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Google Chrome has finally KO'd IE in U.S. Weep, Microsoft

Google reached a market share of 31.8 percent over Microsoft's 30.9 percent. The rise of usage of Google's browsers can be attributed to the increase in popularity of mobile browsing.

Apps/Software June 9, 2014

Canon Irista is your cloud-based storage for photos

Irista is limited to being able to accept only photographs. However, this limitation will allow Canon to focus on photo-specific features that other cloud-based online services don't offer.

Business Tech June 9, 2014

Kinect v2 for Windows now available for pre-order, ships in July

The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor, being sold to developers for $199, will ship in July. Developers will be able to create Windows Store apps ahead of the sensor's availability to the general public.

Gadgets June 9, 2014

Sony Smartband sells for $99 in U.S. but it only loves Android devices

The Sony Smartband SWR10 goes beyond the usual features of physical activity trackers. It records all the precious details of daily life through its companion Lifelog app.

Gadgets June 9, 2014

'Tetris' turns 30: How Zeigarnik effect made the game a global success

'Tetris' retains its popularity despite its age. It uses the 'Zeigarnik effect,' which takes advantage of how people have a better memory of incomplete tasks.

Video Games June 8, 2014

iWatch is real and may debut in October. Really?

Two sources are claiming that production for the iWatch is already planned, with an expected debut later this year. It will most likely be introduced alongside the iPhone 6.

Wearable Tech June 8, 2014

Hello, Pepper. Can you read my mood today?

Pepper is a humanoid robot that can read and respond to human emotions, learning its behavior over time. It will be sold in Japan next year starting February for $1,900.

Business June 7, 2014

LinkedIn gives Premium Accounts a facelift, now look like Facebook

LinkedIn introduces several aesthetic and functionality improvements for premium users. LinkedIn also introduced a new type of premium membership that is more affordable compared to all its other membership options.

Business Tech June 7, 2014

E3 2014: What to expect from Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and game publishers

This year's E3 will focus on software for the top three gaming consoles. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are set to announce the latest games for the PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One.

Video Games June 7, 2014

LG G3 sales in South Korea hit 100,000 mark in just five days

Sales figures for the G3 are crushing that of Samsung's Galaxy S5, which sold only 7,000 to 8,000 units in South Korea on its first week. The G3 will reach the U.S. within the month.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 6, 2014

Tinder launches Moments app, aims disappearance of Snapchat

Photos shared through Moments can be edited with filters and additional drawings and text. Users can give photos swipes to "nope" or "like" them.

Apps/Software June 6, 2014

Alibaba eyes Aug. 8 IPO, prepares employees for opening of cash floodgates

Alibaba's value could reach as high as $152 billion in the IPO, with a windfall of around $40.6 billion potentially being distributed among the company's employees. The August 8 target for the IPO is still not set in stone.

Business June 5, 2014

UK gets Ariel Atom, the fastest police car. Pray now, criminals.

The Ariel Atom police car is based on the Ariel Atom 3.5R, which has a maximum speed of 155 mph. The vehicle will be used to promote the Avon and Somerset police force's Project Safer Rider campaign.

FUTURE TECH June 5, 2014

Intel: No need for PC cables by 2016

Intel already has a plan in place for wireless PC systems. The company will use various systems and technologies to create reference designs for manufacturers.

Computers June 5, 2014

'Mortal Kombat X' is no longer a rumor, scheduled for release 2015

The tenth installment of the brutal fighting series looks to build upon the success of Mortal Kombat 2011. More details on the game will be announced in next week's E3 2014.

Video Games June 5, 2014

Kickstarter simplifies rules, rolls out Launch Now feature

The two changes rolled out by Kickstarter will make it easier for people to get their projects published on the crowdfunding website. Kickstarter campaigns have collectively raised over $1 billion.

Business Tech June 5, 2014

Google's high-tech Loon Balloon doesn't stay high enough, crashes into power lines

The crash has damaged a power pole and cut off electricity to homes near the site of the incident. The balloon was launched from Nevada, where Google is carrying out its tests for Project Loon.

Internet June 4, 2014

Intel unveils Broadwell-based Llama Mountain prototype tablet

The Llama Mountain uses the soon-to-be-released Core M processor. The prototype is meant to showcase the capabilities of the processor to OEMs.

Computers June 4, 2014

Google adds 64-bit support for Chrome, promises better stability and security

The 64-bit version is available for Chrome's Dev and Canary channels. It is not yet available for the mainstream stable version of Chrome.

Computers June 4, 2014

Eyes on the road: Automatic for Android gets Do not Disturb, Crash Alert features

The Automatic for Android app is designed to work with the Automatic Link device. The app is now available in the Google Play Store, and the Automatic Link device can be purchased for $99.

Apps/Software June 4, 2014

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