2016 Google Nexus Devices May Rock New Launcher: Screenshots Show Intriguing Changes

Google is said to be planning a new Nexus launcher for its Nexus devices. The company may make changes to the launcher before it is finally launched.

Google August 2, 2016

Android Will Now Push Out Notifications When New Devices Are Added To User Accounts

Google has released a new Android security feature that will inform users when new devices are added to their Google accounts through push notifications. Previously, notifications on such activities were sent out through email.

Google August 2, 2016

Find 2016 Rio Olympics Info With Google As Your Hub: Highlights Added Across Search, Maps And YouTube

Google has teamed up with broadcasters in more than 60 countries to bring users official highlight videos from the 2016 Olympic Games. It has added highlights across Maps, YouTube and Search, to keep people updated on all the Olympic action.

Google August 1, 2016

Google Will Bring Back Manual Exposure Control To Android 7.0 Nougat's Camera App

Earlier developer previews for Android 7.0 Nougat included manual exposure controls for Google's Camera app. The feature was previously taken out, but a new report claims that it will be brought back to the app in an upcoming version.

Google August 1, 2016

Strong Google Ad Demand Boosts Alphabet's Stocks, Beating Expectations: Q2 Earnings Boom

Google recently announced its quarterly earnings, and the results are encouraging. The high demand for Google ads, especially on a certain platform, boosted the revenue and profits of the company as well as the value of Alphabet’s shares.

Google July 29, 2016

Google Finally Launches Family Library: Here’s Why Households Will Love The Play Store Program

Google announced the official launch of Family Library for the Play Store, which allows users to share content like apps and movies with up to six family members for no additional cost.

Google July 27, 2016

Google Maps Update: App Now Highlights Areas Of Interest, Sports Cleaner Look

Google has recently rolled out a few simple graphical enhancements on its Google Maps platform for all devices that carry the feature. The updated user interface (UI) will now sport a cleaner look while still highlighting the important aspects of an area.

Google July 26, 2016

Google Maps Getting Mass Transit Delay Notifications, Wi-Fi-Only Mode

Google Maps recently expanded its feature for Android users, but the new capabilities still require some testing. However, they are promising as they could help save cellular data and time for commuters.

Google July 25, 2016

New Google Play Store Algorithm Shrinks And Shows Android App Update Sizes

Google has added a new algorithm to the Google Play Store that will both reduce and display the sizes of Android app updates. These changes will make a big difference for users with limited data and on small-storage devices.

Google July 23, 2016

Google Taps DeepMind AI Power To Cut 40 Percent Off Energy Bill

Google’s DeepMind delved into saving the company both money and power as it optimized the cooling bill of one of its data centers. The details will be published and shared with the world later this year.

Google July 21, 2016

Android 7.0 Nougat Will Protect Your Device By Not Booting Up When Malware Is Detected

A new security measure in Android 7.0 Nougat will prevent devices infected with malware from booting up. However, smartphones with non-malicious corruption will also be affected.

Google July 22, 2016

Google Speeds Up Ads With Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is ramping up its advertising platform for ads by upgrading its Accelerated Mobile Pages feature. Users’ ad experiences are expected to become faster and more reliable, further improving the effectiveness of placed advertisements.

Google July 20, 2016

Government Requests For Google User Data Hit A Record High In 2015

Google released its latest transparency report, and it reveals that governments have requested more user data in the second half of 2015 than in any time period so far.

Google July 19, 2016

The Android 7.0 Nougat Easter Egg Is A 'Neko Atsume' Clone, And Here's How To Access It

Google has released the fifth and final developer preview for Android 7.0 Nougat. This version of the company's next mobile operating system comes with an easter egg — a clone of the popular cat collector game 'Neko Atsume.'

Google July 19, 2016

Report: Google Scrapped Oculus Rift Competitor, But It's Still Developing A Standalone VR Headset

We are all well aware of Google’s foray into the industry of VR through its currently available tech, Cardboard and Daydream. Reports, however, are speculating that a third option may be under way.

Google July 17, 2016

Google Search To Offer State-Specific Voter Registration Guide Ahead Of 2016 Elections

Google Search users will benefit from a new feature rolling out on July 18. It will enable voters to get in-depth and state-specific details on the voting registration process ahead of the presidential elections.

Google July 16, 2016

Google Holding Indie Games Festival This September In San Francisco

In celebration and continued patronage of indie games, Google will be hosting an Indie Games Festival this September in San Francisco. The event will feature up and coming independent games produced by some of best developers in U.S. and Canada.

Google July 15, 2016

EU Hits Google With Third Round Of Antitrust Charges

The European Commission has slapped Google with yet another formal legal complaint over antitrust concerns. If found guilty, the internet company could be fined up to 10 percent its global turnover.

Google July 14, 2016

Google Play Family Library About To Go Official: How To Set Things Up And Get A Running Start

Google will soon allow users to share their much-loved apps, games, movies and other content with their family members via a service it calls Google Play Family Library. Here's how to set things up.

Google July 15, 2016

Google Launches Smarter Ads For Broader Searches And Holiday Shopping

Google said it is planning to improve the way in which its mobile ads help retailers and tourist enterprises reach their customers. Smarter ads were announced, and they should boost the numbers of holiday shoppers and travel enthusiasts.

Google July 13, 2016

Google's Project Fi Users Get Faster International Data Speeds, New Subscribers Get $150 Off Nexus 6P

Google is upgrading its experimental data provider service, Project Fi, to faster speeds in international roaming. In addition, new subscribers can get discounts of up to $150 off their next purchase of the Nexus 6P for a limited time.

Google July 13, 2016

Google Chrome Speed Performance: How To Make The Browser Faster

It’s without a doubt that we can say Google Chrome is the much preferred browser worldwide. As such, here are some effective ways to further improve the browser’s performance and generally enhance a user’s browsing experiences.

Google July 11, 2016

Google Docs And Sheets For Android Get Boost From Third Party Add-Ons

Google has introduced third-party add-ons to spiffy up Google Docs and Google Sheets for Android. The move is a response to the stiff competition between Microsoft and Google in the productivity tools market.

Google July 29, 2016

Android Co-Founder Rich Miner Starting Google Education Project

Google is positively interested in improving education sectors in the country, and its new academically focused arm proves just as much. This education project will be headed by Google Ventures general partner, Rich Miner, moving forward.

Google July 8, 2016

Google vs Quantum Hacking: New Crypto Secures Chrome From Quantum Attacks

Google is experimenting with a new algorithm on Chrome designed to safeguard against quantum hacking, or attacks from quantum computers. The internet company is using 'post-quantum cryptography.'

Google July 7, 2016

Google Offering Four Months Of Play Music And YouTube Red

Google is offering free subscriptions for its Play Music and YouTube Red services in celebration of July 4. For four whole months, the bundled offer will give new users the same privileges of a paid subscription plan.

Google July 4, 2016

Google Integrates Recent Earthquake Details Into Search Results

Google has integrated details of recent quakes in its search results, which will aid people in staying alert and updated. A summary of the earthquake search will be reflected on the search results at the top.

Google July 1, 2016

Google Developing VR Mode For Chrome On Android

Google is really keen on making virtual reality a real thing and its latest developments suggests just as much. A new feature for Chrome on Android enables end-users to access any (read: any!) web page in full VR mode.

Google July 1, 2016

Android N Is Now Officially Android Nougat: What To Expect Once It Launches

Android N is now Android 7.0 Nougat, continuing the tradition of naming Google's mobile operating system after sweet treats. It is expected to launch in the fall with new features such as VR mode and Doze on the Go.

Google July 1, 2016

Google Offices In Spain Reportedly Raided Over Fraud And Tax Evasion Suspicions

Google is being investigated for tax evasion and fraud in Spain, after the company’s offices in Paris were also raided. Google is under scrutiny from tax authorities, as previous inquiries showed that it underreports its profits in Europe.

Google June 30, 2016

Google Maps On Android Now Features Multiple Destinations

Reports are speculating that a new feature for Google Maps on Android may be hitting the app very soon. The update is expected to bring the desktop-limited functionality of adding multiple destinations on a navigation route to smartphone devices.

Google July 1, 2016

Google-Supported Undersea Cable Going Online, Expected To Deliver 60 Tbps Of Bandwidth

Google’s latest undersea cable network has finally completed, delivering 60 Tbps of bandwidth between the U.S. and Japan. The project, dubbed FASTER, is a joint effort of the company alongside five major telecommunications companies in Asia.

Google June 30, 2016

Google Baking Speed Test Tool Right Into Search For Instant Results

Google has apparently been working on a cool speed test tool built right into search results. This would allow users to check their internet speed in Google search and get instant answers, rather than having to access another site.

Google June 29, 2016

Google+ Officially 5 Years Old Now: Here's A Look At The Social Network And Its Services

Google+ is a survivor, still alive and kicking after five full years. And while it still hasn't commanded a corner of the market, Google appears to be far from done with the social network.

Google June 29, 2016

Google Could Face Yet Another Antitrust Complaint In EU Over AdWords

The European Union is reportedly looking to file the third antitrust complaint against Google over AdWords. Reportedly, EU officials have asked the critics of the tech company to give their permission to share the evidence with Google.

Google June 29, 2016

Google Maps And Earth Just Got A Huge Boost: New, More Detailed And Higher Contrast Images

Google improved the satellite imagery for its Google Earth and Google Maps services. It pushed out an update that brings clearer and sharper images from its new Landsat 8 satellite.

Google June 28, 2016

Google Introduces Project Bloks: Toys That Will Teach Kids How To Code

Google developed Project Bloks as a platform to teach children the fundamentals of coding at an early age. The system is made up of three elements, namely pucks, Base Boards and the Raspberry Pi Zero-based Brain Board.

Google June 28, 2016

Need Help With Your Nexus Smartphone? Google Reportedly Building App For Live Support

Google is reportedly on a new app dubbed Google Support, which will bring live on-device support. This app, however, is anticipated to be meant for Nexus devices alone and could be launched by year's end alongside Android N.

Google June 27, 2016

Google Chrome Exploit Makes Pirated Netflix, Amazon Video Shows A Possibility

Security researchers have found a flaw on the Google Chrome browser that makes it possible to pirate copyright-protected videos. The bug allows users to record content from Netflix and Amazon Video despite protection systems in place.

Google June 27, 2016

Facebook, Google Tuning Systems To Eradicate Extremist Content: How Will It Work?

Facebook and Google have started to use automated processes to eradicate extremist content from their platforms. The system is the same one used to seek and delete copies of copyright-protected videos.

Google June 26, 2016

YouTube Launches Mobile Live Streaming For Big Names: Other Users To Get The Feature Soon

Google-owned YouTube has launched live streaming for its mobile app, placing the service in competition against Facebook's Live Video and Twitter's Periscope. The feature will be integrated into YouTube's mobile app, making it easy to use.

Google June 24, 2016

YouTube Went Down For 15 Minutes, For The First Time In Years: Was It Hackers?

For the first time since November 2013, Google-owned YouTube experienced a major global outage that prevented video lovers from accessing the video-sharing website. What did Google say was the reason behind the 15-minute downtime?

Google June 23, 2016

Simple Yes Or No: Google Prompt Two-Factor Authentication Now Available On Android And iOS

Google’s two-step verification process will be made easier and efficient for users on a busy schedule. The new update will prompt users signing in on a different device with a 'Yes' or 'No' option instead.

Google June 22, 2016

Is Google Working On Another Chromebook Pixel Laptop?

Time to get that rumor mill churning again as reports are speculating that the now defunct Google Chromebook Pixel could again see the light of day. Google’s latest job listing may point to a Pixel 3 in the making.

Google June 22, 2016

Google AI Technology DeepMind Plays Soccer With An Ant: Sounds Dumb, But Here's Why It Is Not

Google's DeepMind AI can play soccer with a digital ant. The idea may sound dumb, but the technology may help the company make an impact on our society.

Google June 20, 2016

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