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Facial Yoga Exercises Make Women Look Younger, Study Says

It turns out performing facial exercises may help middle-aged women look up to about three years younger. A new study suggests that doing facial yoga for a certain period yields positive aesthetic benefits, but the study is very limited.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 7, 2018

Concussion, Other Injuries From Youth Soccer Soar In US

Over the last 25 years, the number of youth soccer-related injuries in the United States has skyrocketed, a new study suggests. The statistics reflect the growing popularity of the sport as well as the awareness on the effects of such injuries.

Public Health September 13, 2016

Hispanic, Black Students Less Likely To Receive Help For Mental Health Problems

A new study has found disparities based on race and ethnicity in the mental health care received by Black and Hispanic students when compared to their white counterparts. Researchers urge officials to look closely at how the health care system treats minorities.

Public Health August 13, 2016

Researchers Find Genes That Can Make You Look Younger By 10 Years: Fountain Of Youth Within Humans?

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School have identified a gene in the human body that is believed to be responsible for keeping the youthful looks of people in spite of their age.

Life June 8, 2015

Suicide Rates Differ Greatly Between Rural And Urban Youths

Country youths commit suicide twice as often as those in cities, a new study has found. Study investigates the reasons.

Life March 9, 2015

Hookah Pipe Use in Teens May Lead to Cigarette Smoking: Study

Hookah pipes can lead to cigarette smoking in youths. Experts call for the FDA to implement stricter regulations for the sale and use of hookah pipes and snus to youth.

Life December 9, 2014

Study Shows Kids Today Have Fewer Friends, But Are Less Lonely

American youth have fewer friends than those in the past, but are also less likely to be lonely. What role does technology play in the change?

Life November 24, 2014

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