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Solar Storm Headed Towards Earth Expected To Reach Planet Today, Feb. 16

The sun reportedly unleashed a solar flare on Sunday, Feb. 11, causing a solar storm. The Earth is expected to be affected by the storm today, Feb. 16.

Space February 16, 2018

Robots Can Produce Handwritten Notes In Case You Can’t Be Bothered

Robots can now hold a pen to make handwritten notes for more personal notes. In case penmanship is a difficult issue to get over, robots are able to write those notes.

Robotics February 15, 2018

Social Media Brings Us Inside Parkland, Florida Shooting

Students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida took their smartphones out and showed a glimpse of the ordeal and panic inside the school during the shooting. They were trapped as the suspect entered the school.

Viral February 15, 2018

Brazilian Gang Holds Medical Staff Hostage To Vaccinate Poor Neighborhood Against Yellow Fever

A Brazilian gang helped out a neighborhood by taking into hostage two medical professionals. The gang forced the staff to vaccinate the entire neighborhood against yellow fever.

Medicine February 15, 2018

Soda Can Reduce Chances Of Getting Pregnant, Study Says

A new study shows that chances of conceiving a child can be cut down by having too many sugary drinks. This goes for both men and women.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 15, 2018

Hawaii Bill Seeks To Regulate Loot Boxes Including Barring Sale To Those Under 21

Loot boxes are a sore spot for gamers after all the controversy were caused by popular games late last year. Hawaii is now seeking to regulate the practice with a new bill.

Video Games February 15, 2018

Flying Car Test Goes Wrong; Car Crashes Shortly After Take-Off

A test for the SkyRunner flying car went wrong after it crashed into a building just moments after take-off. No one died during the crash.

Viral February 15, 2018

Mother Gives Daughter Bleach Drink Made From Hydrochloric Acid And Chlorine To Cure Autism

An Indiana mother is being accused of giving her daughter bleach to cure her autism. The father says that she found the cure on Facebook.

Public Health February 14, 2018

Mining For Cryptocurrency Is Interfering With The Search For Alien Life

Researchers are struggling to get the right computing power due to cryptocurrency mining. The lack of power is hindering further research into alien life.

Space February 14, 2018

Salon Wants To Get Rid Of Ads By Asking Users To Mine Cryptocurrency Instead

Salon has a new strategy of dealing with people who block ads on the website. It's offering a new choice, get rid of ads and instead mine cryptocurrency for Salon.

Internet February 13, 2018

AccuWeather Makes Error Sending Tsunami Warnings Across East Coast

A false tsunami warning was sent out throughout the East Coast Tuesday morning (Feb. 6). There was an issue with the AccuWeather app that was supposed be conducting a test.

Earth/Environment February 13, 2018

Boston Dynamics' Spotmini Robot Can Now Open Doors

Boston Dynamics' robots are advancing at a rapid pace as the Spotmini can now open doors. A reality in which we become like the world of 'Terminator' is getting closer.

Robotics February 13, 2018

YouTube CEO Tells Facebook To 'Get Back To Baby Pictures'

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki goes after Facebook after she's questioned about the social media website's video ambitions. Wojcicki tells Facebook to stay in their lane.

Google February 13, 2018

Powerful Antibiotic Found In Dirt Could Kill Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Researchers have discovered a new a potentially new antibiotic that's very powerful. This could help against drug-resistant bacteria that the health sector is struggling against.

Medicine February 13, 2018

Lions In South Africa Eat Suspected Poacher Leaving Only Head

A suspected poacher in South Africa was eaten by the lions that he was trying to hunt. Body parts of the poacher were found around the area.

Animals February 13, 2018

Man's Heart Condition Makes Him Forget His Wife Is 9 Months Pregnant

A man's serious heart condition was found out to be more than just a matter of the heart. The condition affected his memory so much that he forgot his wife was nine months pregnant.

Medicine February 13, 2018

Snapchat Puts Snap Maps Online For Everyone, People Still Hate Redesign

Snapchat added the Snap Maps feature online. Now everyone can view stories without having to go to the app. Stories can be viewed online without having to sign in.

Apps/Software February 12, 2018

Man Goes In For Surgery Ends Up With Two Hearts

Doctors had to perform an obscure procedure to save a man’s life during a heart transplant. The man now has two hearts instead of one.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 12, 2018

Nokia Still Working After Being Thrown Through Police Car Window

A Nokia phone was thrown at a police car in England and managed to remain undamaged. The phone also did no harm to the police car.

Viral February 12, 2018

Xerox Engineers Claim Drop in Chicago Crime Rate Due To Unclogged Printers

Xerox engineers are taking credit for a drop in the crime rate in Chicago during the mid '90s. By reducing paper jams in printers, lawyers' work became more efficient.

Viral February 12, 2018

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