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Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors: Return To Vice City, Female Main Character, And 2022 Release Date

'Grand Theft Auto 6' is rumored to bring the series back to Vice City with a female protagonist. Fans of the franchise might have to wait a while, as the game is said to be targeting a 2022 launch.

Video Games March 7, 2018

Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors: Release Date, Female Protagonist, And Everything So Far About 'GTA 6'

'Grand Theft Auto 6' rumors are far from scarce. That's because 'GTA 6' is the next, highly anticipated installment of Rockstar Games's series.

Video Games March 15, 2017

‘Grand Theft Auto: 6’ In Early Stages Of Development: No More ‘GTA: Tokyo’ So Where Will It Be?

It has been rumored around gamers and gaming sites alike that a new ‘Grand Theft Auto’ is in the works. Rumors suggest too that the sixth installment of the franchise might take the game’s setting out of the U.S.

Video Games March 29, 2016

‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Rumored For 2019 Release With Female Lead And Biggest Map Ever

Apparently, the next installment in the 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise is already in the works, and it’s only a few more years away from launch. Rumors say 'Grand Theft Auto VI' will have a female lead character and its biggest map ever.

Video Games November 16, 2015

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