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ElliQ Is The Amazon Echo Alternative That Takes Care Of The Elderly

Despite its similarities to the Amazon Echo, ElliQ offers several nifty tricks that sets it apart as a smart assistant. It is primarily aimed to become a truly intuitive companion, helpful to senior citizens.

Smart Home January 13, 2017

Amazon, Samsung, Google, Apple: Big 4 Driving Smart Home Device Sales

Amazon, Samsung, Google, and Apple lead the charge in the smart home device market, driving its sales. The revenue returns for smart home hardware and services is estimated to hit $195 billion by 2021.

Smart Home January 13, 2017

Using Flat-Screen Technology To Remotely Charge Devices: Your Living Room As A Wireless Charging Station?

Wireless power transfer is now possible, according to a new research. A machine that allows charging gadgets within the surface area of living rooms could be built in the near future.

Smart Home January 9, 2017

WATCH: How To Make Alexa And Google Home Talk To Each Other In A Never-Ending Loop

Watch the two smart voice assistants Alexa and Google Home get into a never-ending conversation. Here's how you can do it too.

Smart Home January 15, 2017

Samsung TVs May Get Functions Similar To Chromecast Via Smart View Update

Samsung accidentally outed its recent move to equip its Smart TVs with content streaming features like those offered by Chromecast. The leak came through the latest description of its Smart View app at the App Store.

Smart Home December 31, 2016

CES 2017: Samsung's Alexa-Powered Vacuum Cleaner Powerbot VR7000 Unveiled

Samsung is poised to announce a smart vacuum cleaner in the upcoming CES 2017. While similar products have beaten the device to the market, the company has outfitted it with unique features that could drive its competitive advantage.

Smart Home December 30, 2016

Just Bought An Amazon Echo? Here Are Some Of The Best Alexa Skills To Help You Get Started

As one of the hottest items this holiday season, the Amazon Echo probably landed on the hands of first-time users. If you're one of them, here are some of the best Alexa skills to help you get started.

Smart Home December 26, 2016

Best Amazon Alexa Devices: Gadgets To Make The Most Out Of The Virtual Assistant

Alexa, Amazon’s proprietary voice-enabled virtual assistant, remains perched atop the ranking of voice control integration for smart home devices. Here are some of the best Alexa-enabled devices that explain why.

Smart Home December 19, 2016

Can't Wait For Apple AirPods? Here Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones For Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s Siri-enabled AirPods have been reported to be embroiled in a number of manufacturing challenges. But there’s no need to wait for them to come out given these excellent, possibility even better, alternatives.

Smart Home December 11, 2016

Alexa Finds A New Home In C By GE Lamp

GE integrates Alexa into its new C device, which the company touts as a lamp that responds, speaks and makes life easier, contributing to a new way of living. It is currently a concept but is expected to hit the market in 2Q 2017.

Smart Home December 7, 2016

Microsoft Home Hub To Compete With Amazon Alexa And Google Home?

We've seen the Amazon Echo and Google Home and even heard about Apple's own home assistant device. However, nothing much have come out of Microsoft with regards to something similar. The latest report could shed light on such plans for the future.

Smart Home December 5, 2016

Kwikset Kevo Convert Smart Lock Goes Up For Preorder At $149

The Kwikset Kevo Convert will allow homeowners to manage their door locks remotely. It offers an array of features that include electronic keys and door lock notifications, among others.

Smart Home November 29, 2016

The LingLong DingDong Is The China Challenger To Amazon Echo: What's The Difference Between The Smart Speakers?

The LingLong DingDong is the newest challenger to the Amazon Echo in the smart speaker industry. While it may have a funny-sounding name, it looks like it has what it takes to prove itself as a worthy rival.

Smart Home November 25, 2016

That Stylish Tesla Solar Roof Will Cost Less Than The Regular Roof, Says Elon Musk

Could Tesla's newest solar roof be cheaper than regular roofs? Well, that's a yes and a no. At the end of the day, Elon Musk hopes these roofs will replace the normal ones in the future, but it may take a number of years for it to happen.

Smart Home November 20, 2016

Eero Wi-Fi Hub Now Supports Alexa And Adds New Smart Features

Eero has partnered with Amazon to ensure Eero routers work well with connected devices. The Eero Wi-Fi hub can now be controlled through Alexa throughout the house to locate missing gadgets or turn off wireless access.

Smart Home November 17, 2016

Amazon Alexa Skills Detailed Via New Page: Discover Everything The Virtual Assistant Can Do

The dedicated marketplace for Amazon Alexa skills underscores the level of control that it provides users. The large number of available skills also highlights the range of Alexa's capabilities as a smart home assistant.

Smart Home November 7, 2016

Following Exploding Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Recalls 2.8 Million Washing Machines: What You Should Know

After the debacle that is the Galaxy Note 7, one would have believed that Samsung would get some time to put itself together, but it was never to be. The company is coming under fire again due to what appears to be exploding washing machines.

Smart Home November 6, 2016

Google Home Review Roundup: What Tech Experts Are Saying About Google's Amazon Echo Competitor

It's been a long time coming, but the Amazon Echo finally has capable competition to keep it on its toes. Competition comes by way of Google Home, and in a few months, we could also see the rise of Apple's own smart speaker.

Smart Home November 4, 2016

$1,160 High-Tech Robotic Snoo Crib May Be Sleep-Deprived Parents' New Best Friend

A new high-tech robo-crib from Yves Behar aims to make those sleepless nights a thing of the past for sleep-deprived parents. The smart cradle will instantly calm fussy babies by rocking them to sleep and playing womb-like white noise.

Smart Home October 19, 2016

Kobi The Robot Can Cut Yard Grass And Get Rid Of Snow Autonomously

Kobi the robot wants to take away all the backbreaking yard work from our lives, and it intends to begin down that line by cutting grass and sweeping up snow. All you'll need now is $4,000 to get your own yard-clearing bot.

Smart Home October 19, 2016

Attention, Star Wars Fans: You Only Need $40 To Have R2-D2 Brew You A Cup Of Coffee Every Morning

Retail company ThinkGeek is now selling an R2-D2 Coffee Press, which is capable of brewing four cups of coffee per refill. It is now available for preorder and will begin shipping in December.

Smart Home October 10, 2016

Kokoon Is The $15,000 Prefabricated House That Could Change The Future Of Homes

Finnish students have built a three-story prototype home, which some are now touting as the home of the future. It costs $15,000 to make and could be built in one day.

Smart Home October 10, 2016

Xiaomi Mi Box Officially Lands On US Shores: Android TV, 4K Support For $69

Xiaomi Mi Box is now available at Xiaomi's U.S. website as well as in Walmart stores for $69. Aside from the attractive price, it features top-of-the-line specs and will come with special perks worth $76.

Smart Home October 4, 2016

Echo Dot (2nd Generation) Review Roundup: What Makes This Amazon Product Amazing?

Amazon recently released its Echo Dot 2nd Edition and the small gadget is a radical improvement in both price and audio capability over its first iteration. The new Echo Dot taps into Alexa’s skills, which grow more by the day.

Smart Home October 4, 2016

New Wink Hub 2 Plays Nice With Alexa, Makes Smart Home Smarter - And Simpler

Wink has announced a new smart home hub simply called Wink 2, bringing a number of neat upgrades over the original Wink. In addition to better connectivity and more features, the new Wink 2 also sports Alexa integration.

Smart Home September 27, 2016

Xiaomi's Mi Box Apparently Already Hit The Shelves At Walmart With A $69 Price Tag

Xiaomi's Mi Android TV Box is reportedly available in Walmart now. There is currently no official confirmation but a photo and video of the actual device displayed in the retail store, including its pricing, have already surfaced online.

Smart Home September 27, 2016

Apple Has A Smart Home Device To Rival Amazon Echo

Is Apple working on a smart home device right now? A new report claims this to be the case, with Apple hoping to create something with unique features to trump the Echo.

Smart Home September 24, 2016

Control4 Gets Integration With Amazon Alexa, Brings More Voice Controls For Smarter Homes

Control4 announces an integration with Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, which can now be instructed to activate preset scenes for the smart home. With a single command, Alexa can turn off the lights, lock the doors and arm the security system.

Smart Home September 16, 2016

Nest Outs Nest Cam Outdoor, New Designs For Nest Thermostat

Launched in July, the Nest Cam Outdoor is now available for $199. Nest also revealed three new colors: black, white and copper for the Nest Thermostat.

Smart Home September 9, 2016

Moorebot Is The Adorable, Yet Creepy, Animated Robot That Will Watch And Play With Your Family

Moorebot is an interactive robot that can entertain and monitor the entire family. The personal assistant is being funded via an Indiegogo campaign.

Smart Home September 6, 2016

LG 'Aggressively Investing' In Smart Home, Seeing Robots As The Future Of Home Appliances

LG Electronics recently made a statement saying that its efforts will focus on robotics as a way to make home appliances more user-friendly and efficient. The company is already dipping its toes into the future with smart home appliances.

Smart Home September 5, 2016

LG's New InstaView Smart Fridge Has A Huge 29-Inch Windows 10 Tablet: Talk To Cortana In The Kitchen

LG has a new InstaView smart fridge that's equipped with a large 29-inch tablet that's running on Windows 10, allowing customers to use Microsoft apps such as Cortana and many others.

Smart Home September 4, 2016

LG Adds Alexa To Amazon Echo Lookalike SmartThinQ Hub, Making Them Even More Similar

LG teamed up with Amazon to add digital assistant Alexa to the SmartThinQ Hub. The device is now more similar to the Amazon Echo, but there are still some glaring differences.

Smart Home September 3, 2016

Bosch And Drop Want Every Kitchen To Be Smart

Bosch announced its partnership with smart kitchen company Drop. Drop has already began integrating its kitchen operating system in Bosch home appliances with Home Connect functionalities.

Smart Home September 3, 2016

Google Absorbs Nest Engineers To Make Google Home A Super IoT Device: Are You Ready Amazon Echo?

Google's strategy of moving Nest engineers to the Google Home department reflects the company's plan of developing a great smart home product. Amazon Echo will face stiff competition if Google Home entices customers.

Smart Home August 31, 2016

Philips Hue Motion Sensor Makes Automated Lighting Even Easier And More Convenient

Philips Hue systems just got a new addition that will push home automation even further. The motion sensor pairs with the Hue Bridge and allows users to trigger the smart lights just by entering a room.

Smart Home August 29, 2016

Logitech Pop Brings Easy Smart Home Control At The Press Of A Button: Starter Kit Just $99

Logitech announced that it has a simple and elegant solution for smart home control. With the Pop Kit, users will be able to control many of their smart home gadgets with just the touch of a finger.

Smart Home August 11, 2016

Nucleus Smart Home Touchsceen Intercom Device Adds Support For Amazon's Alexa

Nucleus is the a touchscreen intercom system that allows families to communicate with each other in-house and when mobile, and now supports Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

Smart Home August 4, 2016

Prisma Coffeemaker Hits Indiegogo: 10-Minute Cold Brew Promise Already Secures Strong Start

Prisma, a high-end technology cold coffee brewer, started its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign recently. FirstBuild announced that it is crafting the device that can deliver cold brewed coffee in only 10 minutes, and it promised an app will join the device.

Smart Home August 3, 2016

Amazon Alexa Can Now Lock Users' Front Doors With August Smart Lock Skill

Those with Alexa-enabled devices can now use Amazon’s voice assistant to lock their front doors with the new August Smart Lock skill.

Smart Home July 28, 2016

Nest Finally Brings Video Surveillance Outdoors With The Rugged Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest is finally bringing its video surveillance system outdoors. The company has just introduced the Nest Cam Outdoor, the outdoors-friendly variant of the Nest Cam.

Smart Home July 14, 2016

Nest Finally Launches An Outdoor Security Camera: Meet The $199 Nest Cam Outdoor, On Preorder Now [Video]

Nest recently unveiled an outdoor version of its surveillance camera, and it comes packed with neat new features. The Nest Cam Outdoor is touted to keep burglars away from your home with the help of technology.

Smart Home July 14, 2016

Origami-Inspired Ori Robotic Furniture Is A Game Changer For Small Places

Ori, a spinoff from MIT Media Lab, recently unveiled a robotic furniture system that could save tons of space for small apartments. The company aims to launch it by 2017 and is using origami-like techniques to boost living spaces.

Smart Home July 12, 2016

Sony Unveils Prices For New 4K Ultra HD TVs With HDR And Android TV Support

Sony has unveiled its newest 4K HDR Android TV line, and fans of the brand have found out about pricing and availability as well. Albeit not cheap, Sony’s TVs come packed with future-proof features and Ultra visual quality.

Smart Home July 1, 2016

Amazon Plans To Expand Lineup Of Brands For Dash Buttons: Report

Amazon is expected to announce the addition of dozens of new Dash buttons this week. While the Dash program has had success, Amazon has more work to do to get its message across to consumers.

Smart Home June 27, 2016

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