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Ebola Survivor Nina Pham Reaches Settlement With Dallas Hospital Over Negligence, Deception Lawsuit

Ebola survivor Nina Pham has reached a settlement with Texas Health Resources, the parent company of the hospital where she used to work. The lawsuit accused the hospital of negligence and deception in handling the case of Thomas Duncan.

Public Health October 25, 2016

Ebola Survivor, Dallas Nurse Nina Pham, Now Wants To Sue Her Hospital: Here's Why

Nurse who contracted Ebola while treating patient in Dallas hospital says she plans to sue. She alleges hospital did not do enough to protect nursing staff, and also later violated her privacy during her own treatment for the virus.

Life March 1, 2015

First thing Nina Pham will do after getting home? Hug her dog

Nina Pham is no longer suffering from the Ebola Virus, and will be home in just a matter of days. The first thing the nurse plans on doing before meeting the President, is hug her dog.

Life October 27, 2014

Nina Pham cured of Ebola, released from hospital

Nina Pham, a nurse once diagnosed with Ebola, has now been declared free of the disease, and released from the hospital.

Life October 25, 2014

Ebola according to Chris Brown: 'Ebola is a form of population control'

Chris Brown tweeted his opinion that the ebola outbreak is a form of population control, earning him the ire of netizens all over Twitter.

Movies/TV Shows October 14, 2014

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