Google News Creates A ‘Local Source’ Tag To Highlight Stories By Regional Publications

To give smaller publishers and journalists a little more credit, Google is introducing the Local Source tag.

Google May 9, 2016

Google Receives Patent Approval For A ‘Tearable’ Display Screen

In the images accompanying the patent, an illustration shows what looks like a paper flyer with phone number tabs at the bottom, presumably designed to be ripped off.

Google May 5, 2016

Google Doodle Celebrates 100th Birthday Of Claude Shannon, Father Of Information Theory

Google Doodle honored Claude Shannon, the ‘Father of Information Theory,’ on his 100th birthday. He’s also known for inventions such as the rocket-powered Frisbee, a flame-throwing trumpet, and an electromechanic mouse that can teach itself to navigate a maze.

Google May 2, 2016

Google Strikes Deal With NHS That Gives AI Unit Access To 1.6 Million Patient Records

Details of Google’s DeepMind data-sharing agreement with the UK NHS revealed that the AI system would have access to millions of patient records. The agreement, according to the NHS, is for direct clinical use only.

Google May 1, 2016

Google Translate Celebrates 10th Birthday: Here Are Some Interesting Facts About The Digital Linguist

Google Translate celebrates its 10th birthday this month. Here are some interesting facts about the service that started out with just two languages but now recognizes 103 languages, translating billions of words a day.

Google May 1, 2016

New Google Patent Shows An Injectable Device Applied Directly To The Eyeball To Provide Vision Correction

In the patent, illustrations demonstrate the injection of an electronic device that would focus light on the retina and would be powered wirelessly through an energy-harvesting antenna.

Google April 29, 2016

Google OnHub Now Uses IFTTT For Home Automation

Google OnHub now supports home automation via IFTTT, thanks to the latest update for this router. Here's what the device can do with the help of this new feature.

Google April 29, 2016

Google Swims Deeper In Antitrust Waters, And Not Just In Europe: FTC Widens Android Probe In US

The FTC is expanding its Android probe and has been meeting with companies to gather more information. It has yet to reach a definitive answer and hopes to get some of the EU’s evidence to reach a decision.

Google April 28, 2016

Getty Images Files Complaint To EU, Accuses Google Of Encouraging Photography Piracy

Getty Images filed a complaint to the European Union’s antitrust commission against Google. Getty argues that Google is encouraging photo piracy and damages the company’s licensing business.

Google April 28, 2016

Google May Be Soon Announcing A New Local Guides Travel Companion App

Google has plans to launch a travel assistant app.

Google April 26, 2016

Google Creates In-House Startup Incubator Dubbed 'Area 120' To Keep Staff From Leaving: Report

Google set up an in-house incubator program called Area 120 to foster entrepreneurship and keep staff projects close. Helmed by Google executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz, Area 120 expands on the idea of Google’s results-only work environment.

Google April 25, 2016

Relax, Is No Longer Dangerous: Here's What Happened is safe from malware and identity theft, says the company’s own Safe Browsing. The feature recently raised the trustworthy level of the search engine main page from 'partially dangerous' to 'not dangerous.'

Google April 23, 2016

Google I/O 2016 Schedule Posted: VR Talks, Project Tango And More

Google has uploaded the schedule for its upcoming Google I/O 2016 developer conference this May. The company says the list is still incomplete, with more surprises reportedly revealed as the conference approaches.

Google April 23, 2016

Google Chrome Hits 1 Billion Monthly Active Users As It Turns 50

Google Chrome’s popularity has reached a new high. The browser crossed the 1 billion mark for mobile users and releasing the 50th browser version this week.

Google April 23, 2016

Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day 2016 With Five Different Biomes

Google's homepage, Google Doodle, updated its logo to five different biomes to celebrate this year's Earth Day. The unique logo designs feature creatures prevalent in each individual biome, painted in a rich mixture of vivid colors.

Google April 22, 2016

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