PETA is now under fire after it criticized the Google doodle celebrating Steve Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday. Many immediately came to Irwin’s defense, citing his conservation works.

Google Doodle

On Feb. 22, Google celebrated the 57th birthday of the late wildlife conservationist Irwin through a Google Doodle. In six images, Google honored the life and legacy of Irwin, who was also known as “the crocodile hunter” because of the television show he hosted and because of his fearlessness when it comes to large reptiles.

However, PETA shared its dislike of the Google doodle in a tweet, saying that it was sending a “dangerous” and “fawning” message.

Naturally, many people immediately came to Irwin’s defense, with most of them citing the many things that Irwin and his family has done for wildlife conservation. Some even criticized the organization for being “disrespectful,” and demanded it to apologize to the family.

Steve Irwin

Born in 1962, Steve Irwin learned to wrangle crocodiles by the age of nine and eventually volunteered for an organization that captured and relocated endangered saltwater crocodiles to protect them from harm. He managed his family’s park, which eventually became Australia Zoo, and became famous because of his hit television show.

The show presented Irwin and his entire family’s love and enthusiasm in saving endangered animals even if some of them are rather dangerous. Apart from that, he is also credited with the discovery of a new species of snapping turtle, which was eventually named Elseya irwini.

After his death, his family continued his conservation work and are still working to educate people about wildlife.

Every Nov. 15 is Steve Irwin Day, which celebrates wildlife, family, and fun.

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