Theater is an exciting branch of the entertainment world, but if you don't live in a major city like New York, it's one that you rarely get to experience.

A new Internet service wants to bring Broadway to you, no matter where you are. BroadwayHD streams live and recorded shows to your web browser, tablet app or connected TV app. You can subscribe monthly or yearly, or you can "rent" to watch a specific show once.

Veteran Broadway husband/wife producing team Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley founded BroadwayHD as a means of taking the stage to today's younger, modern audience. That's an audience that wants and expects instant gratification, which is what BroadwayHD intends to give them.

At launch, the service boasted a catalog of more than 100 filmed productions from Broadway, BBC, WNET and more. That alone is pretty cool, but what will take it to the next level is the ability to tune in and watch stage productions live. Lane and Comley believe that it will grow to the point that opening nights will be streamed live on BroadwayHD.

The idea isn't to eat away at the live-theater-going audience. Instead, they hope to expose more people to the stage, which in turn could entice them to take part in an actual theater experience.

In addition to shows, BroadwayHD will host documentaries on the theater, introductions to new shows, behind-the-scenes features, and even theater news.

Subscriptions cost $14.99 for one month or $169.99 for a year.

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