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Deadly Fungal Disease Threatens Snake Populations Across The Globe

A deadly fungal disease is threatening the population of snakes worldwide. The disease has already affected 23 snake species in the United States and three snake species in Europe.

Animals December 22, 2017

Rub-On Contraceptive Gel For Men Set For 2018 Clinical Trial

The male contraceptive to be tested in 2018 is a rub-on gel that's expected to reduce sperm production. The gel is made to be rubbed on the upper arm and shoulder, not on genitals.

Medicine December 22, 2017

'Pill Mill': Doctor Indicted For Distributing 2.7 Million Opioids, Causing Five Overdose Deaths

A doctor has been indicted by the federal government for operating a "pill mill." He allegedly distributed millions of opioids, which led to five overdose deaths.

Public Health December 22, 2017

Italian Family Can't Feel Pain Because Of Rare Gene Mutation

Members of a family in Italy can get injured without feeling any pain because their nerves don't work the way they should. Their genetic mutation could lead to new pain management treatments.

Medicine December 17, 2017

Need For Sleep: Fruit Flies May Help Reveal Why Some Need More Sleep Than Others

How long do we really need to sleep to remain healthy? With the help of fruit flies, researchers saw the genetic differences between long and short sleepers and found little differences in their life spans.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 17, 2017

Japanese Monkeys' Sexual Interaction With Deer Could Be For Practice Or Culture: Study

Researchers found that Japanese macaques at Minoo in Japan engage in sexual behaviors toward deer. It's possible that they do it for sex practice or as a cultural practice.

Animals December 16, 2017

Obsessed With Taking Selfies? A New Test May Check If You Have 'Selfitis'

Is "selfitis" a hoax, or is it a real mental disorder? What started as a news article in 2014 could very well be an actual mental disorder marked by obsessive selfie-taking.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 16, 2017

1 In 6 UK Parents Let Teens Drink Alcohol

New research finds that 17 percent of UK parents let their early adolescent children to consume alcohol. Experts see the need to re-educate parents on the potential dangers of drinking.

Public Health December 16, 2017

'Youthquake' Named Word Of The Year 2017: It's Confusing But It Makes Sense

'Youthquake' is 2017's Word of the Year, beating words like 'white fragility' and 'unicorn.' Not a lot of people are familiar with youthquake, but it's something that could hopefully continue into 2018.

Life & Style December 16, 2017

Engineers Create Glowing Plants That May Replace Lamps

MIT engineers successfully created glowing plants with the help of the enzymes that make fireflies glow. The development could one day lead to more sustainable lighting methods.

Energy December 16, 2017

Main Ingredient In Medical Marijuana Not Toxic Or Addicting: WHO Report

A WHO report states that CBD, one of the main compounds in the cannabis plant, as non-addictive and non-toxic. As such, a more comprehensive review of cannabis is expected to be made in May 2018.

Public Health December 15, 2017

Fertility Doctor Who Inseminated Patients With Own Sperm Won't Face Jail Time

DNA tests revealed that a fertility specialist donated his own sperm to inseminate his clients. Though it is not illegal in Indiana, he lied to investigators and donated sperm more than what he stated to clients.

Public Health December 15, 2017

A 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark Might Just Be The World's Oldest Living Vertebrate

Did this team of scientists just find the oldest living vertebrate in the world? Age and size aside, Greenland sharks are special and mysterious creatures for various reasons.

Animals December 15, 2017

World's Oldest Eye Discovered In 530-Million-Year-Old Trilobite Fossil

The fossilized remains of a 530-million-year-old trilobite was found to contain the world's oldest preserved eyes ever discovered. Amazingly, researchers found merely small diferences betwen primitive and modern eyes.

Ancient December 9, 2017

Heartbreaking Video Shows Starving Polar Bear Looking For Food In Ice-less Land

A biologist and photographer shared a video of a bony, starving polar bear looking for food on ice-less land. It serves as a reminder that polar bears are already experiencing the consequences of rising temperatures.

Animals December 9, 2017

First Black Astronaut Honored On 50th Death Anniversary

Although he was unknown for 30 years after his death, Major Robert H. Lawrence Jr. is recognized as NASA's first black astronaut. After his death, other African Americans went on to become notable NASA figures.

Space December 9, 2017

Surgeon Sued For Talking On Phone During Surgery

A surgeon is being sued for inappropriate behavior after taking a language proficiency test over the phone during an operation. The doctor has since admitted to his mistake.

Medicine December 8, 2017

LOOK: This Prehistoric Horseshoe Crab Fossil Looks Like Darth Vader's Helmet

A recently discovered horseshoe crab fossil was named after Darth Vader because of the creature's resemblance to the 'Star Wars' character's helmet. Despite their names, horseshoe crabs are more closely related to spiders than crabs.

Animals December 8, 2017

'Freeze-Flee' Response: Narwhals' Confused Response Could Cost Them Their Lives

Narwhals are often called the 'unicorn of the sea' because of the long tusks protruding from their heads. New research finds that human interference in their habitats are making them particularly vulnerable.

Animals December 8, 2017

Woman Got Crescent Eye Damage After 'Great American Eclipse': Case Report

A woman from New York incurred a crescent-shaped eye damage after watching the total solar eclipse last August. Her left eye suffers from solar retinopathy, a rare injury often reported after an eclipse.

Public Health December 8, 2017

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