Your smartphone in the kitchen, laptop in the bedroom and tablet in the living room present a typical scattering of electronic devices in a household.

However, just because one device might be closer to your wireless router doesn't mean it should pick up a better signal.

Google wants to resolve that situation and is doing so by introducing its new ASUS OnHub wireless router for easier Wi-Fi access — regardless of where your electronic devices are in your household. With the look of a metal vase, the OnHub routers are meant to be displayed prominently ... unlike the tangled mess of wires that protrude out of basic routers. The unit, which is basically a standing, full-functioning piece of hardware with software built in, will be available at select retailers or via the product's website for a preorder price of $219.99.

The way it works is simple. Download the Google On app for easy management and you're pretty much done. From there, even if your devices are scattered throughout the household, the OnHub router will smartly choose the ideal combination of antennas to beam Wi-Fi to. When your network is quiet, OnHub also automatically update.

However, this OnHub router has an additional feature that will especially please its users. With its Wave Control technology, users can increase the Wi-Fi speed for a particular device with the simple wave of a hand over the top of the unit. Google itself recommends doing this for busy homes.

For a closer look at the OnHub router, check out this video.

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