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Mordor Under The Sea: Hidden Volcanic Landscape In Australia Looks Straight Out Of Tolkien Books

An underwater landscape in Australia is reminiscent of Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels. Such hidden underwater landscapes have been difficult to study before because of their inaccessibility.

Earth/Environment January 21, 2018

Does Tamiflu Cause Hallucinations? 11-Year-Old Saw 'Portal To Hell' After Taking It

Does Tamiflu really have psychiatric side effects? An 11-year-old's hallucination of the portal to hell is just one of the growing numbers of Tamiflu-related hallucination reports.

Medicine January 20, 2018

Proof Of Ancient Scandal Or Of Gender Equal Society? Two Mummy Brothers Do Not Have The Same Father

Researchers found that the famous Egyptian Two Brothers had the same mother but had different fathers. It is possible that their mother was the one who was of high social standing?

Ancient January 20, 2018

LOOK: This Thin Electronic Skin Let's You Move Virtual Objects Just By Moving Your Hand

A newly developed electronic skin lets its user manipulate virtual objects easily with the help of magnetic field sensors. It could pave the way for less bulky augmented and virtual reality systems.

Feature | Science January 20, 2018

World's Largest Underwater Cave System Discovered In Yucatan Peninsula

Explorers found a connection between two of the world's largest underwater caves located in the Yucatan Peninsula. Sac Actun has now overtaken Ox Bel Ha as the world's largest underwater cave.

Earth/Environment January 20, 2018

Coca Cola Sets New 2030 Recycling Goals To Cut Packaging Waste

Coca-Cola has announced its plans to take one bottle for recycling for each one that it sells. The initiative is a part of the company's global vision for a waste-free world.

Earth/Environment January 20, 2018

Family, Lawyer Of Woman Left On The Street By Hospital Staff Speak Out

A woman's ordeal after being left on the street by hospital staff highlighted the problem of patient dumping. Her family says her case also highlights a failed mental health care system.

Public Health January 19, 2018

Kilopower: NASA Testing Nuclear Power System For Future Surface Missions

Kilopower is on its way to changing the future of exploration missions in space. The nuclear power source can provide 10 kilowatts of continuous energy for 10 years or more.

Space January 19, 2018

CTE Triggered By Hits To Head, Not Just Concussions: Study

CTE is a degenerative brain disease often associated with athletes and veterans. A new study finds that hits to the head, not concussions, trigger CTE.

Neuroscience January 19, 2018

How Much Alcohol Can You Drink With Lower Drunk Driving Threshold?

A not-so-new recommendation suggests lowering the drunk driving threshold from 0.08 to 0.05 percent BAC. Under the recommendation, is there a way to know how much drinking is alright?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 19, 2018

Keep Pedaling: Cycling Is Not Harmful To Male Sexual And Urinary Function

A new study finds that contrary to previous reports, cycling actually has no negative impacts on the male sexual and urinary health. In fact, high-intensity cyclists even had higher erectile function scores than low-intensity cyclists.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 14, 2018

First Alien Sighting of 2018? Vertical UFO Spotted In Mexico

Did we just have the first alien sighting of 2018? An oddly-shaped object hovering in the sky was captured on video and UFO enthusiasts are abuzz.

Space January 14, 2018

Doctors Want The White House Physician To Evaluate The President's Mental Health, Pen Urgent Letter

A group of doctors urged the White House chief physician to also check on the President's mental and cognitive well-being during his recent checkup. This is not the first time doctors were concerned about the President's mental health.

Medicine January 14, 2018

Writing A To-Do List Before Bed Helps You Fall Asleep Faster: Study

Researchers found that writing a to-do list before bed can help you fall asleep faster. The act of writing things down seems to be the key ingredient in putting a pin on stress and worry.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 13, 2018

Video Of Patient 'Dumped' On Street Stirs Anger: Patient Dumping Is Still A Problem

A woman was left by hospital staff at a freezing bus stop wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Her story highlights the ongoing problem with patient dumping even with the EMTALA.

Public Health January 13, 2018

Was A Humpback Whale Knowingly Trying To Protect A Diver From Shark Attack?

A marine biologist's exceptional close encounter with a humpback whale has many amazed and others skeptical. Were the whale's motive purely altruistic or something else altogether?

Animals January 12, 2018

Downsized Genome Helped Flowering Plants Conquer The World

How did flowering plants take the reins from conifers and ferns in the battle for dominance millions of years ago? A new research may have the key to Charles Darwin's "abominable mystery."

Earth/Environment January 12, 2018

Fossil Of Turkey-Sized Dinosaur Found In 113-Million-Year-Old Rocks In Australia

The partial skeleton of a turkey-sized dinosaur were found at a site in Australia. The dinosaur appeared to be tangled in a log-jam, suggesting it roamed in a forested environment.

Ancient January 12, 2018

New Species Of Cannibal Pelican Spiders Discovered In Madagascar

Pelican spiders are a part of the 'Lazarus' taxon because they were thought to be extinct before they were found alive. In Madagascar, 18 species of the cannibalistic pelican spiders have been newly described.

Animals January 11, 2018

Coffee, Anyone? This DIY Coffee Enema Is Goop's Latest Detox Recommendation

Colon cleanses have become popular of late, but Goop is taking it one step further. Its at-home coffee enema is the latest recommendation for beauty and wellness.

Public Health January 7, 2018

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