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Tiangong-1 Spacecraft: Out-Of-Control Chinese Space Station May Slam Into European Countries Next Year

China's Tiangong-1 spacecraft is expected to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere in the coming months and hit several European countries. The European Space Agency will be hosting a test campaign to increase prediction accuracies for the crash.

Space November 10, 2017

Psychedelic Drink Used By Shamans May Help Treat Mental Illness

There is a growing body of literature suggesting the merits of psychedelic drug use in psychiatric treatments. New research finds that ayahuasca users report better general well-being compared to LSD or magic mushroom users, and non-psychedelic users.

Neuroscience November 10, 2017

Wolf-Sized Prehistoric Otter Could Have Been Predator With Powerful Bite

Researchers find that a wolf-sized ancient otter could have been a powerful predator. The creatures' jaw strength is six times stronger than the researchers expected for its size.

Animals November 10, 2017

Trans Women Could Get A Uterus Transplant: Fertility Expert

An expert has reportedly stated the plausibility of pregnancy for trans women by way of a uterus transplant. Few transgender individuals get fertility preservation information prior to transitioning.

Medicine November 5, 2017

Animals Are Evolving Because Of Human Cities: Study

Research finds that urbanization has forced some creatures to evolve rapidly and adapt to their new environment. The results of the study serve as a wake-up call for more responsible urban development.

Animals November 5, 2017

T-Rex's Short Arms Could Have Been Used For 'Vicious' Slashing

What was the real purpose for the T-Rex's distinctive short forearms? A paleontologist believes that more than just being a remnant of evolution, the forearms were likely used to viciously slash the T-Rex's victims.

Animals November 5, 2017

Lefty Or Righty? Research Finds Bees Also Have Flight Preferences

Researchers found that bees could prefer the left or right side. When faced with equal-sized tunnels, 45 percent of the bees displayed individual preferences.

Animals November 4, 2017

Lone Male Mammoths More Risk-Taking, Fell Into More Traps Than Females

Researchers find that 7 out of 10 woolly mammoth remains from Siberia were of males. This suggests a matriarchal social structure of mammoths, much like modern-day elephants.

Ancient November 3, 2017

Having Unwanted Thoughts? Scientists Found The Brain Chemical Responsible

Scientists found that a chemical called GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for suppressing unwanted thoughts. Participants with low hippocampal GABA were less able to suppress unwanted thoughts.

Neuroscience November 3, 2017

Aliens Could Look More Like Humans Than We Think

Astrobiology researchers often make predictions about alien life with respect to Earth's composition. Using the evolutionary theory, researchers of a new study provide unique insight into what aliens might look like.

Space November 3, 2017

Childhood Spanking Can Lead To Mental Health Problems In Adulthood

Researchers found an association between childhood spanking and mental health problems in adulthood. Among the respondents, men and minorities were more likely to have experienced childhood spanking.

Public Health November 3, 2017

Human Use Of Brainpower Not As Unique As Previously Thought

About 25 percent of the human body's energy usage is reserved for the brain. This is often seen as a characteristic unique to humans, but new research finds that some animals also allot large amounts of energy for brainpower.

Neuroscience November 2, 2017

Puppy Saved After Accidental Opioid Overdose: What To Do If It Happens To Your Pet

A puppy was saved by veterinarians from accidental opioid overdose with the help of an overdose reversal drug. What are the symptoms of opioid poisoning in pets?

Public Health October 29, 2017

Look Up! It's 'International Observe The Moon Night'

Since 2010, every person on the planet has been invited to participate in International Observe the Moon Night, usually celebrated in the fall. Experts say the best views of the moon will be at the 'terminator.'

Space October 29, 2017

NASA Twins Study: Space Travel Alters Gene Expression 'Like Fireworks'

Preliminary results of NASA's Twins Study showed that space travel results in an explosion of alterations in gene expression. Identical twin brothers and astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly are at the forefront of this first-of-its-kind study.

Space October 29, 2017

Climate Change Is Causing Critically Endangered Lemurs To Starve

Researchers find that the greater bamboo lemurs of Madagascar resort to eating hard culm when the rain doesn't come and bamboo doesn't grow. Their habitats are also threatened by massive deforestation.

Animals October 29, 2017

Eating Alone Can Be Bad For Your Health

Eating alone has been more prominent in recent years. Researchers find that the practice ups the risk for metabolic syndrome, and the effects are more prominent among men.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 28, 2017

LOOK: This 6000-Year-Old Human Skull Belonged To Oldest Known Tsunami Victim

An ancient skull found in Papua New Guinea in 1929 is believed to be the world's oldest known tsunami victim. Where is the rest of its body?

Ancient October 28, 2017

Man With 3-Foot Penis Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery

A young man from Kenya finally got a life-changing surgery to reduce and remodel his enlarged penis and testicles. Elephantiasis does not just lead to physical deformity, but also poor mental health and social stigma.

Medicine October 28, 2017

Here Are The Infant Formula And Baby Food Products Found Positive For Toxic Chemicals

A recent report by non-profit organization Clean Label Project showed that some of the top-selling and emerging baby food products tested positive for toxic chemicals such as arsenic. Over 500 products were tested and rated from best to worst.

Public Health October 27, 2017

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