Cholesterol Drug Repatha Slashes Heart Attack Risk By 27 Percent But Disappoints Doctors And Investors

Amgen's cholesterol-reducing drug Repatha reduced heart attack rate by 27 percent and stroke by 21 percent. Why are doctors and investors disappointed at the results of the drug's clinical trial?

Medicine March 20, 2017

Kids Exposed To Prescription Opioids: US Poison Control Centers Get 1 Call Every 45 Minutes

New research has shared that children are exposed to prescription opioids more frequently than thought. The US Poison Control Center receives one call every 45 minutes related to poisoning.

Medicine March 20, 2017

AstraZeneca’s Farxiga Drug For Type 2 Diabetes Cuts Heart-Related Complications

Studies show that the SGLT2-based type 2 diabetes drug helped in the mitigation of heart failure risks. The drug works by removing the excess blood sugar from the body through one's urine.

Medicine March 20, 2017

Fentanyl Overdose: Symptoms And Treatment Of Drug Abuse

An overdose of fentanyl is known to cause several thousand deaths each year. Here's a detailed look at the various symptoms and signs of fentanyl overdose and abuse.

Medicine March 19, 2017

Researchers Find Positive Effect Of Anti-Alcohol Drug In Trial

Balcofen the drug which reflected positive results in curing alcohol addiction, has been approved by French health authorities for treating alcoholism. Knowledge about this drug was obtained from a book titled 'Le Denniver Verre.'

Medicine March 19, 2017

Pricey Cholesterol Drug From Amgen Reduces Heart Risks, Could Cost $14000

An expensive drug manufactured by Amgen will reportedly reduce the rate of heart problems. The cost of this effective cholesterol drug, however, is more than $14,000 a year.

Medicine March 19, 2017

Oxymorphone Hydrochloride: Opioid Painkiller OPANA ER Has More Risks Than Benefits, Says FDA Panel

A panel of experts from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirms safety suspicions against oxymorphone hydrochloride, otherwise known as OPANA ER, which is a prescription opioid by Endo International Plc.

Medicine March 17, 2017

Cannabis Can Help Cure Alzheimer's If Lawmakers Are Flexible: Experts

Researchers in the United States have expressed concern that despite the proven potential of cannabis to treat Alzheimer’s disease, whose numbers and costs are spiraling, the federal regulators are blocking the opportunity to cure millions of people.

Medicine March 18, 2017

Want To Live Longer After Heart Surgery? Continue Using Statin Says New Research

Researchers have conducted a study that focuses on the effects of statins on preoperative heart patients. The research has surmised that it may be wise for cardiac patients to continue taking medication post the surgery.

Medicine March 17, 2017

Three Florida Women Go Blind After Undergoing Experimental Stem Cell Treatment

Three elderly women were left blinded after they went for an experimental stem cell treatment in Florida. All the three women were suffering from macular degeneration, which causes loss of sight in the aged.

Medicine March 16, 2017

Scientists Find Way To Pinpoint Hideout Of AIDS Virus

Scientists have concluded that some of the white blood cells in the body serve as a hideout for the HIV-1 virus. This discovery could in the future lead to treatments which may help counter AIDS.

Medicine March 16, 2017

Antibiotics Are Not Effective In Treating Eczema, Reveals Study

A study revealed that antibiotics are not beneficial as treatment for mild cases of Eczema in children. Instead of resorting to oral pills or tropical antibiotics, one should use moisturizers and steroid creams to treat eczema.

Medicine March 15, 2017

FDA Approves Novartis Kisqali As Metastatic Breast Cancer Treatment

The new cancer drug developed by Novartis called Kisqali was approved by the FDA as a first-line treatment for metastatic breast cancer. The pill is intended as a combination treatment, designed for postmenopausal women who battle the condition.

Medicine March 15, 2017

Formerly Conjoined Twins Erika, Eva Finally Released From California Hospital

Formerly conjoined twins Erika and Eva Sandoval have been finally transported to UC Davis Children’s Hospital in Sacramento on March 10. Erika and Eva were conjoined from chest down and had to undergo a 17-hour separation surgery.

Medicine March 12, 2017

Baldness Or Bedroom Boredom: Hair Loss Drug Finasteride Linked To Long-Term Erectile Dysfunction

Would you rather go bald? Latest study suggests that finasteride, a popular hair loss treatment drug for men, can lead to long-term sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction.

Medicine March 11, 2017

Gleevec Can Keep Leukemia Patients Alive For More Than 10 years, But How Much Does It Cost?

So-called wonder drug Gleevec is heaven-sent to blood cancer patients. The high costs, however, might keep poorer patients from getting their hands on it easily.

Medicine March 11, 2017

Epilepsy Patients In Australia Resort To Cannabis To Manage Seizures: Survey

A nationwide survey in Australia found that adult and children with epilepsy use cannabis to manage their condition when traditional anti-epileptic drugs do not work properly for them.

Medicine March 10, 2017

Cancer Pill Can Keep Leukemia Patients Alive For More Than 10 Years: Study

The cancer drug was hailed a wonder drug for chronic myeloid leukemia patients when it was approved by the FDA in 2011. Now, study found 83 percent of patients who used it as initial therapy were alive 10 years after diagnosis.

Medicine March 9, 2017

Neanderthal Tooth Plaque Hints Prehistoric Humans Used Medicinal Plants To Treat Ailments

DNA from dental plaque suggests the Neanderthals may have had knowledge about medicines. The prehistoric humans may have self-medicated using medicinal plants that produce painkiller and antibiotic substances.

Medicine March 9, 2017

Here’s How Google’s AI Helps Detect Cancer Via Deep Learning

Google has trained algorithms using the deep-learning approach GoogLeNet to match or exceed a pathologist’s performance in breast cancer diagnosis. Learn the potential of the technology in speedier, more accurate cancer detection.

Medicine March 6, 2017

Vaccination Saved Millions Of Lives In US Between 1963 And 2015

A new study reveals that vaccination has saved millions of lives in the U.S. from 1963 to 2015. Approximately 200 million cases of several diseases were prevented in the country in the same duration due to vaccination.

Medicine March 4, 2017

H7N9 Bird Flu Cases On The Rise In China, CDC Working On Vaccine

The CDC has shared that a sudden surge in cases of H7N9 strain of bird flu has been reported in China. The CDC is now reportedly working on the vaccine to eradicate this large epidemic wave.

Medicine March 4, 2017

Teenager's Sickle Cell Disease Reversed With Help Of Gene Therapy

A teenage boy's sickle cell disease was reversed after gene altering therapy. While still not considered a cure, scientists are optimistic about the new therapy's merits in the search for a cure.

Medicine March 2, 2017

Researchers May Have Found Potential Treatment For Incurable Kidney Disease

Researchers have found a potential treatment for polycystic kidney disease, an incurable genetic disorder. Currently, approximately 600,000 in the United States suffer from this disease .

Medicine March 3, 2017

Original Penicillin Mold Sells For Over $14,000: Here’s The Story Behind The Prized Relic

The original mold from penicillin, discovered by Alexander Fleming almost 90 years ago, was sold on March 1 at the auction house Bonhams in London. Here are facts and trivia about the prized capsule that was auctioned off for $14,597.

Medicine March 2, 2017

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Such As Viagra May Give Longer Life To Heart Attack Patients: Study

Latest Swedish study suggests that a class of erectile dysfunction drugs may be beneficial for heart attack patients. Can ED drugs such as Viagra actually be helpful for heart disease?

Medicine March 10, 2017

Blood Of Komodo Dragons: The Antidote For Antibiotic Resistance?

A team of scientists from George Mason University believes the blood of Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world, contain potent antimicrobial properties that can solve antibiotic resistance.

Medicine March 3, 2017

New DNA Vaccine Designed To Boost Immunity And Fight Off Tumors

Wistar Institute and Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. developed a new DNA vaccine designed to improve anti-tumor immunity in cancer patients. How does it work and is it different from other cancer vaccines?

Medicine February 26, 2017

Therapeutic Vaccine Strategy May Be 'Functional Cure' For HIV Patients

A therapeutic vaccine strategy may be a 'functional cure' for patients with HIV, a new study revealed. The clinical trial found the vaccine is effective in controlling HIV levels without the need for antiretroviral drugs.

Medicine February 23, 2017

Repurposed Drug Can Save People At Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers have proven that a hunger suppressing drug may prevent prediabetic people from developing type 2 diabetes. The drug named liraglutide prevents overeating which in turn keeps the patient's weight under control.

Medicine February 23, 2017

New Study Reveals Mixed Results Of Testosterone Therapy

A roster of five new studies shows that testosterone replacement therapy has resulted in both health benefits and potential risks. Health benefits include anemia, while potential setbacks include more plaque buildup in coronary arteries.

Medicine February 22, 2017

Clinical Trial To Test Mosquito Saliva Vaccine For Malaria, Zika And Dengue Viruses

A Phase 1 clinical trial of an experimental vaccine designed to provide protection against mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, Zika and dengue will involve up to 60 adult participants. How does this AGS-v vaccine work?

Medicine February 22, 2017

A Miracle For Multiple Sclerosis: New Stem Cell Treatment May Curb Disease Before It Gets Worse

Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation may stop multiple sclerosis in its tracks before it gets messy. How is it possible and what are the risks involved?

Medicine February 26, 2017

Experimental Malaria Vaccine Can Protect People From Multiple Strains

Researchers have found an experimental vaccine that could protect the human body against two strains of malaria. The PfSPZ vaccine generates immune responses for further protection in the human body.

Medicine February 21, 2017

Chicago Teen With Pulmonary Fibrosis Gets Rare Heart And Lung Transplant

Spencer Kolman underwent a heart-lung transplant after he was diagnosed of pulmonary fibrosis. Doctors are optimistic that the 15-year-old teen's life would improve substantially after his surgery.

Medicine February 20, 2017

Life-Transforming Face Transplant At Mayo Clinic Gives Wyoming Man A Second Chance At Life

Using 3D virtual surgery and imaging, doctors at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota performed a successful face transplant to give a man from Wyoming his second chance at life.

Medicine February 18, 2017

Appendicitis In Kids Can Be Treated With Antibiotics, Reveals New Study

A new study reveals that appendicitis in children may be treated effectively through antibiotics, instead of them undergoing a surgery. The researchers are conducting a year-long feasibility trial to gain a deeper insight.

Medicine February 18, 2017

Vitamin D Supplement Can Protect You From Cold, Flu

Vitamin D supplements can reportedly protect one from catching the flu or a cold. The vitamin helps protect people against acute infections in the respiratory tract.

Medicine February 16, 2017

Doctors' Frequent Opioid Prescriptions Linked To Long-Term Use In Patients: Study

A new study suggests the frequency of opioid prescriptions by doctors is linked to higher chances of long-term opioid use in patients. Researchers say much stricter guidelines on opioid prescriptions are needed.

Medicine February 16, 2017

Robert De Niro, RFK Jr Offering $100000: You Have To Prove Vaccines Are Safe

Renowned Actor Robert De Niro along with Robert F. Kennedy Jr has offered $100,000 to anyone who can prove vaccines are safe. The announcement was made in a press conference held on Feb.15.

Medicine February 16, 2017

Muscular Dystrophy Drug Price Jumps From $1,200 To $89,000 After FDA Approval

FDA approved an old muscular dystrophy drug sold overseas at $1,200 per year. The drug deflazacort will be sold in the U.S. for $89,000.

Medicine February 13, 2017

Grandma Charged After Baby Overdoses On Methadone

A grandmother in Maryland has been charged with child abuse and other raps when her 1-year-old grandson was rushed to the hospital for signs of poisoning. The incident was deemed a case of methadone overdose.

Medicine February 13, 2017

Corticosteroid Emflaza Receives FDA Approval As Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

A new drug approved by the FDA has been shown to delay loss of walking ability for patients diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Emflaza is marketed by Marathon Pharmaceuticals.

Medicine February 10, 2017

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