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Planning Algorithms Add Human Intuition, Get Performance Boost

Planning algorithms are on a level all their own when it comes to solving problems but MIT researchers have discovered that there’s still room for improvement when human intuition is added to the equation.

Robotics February 9, 2017

New Computer Algorithm Sifts Social Media Posts To Predict Next ISIS Terror Attack

Posts on Russia-based social media site VKontake revealed how the ISIS terrorist group manage to grow and organize online. How can online activities and behaviors of sympathizers help predict and possibly prevent future attacks?

Computers June 17, 2016

New Computer Algorithm May Help Astronomers Capture First Black Hole Images

A telescope nearly the size of planet Earth is needed to capture the image of a black hole. How do the Event Horizon Telescope project and the new Chirp algorithm attempt to solve this problem?

Space June 7, 2016

Computer Algorithm Gives 'Batman v Superman' 32 Percent Chance Of Being Profitable

With the release of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' right around the corner, computer scientists recently figured out that the movie has a 32 percent chance of success, at least as far as profits go.

Movies/TV Shows February 17, 2016

Are Your Holiday Photos Cool Or Boring? MIT Researchers Predict How Memorable An Image Is

Want to know if the selfies you post on social media leave a strong impact on viewers that make them easily recognizable? Researchers claim they have created an algorithm that can successfully predict an image’s memorability rate.

Internet December 28, 2015

Researchers Teach A Computer To Learn Like Humans Do

An algorithm allows a computer to learn about a class of objects after seeing just one example. The technique mimics how the human brain can learn from even limited data, researchers say.

December 11, 2015

Australia, New Zealand To Test Cloud Passports: Could The Tech Go Global?

Citizens from Australia and New Zealand will soon be able to travel without carrying a physical passport as the two countries push for document-free cloud passport system. The futuristic passport is said to bear information such as identity and biometrics data.

Society October 29, 2015

This 'Psychic Robot' Can Guess What You Are Thinking Of Doing: Helpful Or Dangerous?

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago created what they call a ‘psychic robot’ which can predict an intended action based on computer algorithm. The same capability can be expected even if the intended action accidentally changes course.

FUTURE TECH October 10, 2015

Telefónica Wants To Let Computers Choose Which Startups To Invest In

Telefónica, in a partnership with BigML, is looking to organize a startup battle that will be curated and judged by a computer algorithm.

Start Ups August 12, 2015

MarI/O AI Program Learns To Play 'Super Mario World'

Seth Bling created a program that learned how to play and beat a level of 'Super Mario World' by using a neural network that allowed it to evolve over many generations.

Apps/Software June 15, 2015

Researchers Develop A New Way To Study And Select Creative Paintings With A Machine Vision Algorithm

Researchers used machine learning to teach an algorithm to analyze and identify fine art. It learned to predict a painting's style, genre, and artist based on sets of visual features.

Computers June 10, 2015

MIT Cracks Algorithm for Robot Object Recognition: Will It Usher in Era of Household Robots?

Helping robots recognize common objects may bring household robot help one step closer. MIT researchers develop computer algorithm that can help such a robot quickly identify objects it would need to manipulate.

Robotics January 14, 2015

Computer Algorithm May Be the Next Big thing for Texas Hold'em

Artificial intelligence is steadily making its rounds and it’s now found its way to the poker table. Computer algorithm finds perfect strategy, becomes unbeatable in two-player poker game.

January 12, 2015

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