Prior to E3, Bungie is revealing the details of the upcoming expansion titled Forsaken. Forsaken is the largest of Destiny 2's expansion and Bungie revealed a lot about the new DLC which was accompanied by a ViDoc.

Bungie revealed where it would take place but stopped short of announcing what the story will be about.

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Before the live stream, Bungie posted a teaser video of a guardian with Cayde-6 in the Reef. The teaser was for the live stream where Bungie revealed a large number of details about the upcoming expansion. It started by showing a 10-minute ViDoc on the expansion which detailed many of the upcoming changes to Destiny 2.

The story of Forsaken will take place in the Reef which hasn't been explored since the original Destiny's House of Wolves expansion. It deals with capturing eight Fallen Barons who have escaped the Prison of Elders. Players will be exploring a new location in the Reef called the Tangled Shore which will host enemies. Developers said that they wanted it to feel gritty and have a western vibe

A new weapon system is going to be added to the game. Developers did say that players will be able to have three shotguns if they choose, meaning any weapon can be added to any slot. Random rolls on weapons were added once again, and they have reworked the mod system. A new weapon type was also added to the game which is a bow and arrow.

New supers will be added to the game just like in the original Destiny's The Taken King expansion. A super with fire knives was seen on the Hunter class, a super with a large hammer was seen on the Titan class, and the Warlock class will get a new super with void abilities that allows teleportation. An arc warlock class was also but Bungie didn't jump into details about specific supers.

A new raid will take place in the Reef in a location called the Dreaming City. It's a destination that was referred to as the homeland of the Awoken. Developers said that it will feature more bosses than all of the other raids. They weren't clear but said that players will change the Dreaming City as they play.

New Game Mode: Gambit

A new game mode that was teased previously is called Gambit. It is a combination of PvP and PvE. Players can see the team that they're playing against and then each team plays in their own arena. They will be attacked by enemies who release motes, these motes are banked and when enough of them are banked a new enemy will arise in the opposite team's arena.

This will block them from being able to collect motes until it is taken out. A player from the team who collected enough motes will be allowed to go into the other arena to take the other players out.

DLCs Out Of The Picture

Unlike the two previous DLC releases, Curse of Osiris and Warmind, Bungie announced that it will be changing the way that content is released in the game. It announced the introduction of an Annual Pass for the game. It was introduced as a premium content release and Bungie went out of its way not to call it a DLC.

Bungie says that each of the new seasons will introduce new activities, endgame content, and new weapons, armor, and gear. It named all three of the seasons in the live stream, Black Armory for winter 2018, Joker's Wild for spring 2019, and Penumbra for summer 2019. It also announced that all three will focus less on stories with cutscenes and the lore will be featured more in-game while the players are playing.

Forsaken will be released sometime in fall 2018.

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