Finding It Hard To Assemble IKEA Furniture? Well, Robots Can't Do It Either

Researchers are attempting to build a robot that can assemble a chair from IKEA. Surprisingly the robot is having a hard time.

Robotics October 3, 2015

MIT Built Smarter And Softer Fingers To Pick Up Fragile Objects

To make robots more human-like, MIT has developed robotic fingers that are intelligent enough to anticipate the size and weight of an object, enabling it to pick up very fragile objects without doing them damage.

Robotics September 30, 2015

Drones Collide in Mid-Air for the Aerial Sports League's Quadcopter Game of Drones Combat

The drones used in the Aerial Sports League are made from an indestructible military-grade polymer, thus encouraging mid-air collisions during competition.

Robotics September 30, 2015

Robot Simulates Motion For Virtual Reality... Want To Go On A Ride?

Researchers at Germany's Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (MPI) in Tübingen have developed a new application - a robot that simulates motion for virtual reality environments. Meet the CableRobot simulator.

Robotics September 30, 2015

A Robot Rembrandt Could Be Your Next Surgeon

A college sophmore's painting robot could one day be used to perform surgeries.

Robotics September 28, 2015

A Helping Hand: E-NABLE Organization Builds 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hands For Kids

e-NABLE has 6,300 volunteers who have helped build and fit 1,000 kids across 37 different countries with 3D-printed prosthetic hands. Here, its founder and president, Jon Schull, speaks with Tech Times about their global efforts.

Robotics September 28, 2015

Russian Cockroach Robot Could Save Lives And Spy On People Too

Experts from Russia have unveiled a mini robot that looks and moves like a cockroach and can carry a portable mini camera to help save lives and... spy on you.

Robotics September 28, 2015

Robot Called 'Lucy' Lines Up At Apple Store To Wait For iPhone 6s Release: Because Humans

An Australian woman eager to be among the first to get the latest iPhone 6s has sent a robot to wait in line at a flagship Apple Store so she doesn't have to. Named 'Lucy,' the robot will spend the night there in a special tent, complete with a charger to keep it juiced up.

Robotics September 24, 2015

This Japanese Robot Never Loses A Game Of Rock-Paper-Scissors

It cheats by using a camera and a hyperfast reflex system.

Robotics September 21, 2015

Volvo Developing Robotic Garbage Truck Worker To Assist With Trash Pickup

Volvo is collaborating with the Chalmers University of Technology, Mälardalen University in Sweden, Penn State University and waste-recycling company Renova to develop a robotic trash worker, one which can take direction from a refuse truck driver, collect and empty the trash.

Robotics September 16, 2015

Researchers At MIT Have Finally Found A Way To 3D-Print Glass Effectively

A new system accommodates glass' high-heat requirement and structural versatility during the printing and shaping process.

Robotics September 14, 2015

Sphero's Star Wars BB-8 Droid Now Supports Voice Commands On Android

Android users can now use voice commands for the Sphero BB-8 Droid, which is a robotic ball made in the likeness of the Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens character.

Robotics September 14, 2015

Adafruit's Limor Fried Ushers In A Cool New Age for Hobby Electronics

Not Just For Nerds: Adafruit Industries is infusing new life in the fusty world of hobby electronics.

Robotics September 11, 2015

Star Wars' BB-8 Droid Teardown Gives You An Idea How The Coolest Toy Of The Year Works [Video]

Star Wars' BB-8, deemed the 'coolest toy' this season, aims to wow fanatics. Reports have shared theories as to how the little droid really works.

Robotics September 5, 2015

A Robotic Exoskeleton Allowed This Paralyzed Man To Walk Again

Blind and paralyzed from the waist down, Mark Pollock is fighting to regain some of the physical abilities most people take for granted. By non-invasively stimulating his spine and training his legs using a robotic exoskeleton, Pollock has managed to win back some movement in his legs — and in doing so, became the first paralyzed person to regain this level of control.

Robotics September 2, 2015

According To the FAA, Motorized Paper Airplanes Could Now Be Considered Drones

When Peter Sachs, a lawyer and drone activist, requested an exemption to fly a UAV for commercial purposes, he got it — but the UAV in question is a paper airplane.

Robotics September 1, 2015

Dartmouth's Football Team Using Remote-Controlled Robotic Tackling Dummies

The Ivy League gridiron program has been utilizing two remote-controlled robotic tackling dummies, created by the school's engineering students, in practices. The high-tech dummies were made to reduce the risk of concussions and head and neck injuries.

Robotics August 28, 2015

Is Artificial Intelligence Really A Threat To Humanity?

Artificial Intelligence has long been a concept in things like movies, with evil robots wanting power of their own. However, could this kind of threat ever exist from AI in the real world?

Robotics August 28, 2015

Research Suggests Human Brain Is 30 Times As Powerful As The Best Supercomputers

A team of researchers has designed a new standard for comparing artificial intelligence with the human brain. According to the standard, the world's most powerful supercomputers are 30 times less powerful than the human brain.

Robotics August 26, 2015

RoboHow Is Testing A Robot That Will Help You Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

The PR2 robot is engineered to process and follow written instructions from WikiHow without any preprogramming.

Robotics August 26, 2015

Open Bionics Is Developing A Cheap 3D-Printed Prosthetic Arm

Open Bionics just won a national award to help develop an affordable robotic, 3D-printed prosthetic arm.

Robotics August 25, 2015

This Robotic Limb Could Pave The Way For More Natural Prosthetics

A team of researchers headed by Robert Gregg have developed a robotic limb that uses sensors to stay balanced and apply force passively, making for a much more natural feeling limb. It is hoped that the limb will pave the way for other more natural prosthetics.

Robotics August 21, 2015

MIT's Glass 3D Printer Will Soothe Your Soul

MIT's Mediated Matter Group just posted a video that showcases the printing of optically-transparent glass, and it looks beautiful.

Robotics August 21, 2015

This Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Is Controlled Using Brain Waves

An exoskeleton developed by the Korea University and TU Berlin is controllable through brain waves. The system, while tested on healthy people, could eventually be used to help the disabled.

Robotics August 21, 2015

MegaBots Launches Kickstarter For Ultimate Bot Battle Against Japan

MegaBots Inc., the company that creates battle robots for recreational use and whose video challenge to Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industries went viral, is kickstarting its campaign for the bot battle to end all bot battles. And, with hope and determination, it's also creating a new kind of global sports entertainment.

Robotics August 19, 2015

Boston Dynamics Sends Its Bipedal Robot Atlas Into The Wild

The Google-owned company Boston Dynamics send Atlas, a bipedal robot designed for rescue missions too dangerous for humans, out into the open for the first time.

Robotics August 17, 2015

Axis Drones Introduces A New Quadcopter No Bigger Than A Quarter

The Aerius, a drone produced by the company Axis Drones, is no bigger than a quarter.

Robotics August 14, 2015

Researchers Turn Real World Into Projection Screen To Better Human Interaction With Robots

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a way for robots to tell humans exactly what their next move will be through projectors. The development could allow humans and robots to work more closely together in a way that is safe.

Robotics August 12, 2015

MIT Researchers Give HERMES Robot Human Reflexes: See What It Can Do [Video]

HERMES is a humanoid robot that can perform human movements, with MIT researchers using what is known as balance-feedback interface to control the robot.

Robotics August 13, 2015

MIDI Machine Music: An Interview With Musical Roboticist Eric Singer

As one of the world's leading creators of musical robots and large robotic orchestras, Eric Singer is the go-to guy for experimental music composers, Grammy-caliber performers and world-class arts venues seeking a hassle-free backup band.

Robotics August 11, 2015

This Robot Was Programmed To Escape From Children When Being Bullied

Researchers in Japan programmed a robot to quickly change direction when a group of unsupervised children came into contact with it.

Robotics August 7, 2015

A Drone Delivered Drugs To An Ohio Prison And Sparked A Fight

A drone was recently used to deliver drugs to a prison, prompting a fight among inmates.

Robotics August 5, 2015

Parents Say The Memory Of HitchBOT Will Live On

The creators of the hitchBOT, the Canadian hitchhiking robot that met its demise on the streets of Philadelphia, have posted a message on their website positing what we as humans can learn from the social experiment — but not all are pleased about it.

Robotics August 4, 2015

Sphero's Latest Rolling Robot Is Designed For Students

Sphero's new SPRK Edition robot promises to help teach programming to students.

Robotics August 4, 2015

Empowering Drones With Insectlike Eyes

An ‘artificial eye’ modeled off those of insects could lead to big advances for small drones. The tiny sensors weigh just a couple of milligrams, far smaller than any digital camera that is available today.

Robotics August 3, 2015

New Robotic PlayGround Can Actually Search For Kids To Play With

Most of the time, you have to bring your kids to the playground ... but what if it could come to you? That's the idea behind a mobile robotic playground being developed in London.

Robotics July 31, 2015

New Facial Recognition System Works In The Dark

For years, the biggest hurdle that facial-recognition software has had to overcome is bad lighting. That might not be the case for much longer, thanks to a new, thermal imaging-based system.

Robotics July 27, 2015

Soccer Robot Thor Takes Home 2015 RoboCup Trophy

Robots take soccer as seriously as humans. A robot named Thor has won the 2015 robotic World Cup of soccer, known as the RoboCup, during matches recently held in China.

Robotics July 24, 2015

Searching For Life On Mars With Stephen Gorevan Of Honeybee Robotics

Stephen Gorevan, chairman of Honeybee Robotics, a Brooklyn-based company best known for the work it’s done to equip NASA’s Mars rovers with robotic life-detection components, talks about aerospace technology and the future of space exploration.

Robotics July 23, 2015

‘Smart Wires’ In Bionic Hand Contract The Same Way Natural Muscles Do

A chief goal of prosthetic appendages is to resemble the natural body parts they replace as closely as possible. Equipped with new 'smart wire' technology, this bionic hand mimics the system that natural muscles use to move, allowing it to be more lightweight and flexible.

Robotics July 22, 2015

Study Finds 'Nonnegligible' Number Of Complications During Robotic Surgery, 144 Deaths Since 2000

Researchers have linked 144 deaths and more than 1,000 injuries to robotic surgery over a 14-year period, and suggest areas for improvement.

Robotics July 21, 2015

POTUS Meets Robot Guest In The White House For The First Time

Using Beam Pro, Alice Wong - the founder of the Disability Visibility Project - has become the first person ever to meet POTUS in the form of a robot.

Robotics July 21, 2015

Canada's HitchBOT Begins Its Trek Across The United States, One Ride At A Time

The hitchhiking robot hopes to make it from Boston to San Francisco in one piece.

Robotics July 17, 2015

Robot Swans Swim Singapore River To Test And Monitor The Waters In Real-Time

Researchers will start testing robot swans in the waters of South China that will test and monitor the waters for things like pH level and oxygen to prevent contamination.

Robotics July 13, 2015

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