Paralympian To Use New Bionic Hand Built By SFU Scientists For World's First 'Cybathlon'

Scientists from Simon Fraser University is working to optimize a bionic hand that would allow intuitive control of the prosthesis. The robotic limb will be tested in the inaugural Cybathlon in Zurich this coming October.

Robotics May 6, 2016

NASA's Valkyrie Humanoid Robot Readied For Ride To Mars

The Valyrie humanoid robot developed by NASA looks like a human being. But what is the advatage of humanoid robots in the quest to land on Mars?

Robotics May 6, 2016

Robot Surgeon Successfully Performs Pig Intestine Surgery By Itself: What This Means For The Future

Scientists have developed a programmable robot surgeon that can perform surgeries by itself. The autonomous robot was able to stitch a pig intestine more precisely than human surgeons.

Robotics May 5, 2016

Sea Urchin's Teeth Inspire Design For Mars Exploration Rock-Sampling Device

Engineers and marine biologists at UC San Diego use the sea urchin's intricate mouthpiece as inspiration in developing a claw-like device. The new technology can collect sediment samples more efficiently compared to the shovels used for space rovers.

Robotics May 4, 2016

World's Smallest Engine Is Tiny Enough To Enter Cells

Robots small enough to travel within human cells may soon be developed, following the creation of the world's smallest engine. How do these ultra-small engines operate?

Robotics May 4, 2016

Elon Musk Launches AI Gym To Train Robots

A gym for artificial intelligence? Yes, that's right. We wonder how much a monthly membership would cost. Elon Musk launches the OpenAI Gym Beta to help train robots.

Robotics April 29, 2016

Humanoid Robot Dives To Find King Louis XIV's Wrecked Ship And Treasures

A humanoid robot diver was able to find King Louis XIV's wrecked ship and obtain treasures. The robot mermaid named OceanOne showed promise for the future of deep sea exploration and research.

Robotics April 29, 2016

Darwin-OP2 Robot To Help Children With Autism Communicate More Easily

The newly designed Darwin-OP 2 Robot comes equipped to help autistic children in bettering their communication skills and social interactions. The robot is designed by Chung Hyuk Park, a biomedical engineering professor.

Robotics April 28, 2016

NASA, FAA Complete Most Complex Drone Traffic Management Test, Juggling 22 Drones At Once

NASA and FAA test site operators successfully flew 22 drones simultaneously in order to assess the former's UTM research platform used in rural operations. The space agency also plans to hand over its UTM research in 2019 to the aviation authority for more testing.

Robotics April 26, 2016

Artificial Intelligence vs. Poachers: How AI Can Help Protect Endangered Animals

Poachers have a new enemy: artificial intelligence. Scientists have developed an AI system that can continuously learn and adapt to illegal activities and help rangers move swiftly to protect endangered animals in the wild.

Robotics April 24, 2016

Stanford Scientists Build Wind Tunnel To Better Understand Bird Flight, Enhance Drones

Engineers are turning to bird flight to design drones better. Stanford researchers built a wind tunnel to study how birds maneuver in the air, applying their findings to enhance drones and aerial robots.

Robotics April 24, 2016

Eelume Looks Like An Alien Killer Robot, But It Actually Helps Humans Maintain Undersea Equipment

Meet Eelume, an eel-like robot that can perform undersea maintenance work. Its developers suggest that it can help operators significantly reduce undersea equipment maintenance cost.

Robotics April 23, 2016

MIT's New AI May Help Prevent Cyberattacks

Researchers from MIT and machine learning startup PatternEx combined machine learning algorithms-based systems and human expertise in new cybersecurity AI platform AI2. This innovation is said to detect cyberattacks 85 percent of the time.

Robotics April 20, 2016

Australia's Postal Service Testing Mail Delivery Drones For Packages

Australia’s postal service successfully launched a closed-field trial to use drones in the delivery of small parcels to customers. The technology, which aims to provide faster transportation of time-critical deliveries, is scheduled to run a customer trial later this year.

Robotics April 19, 2016

DJI Lets The Matrice 600 Fly: This Drone Promises To Do The Heavy Lifting, But Be Prepared For The Tag Price

DJI announced the Matrice 600 drone, which can carry a payload of up to 6 kilograms. The drone has a steep price tag of $4,599 and it can be used for professional film making and aerial photography.

Robotics April 18, 2016

Sharp RoboHon Phone Robot Dances, Talks And Projects Video, But Its Price Might Make You Cry

Sharp Corporation will bring a talking, dancing, video-projecting tiny robot to the market in May. The voice-commanded digital assistant sports a few assets that might convince robotics enthusiasts to reach for their platinum cards.

Robotics April 14, 2016

Say Hello To Hitachi's EMIEW3 Humanoid Helper Robot

Hitachi revealed its latest creation, EMIEW3, a humanoid helper robot specifically built for assistance in busy public places like malls, airports, hospitals, and other such facilities. Slated for a 2018 launch, this machine is a definite upgrade over its predecessors.

Robotics April 11, 2016

Alphabet X Showcases New Bipedal Robot That Can Climb Stairs And Overcome Obstacles

Alphabet X recently showcased its bipedal robot, SCHAFT, in Tokyo. This robot has the capacity to climb stairs, balance, overcome obstacles and more.

Robotics April 9, 2016

Meet Ecovacs' DEEBOT D79, A Vacuum Robot That Empties Its Own Dustbin

Ecovacs has come back with a new vacuum robot, the DEEBOT D79, which not only cleans, but self-cleans. This first-of-its-kind robot comes equipped with an advanced docking station that automatically empties the debris without human intervention.

Robotics April 10, 2016

Flying Gripping Sphere Picks Up And Drops Off Deliveries On Its Own

German company Festo unveiled a preview of its flying gripper device that is able to pick up and drop off objects all on its own. The device may soon provide assistance to employees who need to reach objects from high places or hard-to-reach areas.

Robotics April 8, 2016

Print Out A 3D Robot And Watch it Walk Away (Almost) - No Assembly Required!

A new 3D printing technique has been developed that allows solids and liquids to be created simultaneously. How could this affect the future of robotics?

Robotics April 7, 2016

Touching Robots In Sensitive Places Turn On Humans: A Peek Of Things To Come?

Researchers have found that a person can be aroused when touching a humanoid robot's private parts. Experts believe that this emotional response can change the future of robots and humans, as well.

Robotics April 6, 2016

Touching Robots In Intimate Places Causes Arousal, Discomfort

Humanoid robots are designed to have body shapes that resemble that of a real human. A new study revealed that touching these humanoid robots in intimate places trigger feelings of discomfort and physiological arousal.

Robotics April 5, 2016

Hong Kong Man Fulfills Lifelong Dream, Builds Life-Like Scarlett Johansson Robot

A Hong Kong graphic designer, who knows nothing about robotics, achieves his dream of building a humanoid robot from scratch with the help of 3D printing, $50,000 and incredible determination.

Robotics April 3, 2016

This Girl Designed A Prosthetic Arm Cannon That Shoots Glitter

A 10-year-old girl named Jordan Reeves has designed an arm cannon that even Mega Man would want. But instead of bullets or bombs, Reeves' cannon shoots glitter.

Robotics March 29, 2016

UK Launches Robotics And Artificial Intelligence Inquiry: Worried About Robots Taking Over The World?

Could robots really take over the world? Given the recent shocker, wherein robots are beating humans at complex games such as Go, could it be our near reality?

Robotics March 26, 2016

Terminator-Style Morphing Robots May Soon Become Reality

In the near future, one could see soft robots altering their shape and morphing into another vehicle or structure for a separate mission. The key, according to Cornell researchers, is a hybrid material combining stiff metal with soft, porous rubber foam.

Robotics March 24, 2016

Realistic, Human-like Robot Sophia Cheerfully Says She Wants To Destroy Humans

Hanson Robotics presented its most advanced humanoid to date and it agreed to destroy humans. The robot named Sophia was interviewed by its creator David Hanson and talked about her functions, purpose and ambitions.

Robotics March 24, 2016

Meet Liam, Apple's iPhone Recycling Robot

Apple has introduced its new robotic system, Liam, which is designed to take apart junked iPhone units and recover valuable materials in order to have them recycled or reused. The recycling robot is part of the company's program aimed at preventing its products from ending up as electronic wastes in landfills.

Robotics March 22, 2016

Panasonic Assist Robots Will Do The Heavy Lifting For You [Video]

Panasonic released a YouTube video showcasing its latest developments in assisted robotics. Regardless if you work in construction, medical care or warehouse management, the company’s exoskeletons could be game changers.

Robotics March 22, 2016

Carl's Jr. CEO Thinking About Putting Up Restaurant Where All Workers Are Robots: Why?

Carl's Jr. and Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder was inspired by Eatsa, a fully-automated restaurant that hires very few people as kitchen staff. Why is he interested in such a concept?

Robotics March 20, 2016

Domino's Pizza Debuting Autonomous Delivery Robot

DRU (Domino's Robotic Unit) is set to launch in New Zealand soon, touting the ability of holding up to 10 pizzas in its heated compartment at once.

Robotics March 18, 2016

Watch Six Tiny Robots Towing A 3,900-Pound Car [Video]

Called microTug or uTug robots, a group of six microbots pull a 3,900-pound car, proving that teamwork is the key to achieving great success. The project was inspired by how ants work together to carry massive weight.

Robotics March 15, 2016

There's A 101 Percent Probability You Will Add The iRobot Braava Jet Mopping Robot To Your Wishlist: Here's What It Can Do

iRobot's new Braava Jet Mopping Robot will be welcomed by household owners as it can clean floors with ease. The device is priced at an affordable $199.

Robotics March 15, 2016

Hilton Hotels Teams Up With IBM For New Robot Concierge Connie

A new concierge can answer all the answers of guests at Hilton Hotels. Developed by IBM, Connie, is an interactive-learning robot that can answer a wide array of questions.

Robotics March 10, 2016

Countries Most Likely To Lose Jobs To Robots In 2016

These projections are pretty scary. The United States' place on this list might shock you.

Robotics March 3, 2016

Divorced Dad Builds A Robot To Spend More Time With His Kids

Matt Walker, a San Jose, California resident, invented a telepresence robot to communicate with his kids living all the way in Australia. Find out what his neat Ramblebot can do and how to purchase one.

Robotics March 3, 2016

Fido vs. Spot: Watch An IRL Dog Try To Pick A Fight With A Robo Dog

Welcome to the future.

Robotics March 1, 2016

Humans Trust Emergency Robots More Than Common Sense: Study

Humans trust robots more during emergency situations, a new study found. Even if the robots failed in previous performances, humans still opt to rely on it instead of their own common sense.

Robotics March 1, 2016

Robots Are Not Taking Over Our Jobs: Mercedes Fires Robots, Hires People Back Into Its Production Line

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz has replaced robots in its assembly line with human workers as it believes that the latter are more capable of coping with the tasks.

Robotics February 26, 2016

Boston Dynamics Unveils Its Next-Generation Atlas Humanoid Robot

The latest generation of Boston Dynamics' Atlas is lighter, more agile and has a lower noise profile than its predecessor. Some may feel bad for the bot, while others may want to put an end to it while we still can.

Robotics February 24, 2016

Boston Dynamics Robot Gets Up After Being Bullied, Pushed Down [VIDEO]

In a new video, Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot managed to get up after being pushed down — a display of its LIDAR, stereo sensors and other features for optimum indoor or outdoor performance. It was a good day for robotics after all.

Robotics February 24, 2016

This Robotic Limb Gives Drummers A Third Arm That Responds To Gestures And Music It Hears [Video]

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have devised a wearable robotic limb that acts as a third arm for drummers. The mechanical limb is able to respond to music and gestures on its own.

Robotics February 19, 2016

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