CBS' Supergirl debuted on television last night, and judging from the ratings, it looks like it's probably a hit. The series came in second for the evening, only lagging behind The Big Bang Theory.

CBS has big plans for Kara Zor-El (Michelle Benoist) and released a new trailer previewing things to come in the first season of the series. This includes a few scenes of Supergirl fighting Red Tornado, a first look at Reactron and more glimpses of Supergirl's relationship with Cat Grant (Callista Flockhart).

"We see [Kara's] relationship with Cat Grant as a very important woman in her life," said Supergirl co-executive producer Ali Adler to CBS. "She's a superhero, too, as is her sister. But Cat is a voice of wisdom, whether she says it in a kind way or not, and that's an amazing female relationship."

Although Kara's story is similar to Superman's, in the preview, Kara quickly states that this is her story and her story alone.

The end of the clip shows the arrival of Supergirl's aunt Astra (Laura Benanti), who has no interest in revisiting family bonds. Astra is a villain who also happens to look just like Kara's deceased mother. That's bound to become awkward for Supergirl.

The preview also shows that Supergirl is not one of those reluctant superheroes afraid to embrace her powers. Now that she's decided to become Supergirl, she tells her friends that she's not wasting any more time in doing what she can to help others. This makes her a good role model for girls who watch the series.

"I always keep in mind her bravery, hope and positivity and strength and I think it will be hard for girls to not look up to that," said Benoist.

However, Supergirl is also a good role model for boys, because the show's creators and executive producers feel that the things she stands for are "genderless."

Although Supergirl did well in the ratings, reviews of the show's pilot still remain mixed. However, its MetaCritic score of 75 is decent. Most critics seem to like Benoist's portrayal of the character, but others feel that the first episode contains major plot holes.

Supergirl airs on CBS on Mondays.

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