Apple Watch Potentially Saves Life Of UK Man With Undiagnosed Heart Problem

An Apple Watch user from the United Kingdom was prompted by his device about his heart rate. Even though he felt fine, a quick visit to the hospital revealed an underlying symptom he was unaware of.

Apple May 30, 2018

Apple Is Working On A New Type Of Flexible Hinge For Its MacBooks

Apple is working on a new hinge design for the MacBook, as new patent additions suggest. This design will allow the MacBook to be created from a single rigid material, which is kind of similar to the Microsoft Surface Book.

Apple May 28, 2018

Apple Apparently Working On ARM-Based Hybrid Touchscreen Devices Codenamed ‘Star’

Apple could release an ARM-based Mac hybrid as soon as 2020. This device is apparently just one of a new family of devices Apple is developing under the codename Star.

Apple May 28, 2018

iOS 12 Will Open Up NFC Capabilities, Like Unlocking Doors Using Your iPhone

The next major iOS update will finally make NFC chips on iPhones more useful. A rumored software update, which is already being used in the Apple HQ, will allow iPhones to unlock doors and pay for transit fares.

Apple May 28, 2018

Apple Offers Non-Paying iCloud Users A Month Of Upgraded Storage For Free, Which Doesn't Fix Anything

Apple has started offering non-paying iCloud users who've hit their 5 GB limit a one-month free trial to any of the service's premium plans. However, it doesn't address the underlying problem of its free tier.

Apple May 25, 2018

Samsung To Pay Apple $539 Million For Replicating iPhone Design

A San Jose eight-member jury handed Samsung a legal defeat in its courtroom battle with Apple. The technology company will need to pay the iPhone maker at least $539 million in monetary damages for allegedly replicating the iPhone design.

Apple May 25, 2018

Here’s How To Know What Data Apple Has On You

Apple has launched a privacy website ahead of the GDPR, allowing users in the EU to download all data that Apple has collected on them. Here’s how you can do that.

Apple May 25, 2018

Apple Knew iPhone 6 Bending Issue Was Real: 'Bendgate' Still Alive

Apple apparently knew all about the iPhone 6 bending issue but kept saying that there were no engineering issues with the smartphone. The information, revealed from internal documents filed in court, brings the spotlight back to the Bendgate controversy.

Apple May 25, 2018

Apple Starts Mass Production Of 7-NM A12 Chips For New iPhones

Apple has reportedly begun mass-producing its new A12 chips. The 7-nm processors will bring new improvements to the next generation of iPhones, including faster apps, better storage, and more efficient batteries.

Apple May 26, 2018

Apple Self-Driving Car Project To Make Driverless Employee Shuttles With Volkswagen

The once ambitious Project Titan, Apple's efforts on self-driving car technology, has been relegated to driverless Volkswagen shuttles for employees. The partnership comes after Apple was rejected by BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Apple May 24, 2018

Apple Offers $50 Credit To Customers Who Paid For iPhone Battery Replacement in 2017

Apple is offering a $50 credit for customers who availed an iPhone battery replacement last year, but not everyone is eligible. Here is how you can get the $50 credit, which is related to the controversial iPhone throttling issue.

Apple May 23, 2018

Apple Gives In To China’s Demands By Removing CallKit Apps From Country’s App Store

Apple recently informed developers that it needed to remove certain apps from the Chinese App Store due to their use of CallKit. The technology software integrates with VoIP calling services, which the Chinese government has banned.

Apple May 22, 2018

Apple Quietly Drops USB-C To Lightning Cable Price: What Does This Mean For This Year's iPhones?

Apple quietly reduced the price of its USB-C to Lightning Cable from $25 to $19. The price change might look insignificant, but it may have something to do with what Apple is planning for this year's new iPhones.

Apple May 22, 2018

Apple To Unveil Siri Changes And New HomePod At WWDC, Siri Says

Siri is providing clues to what Apple has in store for this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, and all you have to do is ask. The digital assistant teases that WWDC 2018 will feature Siri improvements and a new Apple HomePod.

Apple May 22, 2018

Apple HomePod Under Beats Brand With Cheaper $199 Price Tag In The Works?

A cheaper Apple HomePod is reportedly on the way, with a price tag of $199 compared to $349 for the current version. The new device will also allegedly be released under the Beats brand.

Apple May 21, 2018

Apple Brings Coding Initiative To Schools This Fall, Supporting Blind And Deaf Students

Apple marked Global Accessibility Awareness Day by announcing that it is expanding its Everyone Can Code initiative. The program will help schools that have students who are blind and deaf.

Apple May 17, 2018

Beyond Face ID: Apple Patents Technology That Can Scan Under Your Skin

The future iPhone may not only scan your face, but your veins as well. A patent Apple filed in 2015 illustrates a technology that can scan beneath the skin and into the veins, which could deliver more accurate recognition.

Apple May 17, 2018

New Apple Campus May Rise In North Carolina Or Northern Virginia: 20,000 Jobs At Stake

Apple is exploring its options for the location of a new headquarters. Will the new Apple campus be located in Northern Virginia, which is also on Amazon's shortlist for its second headquarters, or in North Carolina, close to three universities?

Apple May 17, 2018

Apple Music Subscribers Surpass 50 Million, Says Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple Music subscribers have surpassed 50 million, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Bloomberg TV that also involved Donald Trump and Apple original content. How soon will Apple Music overtake rival Spotify?

Apple May 15, 2018

Apple Strengthens Its Self-Driving Car Collection In California

Apple has increased its autonomous vehicle fleet with 55 self-driving cars. Eighty-three of the technology company’s employees are registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles to operate the cars.

Apple May 15, 2018

Rumor: 'iPhone X 2' Might Be $100 Cheaper

A rumor sourced from the iPhone X 2 supply chain insiders has it that a price drop might be on the way. A recent letter from Ralph Nader likewise suggested to Apple to lower the price of its next flagship phone by at least $100.

Apple May 16, 2018

Tim Cook To Duke University Graduates: 'Think Different, Be Fearless'

Tim Cook challenged graduates to 'think different' and 'be fearless' in his commencement speech at the Duke University. The Apple CEO, who graduated from the university in 1988, addressed students at his alma mater on Sunday, May 13.

Apple May 14, 2018

BMW Wireless Car Charger Coming Soon, But You Can’t Buy It

Wireless charging may just be the next big thing in the electric vehicle industry. BMW is gearing up for a program that’ll install a charging pad on your garage for your 530e hybrid, but its availability will be extremely limited.

Apple May 14, 2018

Apple Hit With Lawsuit After 'Thousands' Of Users Complain About Defective MacBook Pro Keyboards

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Apple due to reported malfunctions with the keyboard on the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Over 19,000 consumers signed a petition about the problem.

Apple May 12, 2018

Better Late Than Never: iPhone X Now Supports YouTube HDR Playback

The YouTube app for iOS has now finally enabled HDR playback. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X users can now watch content with greater colors, better contrast, and more dynamic visual clarity overall.

Apple May 11, 2018

Black Dot Bug Freezes iMessage on iPhones And iPads: Here's What To Do Until Apple Rolls Out A Fix

The black dot bug, first seen on WhatsApp, is freezing iMessage on iPhones and iPads. Apple will likely roll out a patch soon, but users victimized by the black dot can try a workaround in the meantime.

Apple May 9, 2018

Apple Allegedly Eliminating Apps That Send Location Data To Third Parties

Apple sent developers e-mails that state they violated two privacy sections of the App Store Review Guidelines. The technology company is allegedly removing apps that are sending third party customers’ data.

Apple May 9, 2018

iOS 11.4 Secret Feature: What Can You Do With 'USB Restricted Mode'?

Apple is planning to roll out a new iOS update in the coming days or weeks and with it comes the new 'USB Restricted Mode.' The new feature, spotted in the beta version of iOS 11.4, will make the iPhone much harder to hack into.

Apple May 9, 2018

This Year's 6.5-Inch OLED iPhone X Plus Will Be Just As Big As The iPhone 8 Plus

The rumored 6.5-inch OLED iPhone, dubbed the iPhone X Plus, will have the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, according to Mac Otakara. The device is just one of three iPhone models that will be released this year.

Apple May 8, 2018

Apple Nears Title As World's First Trillion-Dollar Company After Kind Words From Warren Buffett And Bill Gates

Apple is on track to become the world's first trillion-dollar company after recently reaching a value of over $900 billion. This happened after investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates said nice things about Apple.

Apple May 8, 2018

Happy 20th Birthday, Apple iMac: Here’s How It Saved Apple

The original iMac released in 1998 just turned 20 years old. Aside from being one of the most critically praised products of its time, it might have also singlehandedly saved Apple from doom.

Apple May 7, 2018

If You Have iPhone X Face ID Issues, Apple Might Give You A New Phone

If you are experiencing iPhone X Face ID issues, you might want to have your device checked at an Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider. You may be in line to receive a brand-new iPhone X replacement phone.

Apple May 7, 2018

iPhone X Was The Best-Selling Smartphone In Q1 2018

Contrary to reports, the iPhone X is doing extremely well. In fact, it was the best-selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2018, according to an analytics firm.

Apple May 5, 2018

Apple Comes Clean: Some iPhone 7 Microphones Are Broken And Need Repair

Some iPhone 7 users are complaining about issues with the device's microphone. A leaked document from Apple outlines the repair process for service providers handling the phone.

Apple May 4, 2018

Public Petition Seeks Apple MacBook Pro Recall Over Keyboard Problems

Apple's butterfly keyboard for MacBooks poses issues as the keys can get stuck from the smallest speck of dust. An online petition now calls on Apple to recall every MacBook Pro since 2016 and replace the keyboards with redesigned ones.

Apple May 5, 2018

Apple Watch Saves Life Again: New Yorker Survives Ruptured Ulcer

The Apple Watch saved another life, this time a New Yorker who lost a lot of blood after an erupted ulcer. The story comes a day after a report that the Apple Watch heart rate monitor saved a Florida teenager.

Apple May 3, 2018

Apple Watch Saves Teenager: Heart Rate Monitor Revealed Kidney Failure

The Apple Watch recommended 18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald to immediately seek medical attention. The warning turned out to be real, as she was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, a condition that was hidden for years.

Apple May 2, 2018

Apple Delays New MacBook Air To Second Half: Will It Be Worth The Wait?

There were rumors that Apple was planning to launch a new MacBook Air in the second quarter. Reports, however, claim that Apple decided to delay the mass production of the laptop to the second half of the year.

Apple May 1, 2018

Apple Might Stop Including A Free Lightning To Headphone Jack Adapter This Year

The three iPhone models rumored to arrive this year won’t come with a free headphone jack adapter, analysts predict. Apple may truly be phasing out wire-based experiences once and for all.

Apple May 1, 2018

Prepare To Be Shocked When You Ask Siri To Define 'Mother' Twice

When you ask Siri to define the word 'mother' twice, the answer of the digital assistant will shock you. Why is Siri giving such an answer, and will Apple do anything about it?

Apple April 30, 2018

Apple Is Done With 3D Touch, Says Trusted Analyst

The rumored 6.1-inch iPhone for 2018 won’t have 3D Touch functionality. It’ll be removed entirely from future models as Apple tries to cut costs in display construction.

Apple April 28, 2018

Apple VR/AR Headset To Launch 2020: 8K Displays, Powerful Processor, And No Wires

Apple is working on a powerful headset that will combine virtual reality and augmented reality technology. The device, which will be much more advanced than rival headsets, will be released in 2020.

Apple April 28, 2018

iTunes Is Finally Available In The Microsoft Store

After a one-year waiting period, Apple’s iTunes app has appeared in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft originally announced that the media player and store would be coming to Windows 10 computers in 2017.

Apple April 27, 2018

Apple Confirms AirPort Line Of Routers Will Be Discontinued: Get Them While They Last

Apple finally halts its line of AirPort Wi-Fi base stations years after it closed the hardware unit responsible for developing them. The AirPort products will still be on sale while supplies last.

Apple April 27, 2018

iOS 11 Adoption Up To 76 Percent, While Android Oreo Remains Below 5 Percent: Why Is This Happening?

The iOS 11 adoption rate is up to 76 percent after seven months since launch, while the Android Oreo adoption rate is still below 5 percent after eight months. Why is Apple not experiencing the same fragmentation problem as Google?

Apple April 26, 2018

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