Apple: Some New iPads Are Slightly Bent, But That’s Totally Normal

Apple says some iPad Pro units might have a slight bend to their chassis, but that’s only a natural side effect of their manufacturing process. Customers aren’t too happy about the cosmetic blunder, however.

Apple December 19, 2018

Qualcomm Says Apple Still Violating Chinese Court Order Despite iOS Update

Apple confirmed that it has rolled out iOS 12.1.2 with bug fixes for eSIM and to tackle the sales ban of certain iPhones in China. Qualcomm, however, believes that the Cupertino-based company is still violating the court's order.

Apple December 18, 2018

Apple To Update iPhone Software In China To Avoid Sales Ban

A Chinese court ruled to immediately stop Apple from selling older iPhones in China amid an ongoing legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple said it will deliver a software update next week to avoid the sales ban.

Apple December 16, 2018

Social Media Features On Apple Music Slowly Going Away

Apple is throwing the towel on Connect, the social media center of Apple Music. Seems like the feature couldn’t avoid being the second iTunes Ping.

Apple December 14, 2018

Apple Patent Hints At ‘Universal Design’ For AirPods With Biometrics And Better Fit

Apple has just been awarded a patent illustrating a new iteration of the AirPods. This pair can apparently determine where a bud is placed, and can also perform biometric health tracking thanks to sensors.

Apple December 5, 2018

Apple's Dedicated Store For Active Military And Veterans Offers 10 Percent Discounted Pricing

Apple launched an online store with discounted pricing for current and veteran members of the U.S. Military, National Guard and Reserve. The program is also extended to their immediate family members.

Apple December 4, 2018

Apple Removes Malicious Fitness Apps That Tricked Users To Make Touch ID Payments

iPhone users reacted negatively after being scammed for downloading two malicious apps from the Apple store. Fitness apps, Fitness Balance app' and 'Calories Tracker' app reportedly swindled hefty sums of money after getting fingerprints from users using iPhone's touchID sensor.

Apple December 4, 2018

AirPods With Wireless Charging Case Arriving In 2019, All-New Model Expected In 2020

Apple will debut a new AirPods model next year, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Then an all-new model is apparently due for release in 2020, but it’s unclear what features it’ll have.

Apple December 3, 2018

Apple Music Gets Support From Amazon Echo Just In Time For The Holiday Tunes

Amazon announced on Friday that Apple's music subscription service will be supported by its Echo devices starting Dec. 17. Here's what users should do to use voice control to play tracks and albums.

Apple November 30, 2018

Apple Faces Yet Another Lawsuit Over MacBooks, iMacs: What To Know About Dust Filters

Apple is hit with lawsuit just months after taking the legal spotlight for faulty MacBook keyboards. Now, a firm alleges the company failed to install air and dust filters on its machines, which has led to display and performance woes.

Apple November 28, 2018

Apple Raises Trade-In Credit Toward A New iPhone XS Or iPhone XR

For those dropping off their old iPhones for a new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, now is the perfect time. Apple just increased trade-in credit for a slew of devices as part of its GiveBack program.

Apple November 28, 2018

Apple Continues iPhone X Production Due To Weak iPhone XS Sales: Report

Apple is going to produce iPhone X units again after halting them when the latest iPhones were announced this past September. The iPhone XR is going to have a price cut, as well.

Apple November 23, 2018

Rumor: iPhone eSIM And Dual SIM Support Coming To Verizon In December

Verizon might reopen eSIM activations for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR this December. According to a leaked internal memo, the carrier is ready to offer dual SIM support once again following a software snag.

Apple November 22, 2018

Apple Might Release A Cheaper Dongle Similar To Google Chromecast

Apple wants to bring its forthcoming streaming platform to as many eyes as possible. Releasing a Chromecast-style streaming stick that’s cheaper than an Apple TV might just do the trick.

Apple November 22, 2018

iPhone X, MacBook Pro Hardware Issues Confirmed, Apple Offering Free Repairs

Apple is offering free repairs for MacBook Pro and iPhone X units with hardware issues. If your MacBook Pro has a failed solid state drive or if your iPhone X has a misbehaving display, send it to Apple stat.

Apple November 12, 2018

Amazon Will Finally Sell Apple Products Directly, But Not All Of Them

Apple will soon sell its products on Amazon directly. Beginning January, only Apple and authorized resellers will be allowed to sell Apple products on the store.

Apple November 10, 2018

Apple Apparently Won’t Release A 5G iPhone Until 2020, And You Can Blame Intel

Apple won’t release an iPhone capable of 5G until 2020. Its chosen modem provider, Intel, is still having some problems with its 5G chip.

Apple November 3, 2018

iPad Pro 2018 Guide: Should You Really Upgrade?

Apple’s latest and greatest iPad Pro is finally here, with slimmer bezels, Face ID, and a much more powerful processor. The question is, should you upgrade?

Apple November 2, 2018

Meet The New MacBook Air: Comes With Retina Display, Revamped Design, And More

The new MacBook Air is here. Apple has finally updated the most ancient-looking model in its lineup with a sleek new design, Retina display, modern innards, and more.

Apple October 31, 2018

Apple Now Lets US Users Download Their Data, Refreshes Privacy Page

Apple has rolled out a new feature for U.S. customers that allows them to download all or selected data. The company, through its refreshed page on privacy, has also shared with its customers more information on how it uses the data collected.

Apple October 18, 2018

Apple Original Content Will Be Free For iOS And tvOS Device Owners

Apple, which is investing $1 billion into original programming, is planning to give away the content for free. The Apple streaming service, apparently, was not planning to challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Apple October 11, 2018

Only Apple Service Centers Are Allowed To Repair 2018 MacBook Pro, iMac Pro Models

Apple is now forcing all 2018 MacBook Pro and iMac Pro owners to go to authorize service centers for all repairs. A new software lock will block self and third-party repairs on the computers.

Apple October 5, 2018

Students Can Now Use Their iPhone And Apple Watch As Campus ID

Students from Duke University, the University of Alabama, and the University of Oklahoma may now use their iPhone and Apple Watch as their contactless campus ID. When will the feature be available to all schools in the United States?

Apple October 3, 2018

iPhone XS Not Charging? Apple Stays Silent, But Here's A Possible Solution

Some iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners are reporting charging issues for their smartphones, which need to be awake when being plugged in. Here is a possible workaround for the problem, amid Apple's silence over the matter.

Apple October 2, 2018

iOS 12 Screen Time Feature To Limit iPhone Usage Is No Match For Kids: Apple, Help!

Apple rolled out Screen Time alongside iOS 12, aiming to show users how much time they spend on their iPhones and help them reduce it. Screen Time's limiting features, however, have proven to be no match to determined children.

Apple September 28, 2018

Apple Accused Of Stealing Qualcomm Secrets To Help Improve Intel Chips

Qualcomm claimed that Apple stole confidential information from the chipmaker, then forwarded them to rival Intel. This helped improve Intel chips, paving the way for Apple to switch suppliers and causing Qualcomm to lose billions of dollars in sales.

Apple September 26, 2018

Apple Finalizes $400 Million Acquisition Of Shazam, Which Will Soon Become Ad-Free

Apple's acquisition of song identification app Shazam for $400 million has finally been finalized. It remains unclear how Apple will integrate Shazam into its core products, but the speculation is that it will somehow be linked to Apple Music.

Apple September 25, 2018

Apple Streaming Service Takes Conservative Approach: No Sex, Profanity, Violence

Apple is taking a family-friendly approach to its streaming service, which is expected to launch next year. The company does not want 'gratuitous sex, profanity or violence' in its shows, which will affect its competitive edge over rivals such as Netflix.

Apple September 24, 2018

Huawei Trolls Apple By Giving Away Powerbanks To iPhone XS Launch Queue

Huawei trolled Apple by giving away 10,000 mAh power banks to customers who lined up outside an Apple Store. The message was clear: Huawei is pointing out the measly 2,658 mAh battery of the iPhone XS.

Apple September 23, 2018

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR Batteries And RAM Revealed By Chinese Regulator

Filings with a Chinese regulator revealed the battery capacities and RAM of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. How do they compare to the batteries and RAM of their predecessors?

Apple September 21, 2018

New iOS 12 Features That iPhone Owners Should Definitely Try Out

Apple has rolled out iOS 12, which comes with several new features. Here are some of the best ones to try out, including Memojis, Screen Time, and Live Listen for AirPods.

Apple September 19, 2018

iPhone Battery Replacement Price Will Soon Go Up From $29

On Jan. 1, 2019, Apple will increase prices of replacement batteries not covered by warranty. Batteries for more recent iPhones will be $49, and batteries for the iPhone X will be $69 beginning next year.

Apple September 14, 2018

Apple Shows Off The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, And iPhone XR

Apple finally unveiled the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. Here's a quick rundown of what the three 2018 iPhone models offer, along with their release dates and prices.

Apple September 13, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4 Unveiled: Here's What's New

Apple kicked off its Sept. 12 iPhone event by unveiling the 'redesigned and re-engineered' Apple Watch Series 4. The new Apple Watch offers a larger display, fall detection, an ECG reader, and a faster processor.

Apple September 13, 2018

Shopping On eBay Made Easier With iPhone X: Buy Stuff By Moving Your Head

A team from eBay created HeadGaze, which is technology that allows iPhone X owners to buy things online using only head movements. The software may be fully appreciated by knowing the true purpose behind its development.

Apple September 12, 2018

Here's How To Watch The Apple 2018 iPhone Event Live

Apple fans have various options on how to watch Apple's Sept. 12 event live. They can watch through Apple's official website, the Events app on the Apple TV, or on Twitter.

Apple September 12, 2018

New Apple Devices Rumors: USB-C For iPad Pro, Touch ID For MacBook, Ceramic Backs And ECG For Apple Watch

Apple has introduced several changes to some of its products, including the iPad Pro, Apple Watch, and the lower-priced MacBook. The iPad Pro is expected to carry a USB Type-C port, instead of the usual Lightning connector.

Apple September 11, 2018

Apple Buffs Streaming Service With Animated Film On Wolves And Documentary On Elephants

Apple has invested around $1 billion for its video streaming service. As part of beefing up its roster of films, it acquired rights to 'The Elephant Queen' and the animated film 'Wolfwalkers.'

Apple September 11, 2018

Larger 2018 OLED iPhone Named iPhone XS Max, With A Price Tag Like Last Year's iPhone X

Apple will reportedly name the larger iPhone X successor the iPhone XS Max, pushing the smartphone's branding into even stranger territory. The price of the 6.5-inch OLED iPhone was also leaked, along with those of the two other 2018 iPhones.

Apple September 7, 2018

iPhone 8 Not Working Properly? Apple Might Owe You A Logic Board Replacement

Apple discovered a defect in the iPhone 8’s logic board that caused the device to shut down or restart. Apple said it will install a new logic board for free on defective iPhone 8s.

Apple September 5, 2018

Apple Watch Stays On Top Of Smartwatch Market, With Series 1 More Popular Than Series 3

Counterpoint Research revealed that Apple continued to dominate the smartwatch market in the second quarter. The Apple Watch was the best-selling device in the industry, but it was the Series 1 holding the top spot, not the Series 3.

Apple September 3, 2018

First Apple Self-Driving Car Accident Confirmed, But It's A Human's Fault

Apple's self-driving car project reached a new milestone, but not the kind that the company wants. A modified Lexus SUV, outfitted with Apple's driverless vehicle technology, was recently involved in an accident for the first time.

Apple September 3, 2018

The iPhone XS Looks Amazing, But Its Name Is Kind Of Weird

An exclusive report by 9to5Mac revealed that this year's OLED iPhones will be named the iPhone XS, and a concept video showed how amazing they will look. However, the name of the smartphones is weird and confusing.

Apple September 3, 2018

Apple Sends Out Invites To 'Gather Round' On Sept. 12: Here's What To Expect From The Event

Apple sent out media invites for a Sept. 12 event, which will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Shortly after the invitations were released, 9to5Mac shared the first look at the upcoming OLED iPhones and the new Apple Watch.

Apple September 1, 2018

The 2018 iPhones Will Deliver Best Performance Since iPhone 6, Report Claims

Apple is set to make its best performance with the launching of its latest iPhone series in mid-September. The shipment of the latest iPhones will reach 70 to 75 million by the end of the year.

Apple August 30, 2018

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