Male Contraceptive Stops Sperm From Swimming, Doesn't Have Hormonal Side Effects

Research on a new form of male contraceptive shows that it can slow down the movement of sperm in men. The study also shows that it has no hormonal side effects in men taking the drug.

Medicine April 23, 2018

Marijuana-Based Drug For Seizures Gets Unanimous Recommendation From FDA Committee

An FDA advisory committee gave the go-ahead for Epidiolex, a marijuana-based drug that treats two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. The FDA is scheduled to vote this June.

Medicine April 20, 2018

4-Year-Old Boy Treated With Dog Saliva: Doctors With Low Quality Scores Likely To Prescribe Homeopathic Treatments

Anke Zimmerman, a Canadian homeopath, claimed he treated 4-year-old Jonah with rabid dog saliva, but experts said it could be fatal. A study showed that doctors who prescribed homeopathic treatments scored low on their prescription performance.

Medicine April 19, 2018

Japan Could Be First In The World To Detect Cancer Using Urine Samples

Hitachi, a Japanese multinational conglomerate company, announced that it is conducting the trial of a method that can detect cancer through urine samples. If successful, the country would be the first in the world to possess such technology.

Medicine April 18, 2018

A New Treatment For Hard-To-Treat Migraine May Finally Be Here

A new, more effective migraine drug may be on the way. It’s called erenumab, and in a series of tests, it cut down the frequency of headaches among migraine sufferers by half.

Medicine April 18, 2018

A Seizure Drug Made From Marijuana Is This Close To Getting FDA Approval

GW Pharmaceuticals awaits FDA approval for Epidiolex, which contains an element derived from cannabis. It will treat children suffering from two rare forms of epilepsy by making their seizures less frequent.

Medicine April 18, 2018

Man Forced To Undergo Second Face Transplant After Drugs Interfered With First Face Transplant

French man Jerome Hamon underwent a second face transplant due to drugs that interfered with his first face transplant. He took drugs that caused his facial tissue to die.

Medicine April 18, 2018

Lung Cancer Patients Will Gain Extra Years Of Life Through Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy, a form of treatment that boosts the body's immune system, was proven to give lung cancer patients extra years of life. The immunotherapy drug Keytruda, when administered alongside chemotherapy, cut the risk of death in half.

Medicine April 17, 2018

Pregnant And Married Female Surgeons Tend To Drop Practice

A national survey found lingering signs that gender gap and stigma on pregnancy still exist in the medical field. These factors had even resulted in female surgeons being underrepresented despite constituting significant percentage among graduates at present.

Medicine April 17, 2018

Model Left Partially Blind After Botched Eye Color Change Surgery

A model got a surgery to change her eye color but experienced adverse effects soon after the procedure. Despite efforts to save her vision, she has lost a majority of her eyesight in both eyes.

Medicine April 13, 2018

FDA Approves First Medical Device To Use Artificial Intelligence For Diabetic Patients

FDA approved a device programmed with artificial intelligence that would precisely identify mild diabetic retinopathy. It's the pioneering AI-based tool that has been allowed for market release.

Medicine April 12, 2018

The Top Reasons People Are Rushed To The Emergency Room

People head straight to the emergency room for immediate medical attention to their condition. Here are the top reasons people are taken to the hospital's emergency section.

Medicine April 15, 2018

Alzheimer's Disease Gene Successfully Removed From Human Brain: Is This The Cure We've Been Waiting For?

Scientists were able to successfully remove apoE4, a gene that caused Alzheimer's disease, from the human brain. The research might be science's best shot at finding the elusive cure for Alzheimer's disease.

Medicine April 11, 2018

Woman Embalmed Alive When She Was Given Formaldehyde Instead Of Saline Drip

A Russian woman died after she was given formaldehyde instead of saline during an operation. The woman went in a for a routine surgery and lost her life because of the mistake.

Medicine April 10, 2018

World's Smallest Mechanical Heart Valve Saves Life Of 3-Year-Old Girl

Sadie Rutenberg was born with a huge hole inside her heart. Thanks to this miraculous heart valve by Abbott, she is now thriving at three years old.

Medicine April 10, 2018

Rare Double Robotic Surgery Simultaneously Removes Uterus And Colons Of Cancer Patient

A colorectal cancer patient had hysterectomy and part of her colon removed at the same time in a procedure that used da Vinci Xi robot. What makes robotic surgery a better option for patients?

Medicine April 8, 2018

Protein Derived From Parasitic Worms Shows Potential Against Crippling Bladder Disease

Chemotherapy patients often develop hemorrhagic cystitis, a painful bladder disease that can lead to death. Existing treatments are limited but scientists recently discovered an alternative derived from a parasitic worm.

Medicine April 4, 2018

Babies Given Antibiotics And Antacids Are More Likely To Develop Allergies

A new study discovered that babies who are given antibiotics and antacids are more likely to develop allergies as they grow up. The results of the research provide evidence on the the importance and delicate balance of the gut microbiome.

Medicine April 3, 2018

20 Years After Viagra, Pfizer To Develop Another Miracle Drug Amid Budget Cuts

Pfizer announced its plan to manufacture another miracle drug like Viagra to boost sales and hopefully make its way out of financial constraints. This year, the company slashed off its R&D budget, way lower than its rivals, Merck and J&J.

Medicine April 1, 2018

Promising Treatment For Cancer Cured 97 Percent Of Tumors In Mice, Human Trials Set This Year

A vaccine-like cure for cancer has successfully treated 97 percent of mice in a study. Human clinical trials are set to start later this year, embarking on an 'exciting' phase in cancer history.

Medicine March 30, 2018

Broken Epidural Needle Found Stuck In Woman's Spine After 14 Years

A mother suffering from back pain for 14 years discovered that a broken epidural needle had been stuck in her spine all that time. She is now planning to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital.

Medicine March 29, 2018

Viagra 20 Years Later: Here's Why Young, Healthy Men Use The Blue Pill

Twenty years since Viagra became available in the market, the erectile dysfunction medication has evolved into a recreational drug. It is now frequently taken by younger men who are reliant on it for sexual dependence.

Medicine March 28, 2018

Dentists Voice Out Support For 7-Day Limit For Opioid Prescriptions

The American Dental Association becomes one of the first major health units to advocate support for statutory limits on opioid prescriptions. All dentists are encouraged to uphold new policies to curb America’s growing opioid crisis.

Medicine March 27, 2018

Study Explains Why Fewer People With Severe Cholesterol Are On Statin Therapy

Patients with elevated and/or severe cholesterol levels were reported to take less or no prescribed statins. The new study published by the American Heart Association stated that statin compliance is less prevalent in younger patients compared to older ones.

Medicine March 27, 2018

Marijuana Can Help Curb Alcohol Addiction, Cocaine Cravings: New Study

Another study showed promising results on the benefits of marijuana in curbing relapse symptoms of alcohol and cocaine addiction. Experiments were conducted in rats that are injected with CBD-containing gel for three days and followed up after five months.

Medicine March 26, 2018

Daily Dose Of Erectile Dysfunction Drug Viagra May Help Prevent Cancer

Viagra commonly prescribed to treat erectile problems in men holds potential as a cancer prevention drug. Giving a small, daily dose of the drug to mice genetically predetermined to develop colorectal cancer appears to reduce risk for the disease.

Medicine March 24, 2018

Medical Search For Superpowers Leads To Discovery Of People Who Are Resistant To Liver Disease

Even though it is not a superpower in terms of comic book superpowers, resistance to liver disease can lead to a new drug. People who were found to be resistant to liver disease could drink all they wanted and not develop the disease.

Medicine March 25, 2018

New Multiple Sclerosis Drug Could Slow Down Symptoms In Secondary Progressive Stage

A new MS drug is showing signs of being able to slow down symptoms in the secondary progressive stage. The drug is still not available to patients and is still being tested.

Medicine March 23, 2018

Man's Hand Lump Found After Dental Procedure Turns Out To Be Sign Of Serious Heart Infection

A Vancouver man went into the emergency department with a strange hand lump and a recent history of flu-like symptoms. Could his condition be related to his recent dental procedure?

Medicine March 23, 2018

Woman Dies After 'Bee Acupuncture' Treatment: How To Minimize Risks Of Alternative Therapies

Almost half of Americans have tried at least one complementary or alternative therapy. A woman's death from her apitherapy reminds people to be careful when trying unconventional health care approaches.

Medicine March 23, 2018

Human Stem Cell Treatment Helps 'Alcoholic Rats' Consume 90 Percent Less Booze

A recent study found that human stem cell treatment reduces alcohol abuse in rats. Testing of humans will be required in order for this potential cure to be widely available.

Medicine March 22, 2018

Pain Relievers Like Prescription-Strength Ibuprofen May Increase Risk Of Irregular Heartbeat

Selective NSAIDs, which include ibuprofen, naproxen, or meloxicam were linked to an 18 percent higher risk of irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation. Should people stop taking these pain relievers to treat body ache and pain?

Medicine March 22, 2018

Spanish Woman Dies Of Stroke, Multiple Organ Failures After Atypical Bee Venom Acupuncture

A Spanish woman died of a stroke and multiple organ failures after a series of bee sting acupuncture sessions. Researchers advise patients to stick to traditional acupuncture until further evidence proves apitherapy’s efficacy and safety.

Medicine March 21, 2018

Blind Patients Regain Their Eyesight After Successful Stem Cell Treatment

Doctors have treated patients with macular degeneration with stem cell therapy which restored their eyesight. Macular degeneration is the most common form of blindness.

Medicine March 20, 2018

Twins Diagnosed With Fatal Disease Need Liver Transplants, But Only 1 Will Survive

Nick and Devin Coats from Louisiana were both diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The twins were placed on a waiting list for a liver transplant, but only one of them got a call that they will receive a new organ.

Medicine March 20, 2018

Platypus Milk Could Save Lives By Combating Superbugs And Antibiotic Resistance

One of the world's strangest animals could be the key to fighting superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. Platypus milk contains a protein that could fight these superbugs.

Medicine March 15, 2018

Michigan Teen Dies From Rare Sinus Infection That Attacked The Brain

A teenager from Michigan passed away after being initially diagnosed with a sinus infection. In a rare form of the infection, it penetrated the bone and entered the blood vessels, leading to blood clots that cut off the brain's oxygen supply.

Medicine March 15, 2018

Glowing Dyes Can Reveal Hidden Cancers During Surgery

Dyes that can make cancer cells glow during operation may improve odds for successful treatment of cancer patients. The technology can also help with early detection of small tumors.

Medicine March 15, 2018

Mom Loses Arm, All Fingers, And Both Legs After Sepsis Misdiagnosis

A 31-year-old mother of two was forced to have an arm, all fingers, and both legs amputated due to medical staff failing to make the proper diagnosis for sepsis. She has now filed a lawsuit against the English hospital.

Medicine March 13, 2018

For Doctors, More Opioid Prescriptions Mean Bigger Payouts, Says Harvard Analysis

A new analysis by CNN and Harvard researchers reveal a startling medical practice that brings legal and ethical questions. It appears doctors who prescribe more opioids receive more money from opioid manufacturers.

Medicine March 13, 2018

1 Of Formerly Conjoined Identical Twins Finally Gets To Go Home From Texas Hospital

The Richards family can finally bring Anna Grace home after 428 days of being in the hospital. Her formerly conjoined twin, Hope Elizabeth, is expected to go home soon as well.

Medicine March 10, 2018

Fertility Clinic Malfunction Risks The Viability Of More Than 2000 Eggs And Embryos

A malfunction over the weekend caused temperatures to rise at a Clevelant area fertility clinic. The temperature fluctuation may have compromised the viability of at least 2,100 frozen eggs and embryos.

Medicine March 10, 2018

People Are So Addicted To Opioids But They’re Not Even Better Than Painkillers, Says New Study

America’s opioid crisis is worsening at a point where health officials are encouraged to prescribe them only as a last resort. Well, it turns out painkillers may just be enough.

Medicine March 8, 2018

Opioid Overdose Among Children Nearly Doubles, DOJ Creates Task Force

The Department of Justice announced the creation of a task force to combat the prescription of opioid drugs. A recent study showed that pediatric admissions for opioid overdose and poisoning among children nearly doubled in 20 years.

Medicine March 6, 2018

Light Marijuana Use Not Linked To Kidney Disease, According To New Study

A new study sheds light on the association between light marijuana use and developing chronic kidney disease. It turns out there’s no link between the two at all.

Medicine March 5, 2018

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