$2999 Nvidia Titan V Launches As 'The Most Powerful PC GPU Ever'

NVIDIA officially launched 'the most powerful PC GPU ever created,' introducing the $2,999 Titan V GPU. The beastly device is the first consumer-grade GPU based on NVIDIA's Volta architecture.

Computers December 8, 2017

'New Super Mario Bros.' And More Nintendo Wii Games Will Be Available On Nvidia Shield In China

'New Super Mario Bros.' and other Nintendo Wii games will be available on the Nvidia Shield once the Android-powered set-top box is rolled out in China. Will the titles also arrive to other Android devices?

Video Games December 6, 2017

Nvidia Unveils Drive PX Pegasus, Claims It Will Enable Level 5 Autonomous Driving: Here’s What That Means

Nvidia has just proven everyone that it’s at the forefront of autonomous driving technology with the unveiling of its new Drive PX Pegasus computer. Built on the Drive PX platform, Pegasus can pave the way for level 5 autonomous vehicles.

Car Tech October 10, 2017

Destiny 2 Running 4K At 60 FPS Gameplay Video Revealed: Here's What PC Gamers Have To Look Forward To

Want to see 'Destiny 2' running in 4K at 60 fps? Thanks to Nvidia, you can now get a look at what to expect from the PC version with the graphics turned all the way up.

Video Games June 14, 2017

Nvidia Max-Q Design Packs GTX 1080 Horsepower In Ultra-Thin Gaming Laptops And Ultrabooks

Nvidia took to Computex 2017 to unveil its exciting new Max-Q design, which allows for thin and powerful gaming laptops. New Max-Q gaming laptops will launch next month from a slew of OEMs, so here's what you need to know.

Computers May 30, 2017

AMD Vega GPU Release Date Drawing Near: Leaked Specs Suggest Radeon RX Vega Can Take On Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The next-generation graphics card of AMD, known as the Radeon RX Vega, will soon be released. Leaked specifications claim that it will be a worthy challenger to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.

Computers April 15, 2017

Nvidia Launches Titan Xp GPUs: 3,840 Cuda Cores With Boost Clock Of 1,582 MHz

Nvidia has unveiled a new graphics card called the Titan Xp, which launches at the same price as its predecessor, the Titan X. Take a look at its impressive specs.

Computers April 7, 2017

Bosch Partners With Nvidia For Developing AI-Powered Self-Driving Car System

Nvidia has announced that the company would collaborate with automotive supplier Bosch to develop AI-powered autonomous cars. These cars would use the recently launched Xavier chips from Nvidia.

Car Tech March 16, 2017

Nvidia Reduces GeForce GTX 1080 Prices To $499: Partners May Now Sell Them With Faster Memory

Nvidia has announced price cuts for the GeForce GTX 1080 card, which extends to the Founder’s Edition of some cards as well. Additionally, it will also allow its partners to sell factory overclocked cards.

Computers March 10, 2017

Nvidia Unveils Jetson TX2: Pocket-Sized Supercomputer Doubles TX1 Performance, Powers Drones With AI, And More

Nvidia has unveiled the Jetson TX2, a powerful platform the size of an everyday credit card. Aimed at enabling faster smart devices all around us, it can power factory robots, commercial drones, and smart cameras.

Computers March 8, 2017

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Faster Than The Existing GTX 1080

Nvidia has launched its newest gaming graphics card - the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - which is 35 percent faster than the GTX 1080. The GTX 1080 Ti packs a solid punch and is said to be better than even the mighty Titan X Pascal.

Computers March 1, 2017

Nvidia Shield vs Shield Pro: Which Is The Better Purchase?

Nvidia released its 2017 Shield TV models in two versions and with a $100 price difference. Find out which version is the best for you.

Gadgets February 5, 2017

Nintendo Switch Official Specifications Revealed, But Some Questions Still Remain For The Hybrid Console

The Nintendo U.K. website has published the official technical specifications of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. However, there are still some questions that remain regarding the hybrid console, such as the details of its NVIDIA customized Tegra processor.

Video Games January 29, 2017

How To Customize Kodi And Set Up Legitimate Add-On Apps On Nvidia Shield Android TV

Kodi has become one of the most widely used applications in the Nvidia Shield Android TV. Here’s how you can install add-ons and personalize the skin of Kodi through your Android TV.

Gadgets January 29, 2017

How To Install Kodi And Transfer Files To Nvidia Shield Android TV

Nvidia’s powerful new Android TV box can be even more amazing with Kodi installed. Just follow the easy steps to install, configure, and transfer media to the Set-Top box

Gadgets January 29, 2017

Nvidia Launches GeForce 378.49 GPU Drivers To Ready Your PC For 'Resident Evil 7'

Nvidia's new GeForce 378.49 WHQL drivers are touted as game-ready, optimizing GPUs for upcoming game titles as well as VR content. Release notes also detail how the drivers will fix a number of bugs.

Computers January 26, 2017

How To Make The Most Out Of Nvidia Shield TV

The new Nvidia Shield is already a great update from the 2015 version. But we have some tips for owners to make the device even more amazing.

Gadgets January 22, 2017

'No Man's Sky' And 'The Witness' Makes Way To NVIDIA SHIELD Devices

‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘The Witness’ two indie games, have been released on the NVIDIA Android Shield consoles. These two games have been equally loved and hated by the gaming community and players will be eager to try them out.

Video Games January 17, 2017

Nvidia Shield Now Available With A $200 Price Tag: Here's Where To Buy The Set-Top Box

The 2017 version of the Nvidia Shield TV has the same design and roughly similar technology as its previous iteration. There are, however, key differences that will appeal to consumers.

Gadgets January 16, 2017

Nvidia Shield TV (2015) Gets Android Nougat Update

The Nvidia Shield TV (2015) is up for an Android 7.0 Nougat update. The news was announced at the CES 2017, along with the launch of the latest Shield TV.

Gadgets January 16, 2017

Nvidia Shield TV: What The Experts Are Saying

Nvidia revealed an amazing update for its Shield TV at CES 2017. Now, experts weigh in if it is worth the purchase.

Gaming January 15, 2017

No, Nvidia Isn't Going To Forget About Your Original Shield Android TV

If you are concerned about support for your old Shield TV with the impending launch of its latest iteration, Nvidia has committed that it will not abandon the device. It will even get the latest software update immediately after the new Shield TV's release.

Gadgets January 9, 2017

Here's What Nvidia Announced At CES 2017: GeForce Now, Nvidia Shield TV, Nvidia BB8 Autonomous Car And More

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage at CES 2017 to make a number of exciting announcements, mapping the future of gaming, TV, and transportation with a big bet on A.I. Here's what you need to know about Nvidia's new GeForce Now, Shield TV, AI Co-Pilot, BB8 self-driving car and more.

CES 2017 January 5, 2017

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K Graphic Card Announced: GTX 980 Ti Owners Get First Taste

Nvidia has announced the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K graphic card, the one card to rule them all. It comes at a time when AMD is prepping to launch its own 4K graphic card, codenamed Vega. Both cards should hit market in 2017.

Computers December 22, 2016

Nintendo Switch Performance Faster When Docked, But Still Not As Powerful As The PS4

The Nintendo Switch surpasses the Wii U, but lags behind the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in terms of power, according to reports. The console is also reported to be 40 percent less powerful when undocked.

Video Games December 20, 2016

Nvidia Receives Approval To Test Self-Driving Tech In California, Wastes No Time In Getting Its Car On The Road

Nvidia has received approval from California's Department of Motor Vehicles to test self-driving cars. The company did not waste time after being granted permission, as an Nvidia-branded self-driving car was spotted on the road right after.

Car Tech December 11, 2016

Yes, Your Nvidia Shield Android TV Will Support Google Play Movies & TV 4K Content Soon

Nvidia stated that it will patch the Nvidia Shield software so that the device can support 4K content available at Google Play Movies and TV. The key rests on a codec that Google has said the Shield is currently lacking.

Gadgets December 10, 2016

Refreshed Nvidia Shield Android TV Rumored To Be Unveiled At CES 2017

Nvidia is rumored to showcase a refreshed Shield Android TV this January at CES 2017, and it's just the thing that fans of the set-top box have been waiting for.

Gadgets December 8, 2016

Intel Turns To AI For The Future: Deep Learning Chips Expected Next Year

With the new range of AI chips, Intel wants to give machine and deep learning tasks their own dedicated processors, independent of conventional chipsets. The initial batch will begin slipping into your computers in 2017.

Computers November 18, 2016

The Nintendo Switch Is What The Nvidia Shield Was Supposed To Be

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system that can function as both a tabletop console and a handheld device. It is powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra chip and is what the Nvidia Shield was supposed to be.

Video Games October 21, 2016

New Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 And GTX 1050 Ti Cards Offer 1080p Gaming At Lower Costs

Nvidia announced two new budget GTX cards, the Pascal-reliant GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti. The two cards are loaded with good specs and also feature power saving design.

Computers October 19, 2016

Nvidia's New AI-Powered Drive PX 2 To Helm Baidu's Autonomous Cars

Nvidia launched its own AI teching car technology that could compete with the self-driving technologies of major players in the autnomous vehicle industry such as Google and Tesla. The Drive PX 2 will be used by at least 80 car manufacturers.

Car Tech September 13, 2016

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Owners Can Now Claim Their $30 Refund: Here's How

Nvidia is settling the memory issue surrounding the GeForce GTX 970, and that means eligible customers in the United States can now claim a $30 refund.

Computers September 13, 2016

Nvidia GTX 10 Series Brings Desktop-Level GPUs To Laptops: VR-Ready, Powered By Pascal Architecture

Nvidia has taken a giant leap forward by releasing the new GTX 10 Series for laptops and notebooks. The Pascal-based architecture of the 1080, 1070 and 1060 GPUs will make notebooks VR-friendly and give them gaming capabilities of desktop magnitude.

Computers August 16, 2016

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Customers Could Get $30 Refunds In False Advertising Settlement

Nvidia has proposed a settlement for the class action lawsuit filed against the company over false advertising claims on the GeForce GTX 970. The settlement, if approved, would refund $30 to customers for each unit of the GPU purchased.

Computers July 31, 2016

Nvidia Unveils $1,200 Titan X Graphics Card: Overpowered At 11 Teraflops

Nvidia has announced its biggest GPU – the latest Titan X. The new graphics card will be available in North America and Europe starting Aug. 2 and will have a price tag of $1,200.

Computers July 22, 2016

Nvidia Ansel Video Game Photo Mode Is Here And It's Awesome

Nvidia rolled out its latest update to the Ansel photo mode, and the results are jaw-dropping. Gamers received the ideal tool for taking awesome screenshots, but only one AAA title currently supports the feature.

Apps/Software July 15, 2016

Nvidia 'VR Funhouse' Arrives On PC Via Steam

Nvidia just launched its own VR game to the public that simulates a real-life carnival setting with, of course, the necessary mini games included. Nvidia’s self-published game features Nvidia PhysX capabilities as well as Nvidia’s extensive Gameworks engine.

Video Games July 15, 2016

Nvidia Unveils PCIe Tesla P100 GPU Based On Pascal Architecture To Supercharge Deep Learning And HPC Applications

Nvidia announced that its PCIe Tesla P100 GPU for servers will be on the shelves this year, and the preliminary tests are promising. The Pascal architecture that powers the GPU should yield ferocious performance for low infrastructure costs.

Computers June 21, 2016

Nvidia Rolls Out Shield Tablet K1 Update: Android 6.0 Professional Audio Features, Improved Touch Responsiveness And Other Fixes

The Shield Tablet K1 now meets Android's pro audio standard, thanks to update 1.4. It delivers round trip audio at 20 ms.

Video Games June 19, 2016

Nvidia Shield Becomes A Media Server Via New Plex App

Along with more 4K options and HDR support, Nvidia's Shield family receives a condensed version of the Plex app. It'll include the media server.

Apps/Software June 12, 2016

Nvidia To Bring Desktop-Class GeForce GTX 1080, 1070 To Laptops

Nvidia may launch desktop-class GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 for laptops. Rumors suggest that Nvidia may launch the laptop versions of the graphics cards as early as August or September this year.

Computers June 6, 2016

Asus GeForce GTX 1080 Rolls Out: More Power, More Color

Asus has launched two Republic of Gamers Strix GeForce GTX 1080 gaming cards that are colorful and more powerful than Nvidia GTX 1080. The Strix cards will be available starting June 4.

Computers May 30, 2016

Nvidia Shield Gets Android Marshmallow Update In The U.S.

Nvidia released Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update to the Shield Tablet in the U.S. The software update brings a number of new features and bug fixes to tablet.

Apps/Software May 28, 2016

Nvidia Holding Fallout 4 Mod Contest, $40,000 Worth Of Prizes To Be Won: Here's How To Join

The Nvidia 'Fallout 4' mod contest is in full swing, and there's $40,000 worth of prizes that's going to be distributed among the finest modders in the biz. Channel your inner creativity and get a-moddin' now.

Video Games May 20, 2016

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