Sony is still in hot water with gamers over blocking cross-play between players on other consoles. Microsoft and Nintendo have taken the opportunity to remind gamers out there that cross-play exists on other systems.

Nintendo and Microsoft released ad an that highlights cross-play of Minecraft on the Switch and Xbox One.

Microsoft And Nintendo Shame Sony

Taking advantage of the weakened position Sony is in after releasing a statement that said nothing but defended its position on the cross-platform play, Nintendo and Microsoft shame the company without having to name it. Both companies made the commercial features the capabilities of being able to play Minecraft on both systems at the same time.

In the commercial, two players can be seen in a split screen. One side has a woman holding an Xbox One controller while the other side shows a boy holding a Nintendo Switch controller. Both are looking intently. They're both playing Minecraft from different locations and on different systems.

The tagline at the end of the commercial shows a split screen representing both systems. One green and one red which flashes the words create, explore, and survive on the green side and together on the red side.

It's an unusual move for console rivals to advertise together but it's more a jab a Sony than anything else. The company has come under criticism from players for blocking the use of Fortnite accounts on other systems.

Sony Cross Play Issues

Other games such as Fortnite and Rocket League also offer cross-play and players are able to play with friends on other systems. Sony is the only major console that completely bars cross-play from happening.

In response to the recent controversy regarding Fortnite cross-play, Sony released a statement. In the statement Jim Ryan, head of global sales and marketing for PlayStation says that the PlayStation environment is carefully curated. He adds that at PlayStation they don't want to expose children to an environment that could feature external influences.

Sony Online Entertainment's former chief executive John Smedley suggested that the real reason behind Sony blocking cross-play was money. In a tweet, Smedley summed up the reason as entirely being about money. Sony doesn't like that stuff purchased on other consoles could potentially be used on a PlayStation. This is why player's Fortnite accounts can't be used on other systems.

Smedley added that continuing to pressure the company to reverse its position will make it go away.

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