more details regarding the upcoming Android N at this year's I/O Conference. Among the new features that will be included in the new operating system are a split-screen mode, the new Google Assistant and Instant Apps.

Google May 20, 2016

Google I/O 2016: From Daydream To Allo, A Summary Of Everything The Search Giant Unleashed So Far

Google made a lot of big announcements, unveiling a range of new products during its annual I/O developers conference on Wednesday.

Google May 19, 2016

Google VR Headset Daydream Succeeds Cardboard, And It Goes Against Expections

Google recently launched its new VR headset that succeeds Cardboard. Rather than introducing a stand-alone VR headset, the company unveiled Daydream as a hardware and software platform.

Google May 20, 2016

Google Home Is Amazon Echo Killer? Not Quite

Google announced voice-enabled intelligent speaker Google Home, a direct competitor to Amazon Echo.

Google May 18, 2016

Google Set To Unveil Voice-Activated Device Called Google Home: Alexa, Are You Worried?

Google is said to be unveiling Google Home, a competitor for the Amazon Echo, at the upcoming I/O Conference. The hardware will be able to answer questions asked by users and is capable of carrying out basic tasks.

Google May 18, 2016

Not Giving Up On Social: Google Rolls Out Group Sharing App Spaces For Android, iOS And The Web

Google is still making space for social networking in its future. It just introduced Spaces and will be talking more about the new online hangout during I/O 2016 this week.

Google May 17, 2016

Google Turns Data Centers Into Works Of Art - Check It Out!

The exterior walls of two Google data centers receive mural art as part of Google Data Center Mural Project. The company is planning mural art for its other data centers across the world.

Google May 15, 2016

Google For Work President Leaves To Lead VR Division Of Company

Google for Work President Amit Singh is moving to the company’s VR division. Singh will be joining the Google VR team to prime its business and operations efforts.

Google May 14, 2016

Google Hiring In Phoenix, Arizona: Get $20 Per Hour For Testing Self-Driving Cars

Google expanded its fleet of self-driving vehicles in Arizona, and it needs human testers too. The company opened a number of 'vehicle safety specialists' positions for those who have clean driving records and good communication skills.

Google May 13, 2016

Evernote Receives Google Drive Integration: What This Means For You

Evernote announced Google Drive integration that allows users to easily add files to notes. The beta is available for the web in Chrome and the Android app.

Google May 13, 2016

Google I/O 2016 Expectations: Standalone VR Headset, Project Tango, Self-Driving Cars And More

Google is expected to shed more light about its future plans during Google I/O, which starts on May 18. Project Tango, Android N and a new VR headset are some of the expectations from the upcoming event.

Google May 14, 2016

Google Reportedly Preparing Hardware Device Codenamed Chirp: OK Google, Say Hello To Alexa

Following earlier claims, a new report reveals that a team at Google is developing a hardware device that will incorporate OK Google. The device, internally codenamed 'Chirp,' will challenge Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo in the market once it launches.

Google May 12, 2016

Google Translate Gets A Whole Deal Better, Now Lets You Translate On Any App And Offline More Easily

Google announced new updates for the Android and iOS versions of its Translate app. Tap to Translate is a new feature that allows users to translate text by highlighting it.

Google May 12, 2016

Google Announces Plans To Ban Ads For Payday Loans

Google updated its ad policy to soon ban ads from payday lenders, which will be effective this summer.

Google May 11, 2016

Google Releases Informative Ad On Android Marshmallow And Google Now On Tap Magic: Instant Answers Anywhere [Video]

Google just released a new demo video to illustrate just how Google Now on Tap works its magic. If you have Android Marshmallow, you may want to check this out.

Google May 12, 2016

Why, Google, Why? Black Search Links Cause Backlash, As Netizens Shout 'Bring Back The Blue'

Google users noticed that the color of search results is being returned as black instead of the iconic Google blue. The search engine appears to be testing the new black links for its search result, and users weren’t too happy about the change.

Google May 11, 2016

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