Bungie says that the character Cayde-6 was killed during the story trailer for Destiny 2's new expansion Forsaken. In the trailer, Cayde-6 could be seen in rough shape as he has a gun pointed to his head. Cayde-6 is then shot offscreen.

Fans weren't sure what to think after the trailer was revealed, but now the developers have said that Cayde-6 did die.

Death Of Cayde-6

In the trailer that sets up the story that will take place during the events of the Forsaken DLC, Cayde-6 can be seen in rough shape. His face is beat-up, one of his eyes is barely able to stay lit while his ghost hovers next to him. The ghost can be seen turning to another person that immediately shoots it. This eliminates Cayde-6's ghost from being able to revive him.

The camera then turns to reveal that the person who shot the ghost is Prince Uldren. He has been absent from the game since the first Destiny's The Taken King expansion. He takes off his hood and shoots Cayde-6 in the face offscreen. Uldren is surrounded by Fallen, he possibly had a hand in the escape of the Fallen Barons from the Prison of Elders.

He can then be seen walking away into what looks like Vex portals with the Fallen. After the trailer ends a picture with what looks like a guardian carrying Cayde-6's body.

Is Cayde-6 Really Dead?

Bungie said that it wanted to tell a darker, grittier story about revenge, killing off the character that was the main source of comedy relief would do just that. After the trailer debuted at E3 Scott Taylor and Steve Cotton from Bungie pretty much put the nail in the coffin. Taylor started out by joking about Cayde-6's death then flat out confirmed that Cayde-6 is dead.

Taylor said that the decision to kill-off Cayde was a serious call but a call that they had to make for the players to care about the events of Forsaken. Players will have to track down the Fallen Barons that work with Prince Uldren in the story. Cotton said that the team wanted to make a darker story with higher stakes, killing off Cayde-6 made it personal for the player's character.

When Bungie release Destiny 2 players criticized the number of jokes that were featured in the game. Developers seemed to give Cayde-6 a bigger spotlight and players didn't care for the lighter tone of the game. This does present a problem for Bungie, Cayde-6 was the most well-known character in the game.

Nathan Fillion did a great job injecting personality into what was a literal robot character. Even though the story will be darker, this will leave a hole that no other character seems prepared to step into.

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