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Flood Damage From Storms Could Double Without Coral Reefs

Coral reefs act as natural breakwaters that can reduce flooding from storms. Damages from flooding could rise by $4 billion without coral reefs. Which countries can gain the most from proper reef management?

Earth/Environment June 13, 2018

Free Office Food Is Making US Employees Fat: How To Resist Unhealthy Snacks At Work

American employees tend to consume office food that are high in calories and not aligned with dietary recommendations. Here are ways to avoid unhealthy food at work, including the sweet treats and cakes served on birthdays.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

Mysterious Moon Warming Caused By NASA's Apollo Astronauts: Here's How Space Missions Can Affect Planet Mars

The warming of the moon in the 1970s is caused by NASA's Apollo astronauts who disrupted the regolith on the lunar surface. How can space missions affect planet Mars and potential Martian life?

Space June 11, 2018

Pit Bull Puppy Saves Family From Fire, Tries To Drag Baby Outside By Diaper

The family's pet dog Sasha barked 'like crazy' when fire broke out in the building. The pit bull also attempted to save the baby by dragging her off her bed by diaper.

Animals June 11, 2018

Planets Orbiting Alpha Centauri Stars Not Bombarded By X-Ray Radiation Hazardous To Life

Any planets orbiting two of the stars of Alpha Centauri are not likely bombarded by hazardous x-ray radiation. Planets located in Alpha Centauri A's habitable zone would receive a lower dose of x-rays than similar solar system planets orbiting the sun.

Space June 11, 2018

Carboxytherapy: New Technique Reduces Belly Fat With Carbon Dioxide Injection

The first trial to assess the effectiveness of carboxytherapy showed that injecting carbon dioxide can reduce fat around the stomach. How does this new noninvasive fat reduction technique works?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 10, 2018

Your Kitchen Towels Could Be Contaminated With Bacteria From Human Feces And Cause Food Poisoning

Kitchen towels may harbor dangerous bacteria such as E. coli from human feces that can cause food poisoning. Which families are at greater risk of using contaminated towels?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 10, 2018

Tyson Foods Recalls 3,000 Pounds Of Frozen Chicken Products Due To Plastic Contamination

Tyson Foods recalled frozen breaded chicken products sold to food service establishments that are potentially contaminated with pieces of blue and clear soft plastic. These are the products affected by the recall.

Public Health June 10, 2018

Magnetic Fields Detected In 'Pillars Of Creation' Shed Light On How Stars Form

Subtle magnetic fields were discovered in the Pillars of Creation, a structure of cosmic dust and gas that form part of the Eagle Nebula. What does the discovery tell about star formation?

Space June 10, 2018

3,000-Year-Old Sculpted Head Found In Ancient Israel City Depicts Biblical King

A sculpture found in an ancient city in Israel could be depicting King Hazael of Aram-Damascus, King Ahab of Israel, or King Ethbaal of Tyre although there are other candidates. What hinted scholars the figurine represents royalty?

Ancient June 10, 2018

NASA's New Horizons Wakes Up To Explore Primitive World Beyond Pluto: What Is Ultima Thule?

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is now headed for a new mission to explore a primitive Kuiper Belt object located a billion miles beyond dwarf planet Pluto. What do scientists currently know about the flyby target Ultima Thule?

Space June 9, 2018

Alien Apocalypse: Model Reveals How Climate Change Impacts Energy-Intense Civilizations

Using a computer model based on a lost civilization in Easter Island, researchers predicted what could happen to energy-intense alien civilizations like ours. Three of the trajectories ended in the apocalypse.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2018

NASA Uses Gold To Direct Heat Away From Science Instruments Of James Webb Telescope

NASA engineers are installing the gold baffles that can direct heat away from the sensitive instruments of the James Webb Space Telescope. Here's why the baffles and the mirrors of the Hubble Space Telescope successor have gold.

Space June 7, 2018

New Theory About Trans-Neptunian Objects Fails To Completely Debunk Planet Nine

A new theory suggests gravity of smaller space debris could explain the strange orbits of Sedna and other trans-Neptunian objects. Here's why it failed to debunk the existence of Planet Nine.

Space June 7, 2018

Animals Talk To Each Other And Take Turns During Conversation

Just like humans, other species, which include birds and dolphins, take turns during a conversation. Timing is a key aspect of turn-taking communication in the animal kingdom. Animals follow “overlap avoidance.”

Animals June 6, 2018

Hepatitis A Linked To Recalled Frozen Pomegranate Arils Kills 64-Year-Old Woman

A woman in Australia who contracted hepatitis A virus from a recalled packet of frozen pomegranate arils died on Wednesday. Most people who contract the liver disease get well. Who are at risk of liver failure and death?

Public Health June 6, 2018

Dinosaur Skeleton Sold For $2.3 Million At Paris Auction May Belong To New Theropod Species

The remains of the unknown theropod were found by an unnamed group of paleontologists in 2013. What are the features that suggest the skeleton belonged to a new species of dinosaur?

Animals June 5, 2018

Large Hadron Collider Experiments At CERN Spot Higgs Boson And Top Quark Together

Through the CMS and ATLAS experiments at CERN's LHC, scientists were finally able to measure for the first time the direct interaction between the Higgs boson and top quark, two of the heaviest elementary particles. The relationship may lead to physics beyond the Standard Model.

Energy June 5, 2018

American Cancer Society Recommends Earlier Colorectal Cancer Screening Amid Rising Diagnoses Among Millennials And Gen X

Cases of colorectal cancer is on the rise among people below 50 years old. In response to this, the American Cancer Society recommended a new age those with average risk should get screened for the disease.

Public Health June 5, 2018

Lions, Tigers, And A Jaguar Missing In German Zoo After Storm

The public was advised to stay indoors after big cats were thought to have escaped from their enclosures at a German zoo after a storm. A bear that escaped was shot dead.

Animals June 4, 2018

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